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  1. How can I maximise the distance at which I can see lights in Skyrim? I'm assuming there are ini tweaks to achieve this, though Bethini, which I have set to maximum draw distance, doesn't appear to give this option. I am using DynDOLOD at the highest settings too, is there an option in there? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions I haven't generated any lod (not planning to yet) but will try that if/when I do. The data culling fix fixes and is something I've used in the past but it isn't ideal due to removing data culling from the entire game instead of just in the area I need.
  3. I just reinstalled the game before originally posting in this thread so my prior INIs are just vanilla Ultra; and my I'm using new games. It's odd that this only happens above Bethini Normal. I haven't got many mods installed but I'll uninstall them and check if the issue persists.
  4. Finally the forum is back up, great work! Now, about my question haha.
  5. I hope you don't mind this method of posting the, they are set to Ultra: Skyrim.ini Skyrimprefs
  6. I'm having a but of a visual issue. When I set Bethini to High or Ultra there are large missing areas of water north of Skyrim. At High there is a large chunk missing near Winterhold, and on Ultra there is that chunk as well as two others near Dawnstar. Please advise.
  7. I can't find noise.dds. Is that a generic name rather than a specific file? There are a tonne of dds files in Data\textures\terrain but no noise.dds. Regarding Terrain LOD Redone, does that mean I should install it last if I want to get any use out of it?
  8. Ok, so I have to adjust the noise.dds textures. How do I go about doing that? By the way, I have Terrain Lod Redone installed - which I installed first, then ran DynDOLOD, and then finally xLODGen.
  9. Sheson, any idea why my distant snow is so dark after using xLODGen? This happens no matter how high I set the brightness. https://i.imgur.com/klE2S2u.jpg Also note the culling issue in the Sea of Ghosts - even with the TVDT records removed it still happens. Any ideas or will I have to live with this?
  10. Oh, sorry. I'm playing Skyrim Special Edition.
  11. I'll have to do some testing then, thanks. Three more question please: 1. Why is there no default FOV setting? I thought the default FOV was 65? 2. Can TAA and FXAA be used at the same time? I see that they can both be active in bethini. 3. Is particle quality not set to maximum when choosing the Max preset due to performance, or something else?
  12. Is there any reason not to set all lod option to maximum?
  13. Ok, thanks to your wisdom I was able to remove that culling problem. That first spot in my pictures was so odd because I've never seen it before, I wonder if it actually happens to everyone. Anyway, I might have gone a little overboard with removing the culling because I was using the tcl command to fly around so I was probably seeing culling that you normally wouldn't see from the ground. Oh well, still better than using the Nexus one which I'm pretty sure removes it from everywhere. You should put this exact post somewhere for others to find (maybe you already have?) because it was quite easy once a master has explained it! Thanks again, Sheson.
  14. Oh no, sheson thinks I'm intelligent and is telling me to do stuff but I'm dumb and have no idea what he means... Could you please elaborate? Do I need to go into the CK to remove TVDT data? Would temporarily installing the Culling data glitch fix from the Nexus achieve the same result?
  15. Last two questions, if I've already got tree and object lods from DynDOLOD should I just untick the Trees/Object LOD section of lodgen? Also, maybe I'm just misunderstanding the wording on the lodgen page, where is the setting to change the noise texture if not Brightness, Contrast and Gamma?
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