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  1. Ok, thanks for helping anyway. I suppose worst case I'll have to create an Autohotkey or VoiceAttack key-send script.
  2. Sorry, I couldn't quite grasp what you meant here. Do you mean that CACO and CCOR support FISS? I installed FISS to test but still could not save MCM settings for CACO or CCOR. I'm probably missing something or doing something wrong. I just found this: https://steamcommunity.com/app/489830/discussions/0/1813170373212823221/. I'll give it a go and report back. Maybe it's possible to lower the DoF effect to the point that it's barely visible and won't bother me.
  3. Hi, I have two questions: 1. Is it possible to save MCM settings somehow? I'm doing a lot of testing now before committing to a save, and it's a chore to have to manually set those settings every time I start a new game. Some mods, like A matter of time, allows saving. But that doesn't appear to be the case for the majority of MCM mods. 2. Is it possible to have Dof only for under water? I don't like the effect of it on land, but I also don't like being able to see for miles underwater. Would Dynavision help with this? (I'm using ENB). Thanks EDIT: Is the answer for 1 simply the .skse file in the saves folder?
  4. No surprise I suppose but this turned out to be very true. There was one thing I forgot to mention: I installed the True 3D Sound for heaphones mod after following your instructions above, and before starting a new game. Silly, I know. It just didn't occur to me because I regarded that mod to be ultra safe and not conflict with anything. Big mistake as it turns out, because I found this in a support post "The DLL file included in this mod caused me to CTD upon starting a new game. Was tearing my hair out trying to figure out what mod it was in MO2, and even on an unmodded game, only to realise it was this. Everything works fine without it installed." followed by: "Actually I'm willing to bet you have Alternate Start - Live Another Life installed. This 3D Sound mod is not compatible with the starting prison cell in that mod, because those cells have some custom sound settings in its ESP that seem to not play well with 3D sound (in my experience normally when having Immersive Sounds Integration installed as well... possibly due to a conflict with that sound mod and the ASLAL cell). Simply rename the DLL, start the game, create your character, leave the starting cell, then name the DLL back to its normal name. Voila! Working 3D Sound. Just be sure to remember to rename the DLL temporarily again if you start another new game. This DLL doesn't affect your save in any way, so it won't harm anything to disable mid-playthrough." That mod is old now by the way. The newer version is Binaural 3D Surround Sound for Headphones - HRTF. But there are two issues with the new version as well: 1. The sound conflict is still there - I got a CTD before arriving in the cell of ASLAL. 2. "Audio Overhaul is not compatible for some users." (from the description page). Issue 1 can easily be avoided by doing the highlighted text above (from the support posts), or by doing like I did; simply wait to install it after leaving the ASLAL prison cell. Issue 2 I have no clue about. I have Audio Overhaul installed (as per the Skyrim SE guide) and I don't have any issues. Yet. The mod can't be installed using MO2 or Vortex. Just like ENB the files have to be manually copied to the Skyrim SE game folder. The files look like this: So the dll file and the hrtf folder containing the mhr files go into the Skyrim SE folder. But they have to be removed every time you want to start a new game (using ASLAL) and then copied back after leaving the cell. At least that's my experience. Just thought I'd mention this here for completeness sake.
  5. Ah ok, so this is the only issue left unsolved for a "complete" view distance then. Too bad! I guess I just didn't notice it during my last playthroughs because I had ugrids at 7 back then. But modifying ugrids brings with it several other potential and actual issues of course.
  6. After fresh install of guide 1.0.0. When climbing down the hill from Riverwood and just going towards that "opening scene" with the giant being killed by members of the Companions; I can see some guards along the road from a long distance away. Also, I see a silhouette of one of the companions I think. But it's not unti I get closer that the rest of the companions suddenly pop into view. And then the giant appears when I'm even closer. And outside Whiterun when looking at the giant's campfire I see nothing but the campfire from a distance. It's not until I get up on a hill with two small bushes nearby (fairly close to the campfire) that suddenly both the giant AND the mammoths suddenly appear out of thin air. It's a bit jarring. Is there any way to adjust these distances (I already set Actors to max using BethINI) or are they "locked" by ugridstoload or something?
  7. Well, I got there in the end. Thanks for your patience. MM Main looks a lot better than Darkside for this install IMO. Darkside looked good with snow cover but was just waaay too dark in other places, such as outside Whiterun and around Oakwood. Main has a more brownish color that goes well with the rest of the terrain. I would like to experiment with Lightside also, but I'm afraid I'll break everything again. What would be the best way to keep this install "safe" so I can easily get back to it? Just copy everything into a new profile and do the experiments threre instead? Does everything get copied, as in can I just immediately launch the game from the new profile after copying? Or would it perhaps be better to just create an "image" of everything the way it is now? Backup the Skyrim install folder + the Skyrim Special Edition folder under Appdata\Local\ I mean.
