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  1. hello again, I am looking to make it so my tree mod can have 3d lods for my tree mod. if anyone can tell me have to do it or point me in the right direction I will be forever grateful!
  2. Hello Sheson, and first of let me give a huge thanks for all your hard work! Michael of gamerpoets refered me here after I asked him about a dyndolod issue that Im having where I get dyndolod to read my created billboards. I have followed michaels video about billboard creation but failed to get it working even with that. I will happily provide you with any info you deem necessarry like the dyndolod report for example. But in short here's what dyndo tells me: "KingsTree01_0014F9A6 [TREE:D2000800] LOD not found Textures\Terrain\LODGen\Treeswinedave.esp\KingsTree01_0014F9A6_00000800.dds>" This is written for each and every model I use in my mod which leads me to believe I have made a mistake somewhere that I cannot seem to comprehend I hope you can help me as my mod severely lacks dyndolods grace! ps my mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/91775
  3. According to fo4 monitor i only got as high as approx 3.5 bg vram and I have 6 so I dont think its that. And I already removed the scrap mods. Strangely enough today I only had one CTD Btw what are the spots youre referring to?
  4. @Defaulteduser Turns out I never even installed the high res pack due to it being so poorly done haha
  5. @Defaulteduser thanks, Ill check if that changes anything
  6. I seem to be having another problem. Seemingly random CTDs. If the esteemed Gernash or anyone else has any fixes I will be much obliged.
  7. Yup, that was it. Kinda embarrassed now... Was certain I had followed it to a tee where it really mattered. Thanks so much for your help, and thanks again for a great and in depth mod guide!
  8. So I found a fix for my CTD (had forgotten to remove some esps, duh I know). But now I get CTD when entering Armor Workbenches instead, and there are no esps in mods altering those, som Im at a loss again. After Reading through all your comments looking for a fix I atleast removed Scrap Everything. It did ofcourse not fix my problem but it may at least save me some head ache in the future :)
  9. Hello, First off, let me thank you for a great mod guide! Unfortunately I experience a CTD whenever I enter a workbench. I thought it to be originated from weaponsmith but couldnt locate what mod was causing this. I have tried to pin point the origin to any other mod but have made no progress even after this hole weekend. I'm hesitant to disable mods as Im using patch created in Xedit and dont want to create more problems for myself while testing So i turn to you in hope that you will be able to help. Install Order: Attached File Load Order:
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