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  1. Hey guys, games working perfectly :) did it all right :). However I am on windows 10, i heard there was a fix for the vram usage?
  2. EDIT: All done :) now time to boot up this bad boy :) thanks for everything guys
  3. yeah done that, :) just up to doing the skyproc patches now :). but how do i do that. the guide doesnt say what to do xD
  4. HAha, ill just move the un merged folders, I did get one error to do with a tes5 edit instruction for one of the files. maybe theres an issue there so ill need that file just in case xD. Otherwise it looks like im nearly there :). been a good 5 days at moderate pace and 60+GB xD
  5. well thats a problem, [00:00] Background Loader: Too many plugins selected. Adding 406 files would exceed the maximum index of 254 unless i dont load the files thats in the Merged patches?
  6. Fixed it, just had to have everything loaded in the plugins and in order, now on the scripts, when it says load the whole order does that mean you have everything checked when loading tes5edit? or just the last esp so that it loads everything?
  7. oh, lol xD I did things the other way xD. knew there had to be a shortcut somewhere. thanks again! EDIT: Didn't work. "[00:02] Background Loader: [unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp] Loading file [00:02] Background Loader: Fatal: <EOSError: System Error. Code: 2.The system cannot find the file specified>[00:03] Background Loader: finished" While trying to load the Conflict Resolutions
  8. thanks man!, sorting masters seems to be a little difficult, do i have to activate the masters required for the Conflict Resolution manually so that it loads properly in Tes5edit?
  9. Hey guys, Azami again. Thanks for your help earlier, was able to install everything in order and just finished all the merged plugins :). For the conflict resolution, do i just install and sort the masters, or do i have to read paull666root and do all of the changes on his subguide? thanks!
  10. Hey guys, first of all, to everyone behind all of these mods and especially Darth and everyone who made this guide, I love you guys. I played this a few years back and it were the best memories ever. now that i have an epic pc, i wanna play again but some of the instructions this time are different. In the World Expansions, there is a cleaning guide for the undeath patches. I may be dumb but how do you open the esps in TES5Edit? only ones that come up are just the skyrim ones. Thanks guys!
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