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  1. I see. I presumed it might have been because of technical issues. I am reluctant to use iAFT because the original author has abandoned the mod, and I'm pondering on choosing either EFF or Nether's Follower Framework as a replacement. Good to know EFF didn't cause any problems.
  2. I've noticed that Extensible Follower Framework (EFF) was replaced by Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks (iAFT). What was the reason for this change?
  3. The title has a typo, it should be "Konahriks" -I couldn't find it because of that.
  4. This wiki page links to another mod in Nexus (Distant Decal Lod Animation ini Fix). The STEP Compilation list says Distant Decal Fix is included in it, but when installing the compilation in MO, the description doesn't mention it. Are these few meshes still included/necessary?
  5. I'm currently following the guide in Prerequisites/xEdit but I'm somewhat confused. I've extracted the required files into the Edit Scripts folder, but the notes in Hishy Remove LAND Records say: However, the lib/mteFunctions.pas file doesn't come from Hishy Remove LAND Records, but from Mator's xEdit Patching Framework. Aside from that, when I try to copy lib/mteFunctions.pas to Edit Scripts folder, I find out that there's already another file called like that in Edit Scripts, with different size. Should I replace the file in Edit Scripts with the file in lib? Thanks.
  6. Thanks, it is as you say, I've installed the options independently and checked the conflicts with the STEP Compilation. The first time I did it I could swear Decrease Those Plants didn't have any conflicts, but now I see them. Mistake from my part.
  7. I want to add IA on top of STEP, but it conflicts with Better Turn Animation and Dual Wield Blocking Animations. The conflicts are HKX, which are animation files if I'm not mistaken. Will it be fine to use the three mods together, or will some animations look weird? For now I'm gonna try placing IA first and letting the other two overwrite any files, and see what happens. Any suggestion is appreciated. :-)
  8. I want some features of The Ruffled Feather, but since I have installed the STEP Compilation I'm not sure which ones are already included in the latter. My guess is that STEP Compilation includes: Better Dynamic Snow SMIM SFO Reduced Textures (are they the same size as STEP Compilation Normal Res??) Just-IceMoss RocksSuped-Up Stalhrim And these are not included:Hairy Furry PeltsSmoking Hot Load FXSweetnutsPlants Reduced TexturesRed Mountain Particle Plume Is this assumption correct?
  9. I just want to point out that both the STEP guide and the LOTDR guide say to install WAFR, CCOR and CCF, but in different order (left pane): LOTDR mod order: CCOR, CCF, WAFR. STEP mod order: CCF, WAFR, CCOR. This results in resource conflicts: (1) textures/CCOR/Armor/thievesguildarmorcapmv2a.dds is present in CFF, WAFR and CCOR. (2) meshes/armor/circlets/femelfcircles/circletf9.nif is present in CCF and CCOR. (3) meshes/armor/circlets/femelfcircles/circletf5.nif is present in CCF and CCOR. (4) meshes/armor/circlets/femelfcircles/circletf2.nif is present in CCF and CCOR. (5) meshes/armor/dbarmor/dbarmorhoodmaskless_arg_0.nif is present in CCF and WAFR. (6) meshes/armor/dbarmor/dbarmorhoodmaskless_arg_1.nif is present in CCF and WAFR. (7) meshes/armor/dbarmor/dbarmorhoodmaskless_kha_0.nif is present in CCF and WAFR. (8) meshes/armor/dbarmor/dbarmorhoodmaskless_kha_1.nif is present in CCF and WAFR. (9) scripts/WAF_ArmorSwapScript.pex is present in CCF and WAFR. Which should be the correct mod order? Thank you.
  10. I see. Another difference is that when installing RWT STEP selects "Bobbing Longboats" while LOTDR doesn't. Why is this option needed if we use RBB? Thank you.
  11. Hi. Both STEP Core and Legacy of The Dragonborn Reqtified include Realistic Water Two and Realistic Boat Bobbing in their lists. However, STEP Core indicates to add the RWT Patch when installing RBB, while LOTDR doesn't. Any reason why Reqtified wouldn't need the patch? Thanks.
  12. The options I checked are Merge Patches, Import Names, Import Stats, Tweak Settings, and Leveled Lists, as the guide says. In the Mergeable Mods section to the right there are 20+ plugins listed. Then I select build bashed patch and when it's done I enable the bashed patch, quit WB, and MO doesn't deactivate any plugin.
  13. You're right, I'm a little lost. I'm following these instructions. The last step says: Does this mean that I should expect some mods (right pane) to be disabled automatically in MO? Because it ain't happening to me. However, you said that the bashed patch shouldn't disable plugins. Are the instructions wrong? Thanks again~
  14. Hi, should this thread be marked as [Dropped]? Also, could Proper Length Arrows be considered an alternative or is there another mod that fixes this?
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