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  1. These screens are from Bevilex' Modlist. Not sure if you want to use them or not. (https://imgur.com/n8A5rGB) (https://imgur.com/S2NsM28)
  2. When body parts are invisible it could also be bc of the mesh. Sounds like a lot of work Diana. Definitely not something to give a deadline on that is for sure. I prefer MOO over FCOM myself. Those are 3 great guides, though I have not tried OVE by Astien yet, but Bevilex also recommended it as well. Bevilex' modlist is done completely right. Frosty's on the other hand, has a couple mistakes last time I installed it but has some good info as well. It seems a lot of the mods here in this guide are being taken off Nexus. I wonder why.... Did the problem with the BSA archive from GOG ever get some clarity?
  3. A project this big is important for breaks. We all hope you get better soon because your health is important!
  4. Awesome!!!! Hopefully more and more people will be drawn into this! Can't wait for the playthrough so people can see ahead of time of what the finished product will look like! I deleted everything and will redo it all again but I need to get a hang of Mod Organizer first as I believe it will be better.
  5. Man how do you find these guides??? reddit? Also the pictures aren't bad at all lol
  6. Ah nice to know about modset and mod organizer and mlox working or semi working with open-mw. I can not wait until it hits 1.0. I agree with not wasting any time with the horrible original engine. I tried installing mods the openmw way of just utulizing multiple data folders but after 100 of them it gets very disorganized, especially since there is so many great and small hidden mods out there and having to adjust the data= list is a real pain. After a quick look through the guide you linked, it seems good but it could be better. A lot of the bump mapped mods are compatible with openmw, it is just a matter of deleting meshes or using nifskope depending on the depth of the mod. And if course the PBR mods also work in openmw.
  7. You should consider doing another project like this guide but just for Morrowind :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
  8. Have you thought about making a game-play trailer?
  9. Would there be any harm in renaming the files anyway? The red checkmark in WB gives me OCD...
  10. Try unpacking archive renaming the files then rearchiving it. As for everyone who keeps saying that renaming is not needed as the UOP already includes the files, could you show a screenshot where? Bc the files that are "missing" are in the UOP but without the extra " " so saying that the UOP already includes those " " files does not make any sense to me since I can not find any files in UOP with " " in the name.
  11. That is really unfortunate Diana. I also did not realize how involved jdsmith was, I feel like an ****** now. Sorry man.
  12. Can you reorganize install order in MO as easy as in WB?
  13. Sorry I mistook Better Cities with OCR, it has been a long time I agree with you 200% I have yet to try it but I have heard some great things about that mod.
  14. I refuse to move on with the guide until I can solve this error. Sadly, I am stuck :(. Tried unpacking it to archive and I got the same error. So I just extracted it and tried turning off the read-only mode on all the files but even though I would apply no-readme off it would just turn back on by itself. Idk what to do
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