  8. Thanks, I followed your advice. Re-activated one by one and got as far as ready for STEP 5. Game ran fine. But, when running xLodGen just now it froze for some reason. The last 4 lines looked like this: [12.08] Error creating textures for level 4 quad [-28,0] Assertion failure (C:\Delphi\Projects\xEdit\Core\wbImplementation.pas, line 17281) [12.08] f:\skyrimse_modding\tools\xlodgen\xlodgen_output\textures\terrain\dlc2solstheimworld\dlc2solstheimworld.4.-36.4_n.dds [12.08] f:\skyrimse_modding\tools\xlodgen\xlodgen_output\textures\terrain\dlc2solstheimworld\dlc2solstheimworld.8.-40.0_n.dds [12.08] f:\skyrimse_modding\tools\xlodgen\xlodgen_output\textures\terrain\dlc2solstheimworld\dlc2solstheimworld.16.-48.0_n.dds Didn't have this issue the last time. Will try again. EDIT: Now it worked.
  9. I guess it was kinda obvious, because it's exactly what I did. But yes those added steps make it more obvious. Anyway, it looks like I forgot to merge the Lod Pack for DynDolod into the MM mod when I installed it, so I redid all your steps and did that as well. But still, CTD. The only things I have done after finishing the guide (at which point everything worked perfectly) are: 1. Installing ENB Helper (to be able to use ENBs). 2. Using BethINI to remove AO and DoF. 3. Installing and testing a couple of ENBs.
  10. Hmmm, but you said "Add to NEW "TexGen Output - MM Main" mod, and place just after the Darkside one. Tick this mod." That's not the same mod. It's a new one, which you can also see on the attached images. I don't suppose that matters though. And I have checked everything and still get a CTD as I'm about to load into that cell in Alternate Start. For some reason I also suddenly got some ITD records in Luminosity Lighting Overhaul.esp when running LOOT. Those weren't there after I had gone through the whole guide and installed everything. So I autocleaned it with xEditQuickAutoClean.
  11. Thanks, but now I get a CTD when starting a new game (from the main menu inside the game). One thing I didn't understand; in point 3, why should I delete everything under TexGen/DynDOLOD Output - MM - Darkside? If that's deleted then surely I can't activate (tick) it again in point 15? And what does "MM DynDOLOD is always enabled mean"? I assume it means that the DynDOLOD belonging to the mod in question (Main or Darkside) should always be enabled. Sorry, but I'm new to this and need to be spoonfed apparently. Here are some images of how it looks in MO 2 now.
  12. I selected Darkside during the guide installation. But now that I've tested a bit I feel that they are way too dark in some areas, even with ENB. The best example is outside whiterun (south side); they look really really dark there. They look dang good on snowy mountains though. Almost wish there were two versions, one for snowy mountains and one for the rest. But anyway, I want to change from Darkside to "main" (standard) version. I'm new to the whole DynDOLOD/TexGen/xLodGen thingy. So I'm a bit confused about what exactly I have to run again. Can I get away with only re-running Texgen when changing MM version? This is what I guess I have to do: 1. Delete the MM mod and re-install it with main version (i.e. not Lightside or Darkside) 2. Delete everything under the Step SkyrimSE - TexGen Output mod folder 3. Run Texgen with the given parameters 4. Copy or move everything from DynDOLOD/TexGen_Output to the now empty Step SkyrimSE - TexGen Output mod folder Is that correct? Or will I have to run xLodGen and/or DynDoLOD as well (since the guide states this: "Users should rebuild XLODGen any time a mod is installed or removed that alters the landscape (ground shape and textures). User should rebuild DynDOLOD any time a mod is installed or removed that add, remove, or relocated exterior objects such as buildings, roads, rocks, trees, etc.")? I'm guessing that since I only touch textures and not any meshes I only have to run Texgen?
  13. Is there any way to keep things the way they were (i.e. have a successful restore) if the game has been updated since our last installation? Beause starting the game with the Bethesda launcher will then surely trigger the "Only update this game when I launch it" function in Steam. Is there a way around that, as in has anyone made a .reg file of all those settings that can be run instead of launching the game? But even if we got it all back the way it was, would that mean that we are locked to the mods we had installed the last time? Because newer mods would require a newer version of SKSE, correct? Sorry for all the questions. I'm looking for the path of least resistance for the next time (potentially) I'm installing Skyrim, if a few years have passed. I think I already know the answer though; I'll have to do it all over again.
  14. Thanks for the clarification @TechAngel85 (I missed that changelog, sorry). Also apologies if my post title sounds a bit harsh. It really is an accurate guide overall! Anywhoo, I did the whole guide from top to finish, started up the game and was greeted with...success! Everything looks and runs perfectly, and the view distance...oh the view distance! No more terrain pop-in, shadow pop-in or trees suddenly changing appearance. And the grass goes on for miles! I've always wanted to run those LOD creation tools (like DynDOLOD) but never got around to it. Really happy with the results. This is what Skyrim should have looked like from day 1! The guide is really impressive I have to say. It has all the necessary instructions, is very very precise and has just the right amount of explanations as well, IMO. So huge thanks to everyone that spent time and effort to create and maintain it! It's really appreciated! It took some time to go through the whole thing, so I think I'll make a backup of everything the way it is now, before I start modifying things. Can I just make a backup of the whole \Appdata\Local\ModOrganizer\Skyrim Special Edition\ folder? I seem to recall there were 2 or 3 dll files that also were installed. (Away from computer right now so can't check). Can't remember which mod they came from. Think at least one of them began with "t" (t*.dll). What else would I need? I also have some questions regarding modification of the installation (i.e. change, add or remove mods) after following the guide. Should I post them in this Guide section of the forum?
  15. I'm following the guide right now. Thanks for the fix.
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