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  1. That's a great mod! I've tried quite a few and Blended Roads (LE) makes for the best, most realistic, roads.
  2. The Author has unhidden the Lepidoptera mod, Farmhouses still MIA
  3. The person that replied to you is the person that SET UP the guide. The page may have been updated, but the content will still be outdated.
  4. It was the same MO and MO2. from the Bethini page on the Nexus.
  5. You can ONLY update one mod at a time. There is no mass download or forced downloads. If you don't want to update a specific mod you can change the title- for example "Generic Mod - do not update", or double click and go to the notes tab and put a reminder in there. I do this when there are a lot of FOMOD options, I'll just install it multiple times and then check to see which one(s) I prefer and annotate as needed.
  6. If you are not seeing the BSA files, it seems like they are being extracted (unpacked). You will see meshes and textures, not the BSA. I've had one mod "Grim Grass" that the textures would fail to load unless I unpacked the BSA.
  7. https://forum.step-project.com/topic/13388-mo-2-wrye-bash-and-skyrim-le/ is the thread. I haven't been able to reproduce the problem with Wrye Bash. No @ Tech Angel85 I have Wrye on my game Drive D: and MO2 is on my Mod F: drive. My boot drive is kept to Windows as much as possible, I have my H: for other programs and storage. I only use WB to create Bashed patches and may just switch to Mator Smash now that it's out of Alpha.
  8. I've tried to duplicate the issue and failed. All I can say @ this point is if it reoccurs I'll know what to do and where to go.
  9. I'll give it a go tonight after work, looks like someone else is having the same issue.
  10. I was having the same problem, with LE. The only "solution" was to build a TES5 Merge Patch first. I didn't try to put the bash patch in MO2. Look @ my thread, there are some log file you should pull up and post.
  11. One other note, Wrye Bash is putting the Bashed Patch directly into the Skyrim/Data folder, even though I am running it through MO2. If I start it outside of MO2 none of my mods show up in the WB load order.
  12. No worries. The issue that I was having with Wrye Bash seems to have cleared up . The only change in my process was to build a TES5 Merge patch, then the Bash Patch. I don't know if that is a solution, but it's working for now. If the problem re-occurs I'll get the logs and post them, Thanks
  13. Thanks for that info, MO2 is on it's own drive right now, the security settings have been elevated for testing. I'd take a minor exception to the term"blindly". If these widely distributed programs were compromised there would be posting about it all over the modding community. Still with the Spectre/Meltdown revelations how secure can anything be? Like most people IT security isn't my profession, so I keep my OS updated and my AV/Malware updated, don't click on e-mail links and don't use cracked software. Still I'm always willing to learn. I'll erase those logs and give it a go and re-post the results.
  14. I'm having a problem when trying to build a bash patch, Wrye Bash is hanging right at the end. Win7 x64 Pro, I've set MO and Wrye as admin and set exceptions in Malwarebytes. Loot is much less crashy than in MO1 and I haven't had any problems doing test launches with skse and ENBoost. I'm not sure what to look for so any help would be gratefully accepted. My Mod list on https://modwat.ch/u/karfixer/plugins I've clean the masters per the Gamer Poets vids. Thanks, Steve
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