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  1. I have also tried unblocking the .dll files that are in MO2, its still not working.
  2. Moved MO2 to a completely different drive, still getting error code 5.
  3. I hit unblock, but I still can't download the zip in MO2. If I extract the files manually, how can I then get them into MO2? Edit: What I mean by still can't download is that after unblocking the WAR zip, I attempted to download it into MO2 and got an error code 5 again.
  4. https://imgur.com/a/AVTYk This is the message I'm getting. Edit: It also says installation failed (error code 5)
  5. Thanks for the input, however I am still not fond of the vanilla way that certain poses are with weapons. If I only install some of the basic poses (probably the idle ones), that won't make or break it right? Also kudos for linking a diagonal movement mod, I've always wanted to try one.
  6. After some trial an error, it appears that xEdit and MO2 are functioning normally together for now. Thanks so much for the help guys, this definitely clears a major hurdle for me. You guys rock.
  7. Alrighty, figured out my plan of action with the WOTNM and CaliberX. Another issue, this time with Weapon Animation Replacers. The linked download for WAR can't be picked up by MO2 for some reason (I'm running MO2 due to compatibility issues between MO1 and xEdit). This means that the mod installer version doesn't seem to be working. Will I still be in the clear if I do the manual installation in MO2? Edit: Guess the real question is will I still be alright with the rest of F&L if I just install the mod manually. Not sure if the mod page has the patch though.
  8. So I think that downloading the whole package and getting rid of the leveled list and then getting the CaliberX patch could still work. There'd be less work involved. Alternatively I could just make a big merged patch of all the weapons I want, then manually create my own CaliberX patch while adding quests to add the calibers to the game (that'd require GECK).
  9. List didn't seem to copy over, should I run LOOT? Otherwise I'll just try and sort manually. Edit: It seems that the left hand pane resembles MO1 as I left it, the right hand pane attempted to put them alphabetically. Edit: Alright I moved the load order correctly over from MO1
  10. I, I think its working. If it is, this could be huge. If I cut and paste everything what will happen to my mod list though? Won't it become jumbled? Should I use LOOT after I transfer everything?
  11. Alright I now have MO 2. Right now its only seeing the Data folder of FNV. How do I redirect it to see the MO mod files? Or should I just copy/paste everything from MO1 to MO2?
  12. CaliberX does natively replace the calibers, but not for modded weapons. I could change the weapon calibers in xEdit, but adding the calibers requires an activation quest.
  13. Also, besides making the patch wouldn't I have to activate several of the calibers via GECK?
  14. How do I do that? I know I mentioned making this in the past but that was 2-3 years ago and I've forgotten how to do it in the time since.
  15. Alright, I'll download MO2 and try and go from there. You mentioned a discord server earlier, do you think that would be of some help as well?
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