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  1. I'm using the x64 version. The Windows task manager shows that once lodgen is started, it keeps using more and more RAM until it reaches around 10 GB, at which point it crashes. I haven't changed any default setting, except the treeLod one. But I am using "high" settings in the main window. Should that process really consume so much RAM? As mentioned earlier, if I don't change the treelod=1 setting, it uses only upto around 6 GB of RAM, and so completes succesfully. I just don't know if it's normal behavior.
  2. When I set TreeLod=0 in the config file, my system runs out of RAM during the LodGen process. (I have 12 GB of RAM.) My intention was to get the hybrid models from EVT for as far as possible. I did not enable the TreeFullFallBack option. Most likely, I am misunderstanding the tree LOD creation process. I did RTFM, but some of the stuff is beyond my comprehension. Anyway, I'm not sure if it's a bug that the process is consuming all the available RAM and crashing, or I'm using improper settings, so I thought I'd report it here anyway. Without changing that option, everything works fine. The trees in the distance have 2d LODs, that's all. A noobish question: Should I increase the default values of tile size in texgen and DyndoLOD? I have 4GB of VRAM, and play at 1080p. Would there be a noticeable improvement in quality, or would it simply consume more VRAM for little benefit? TIA.
  3. Hi, After installing DyndoLOD, the sky seems messed up. Only half of it is visible. Unchecking the esp doesn't rectify it, but unchecking the DyndoLOD folder in MO does. (Obviously, Dyndolod doesn't work then.) Here are screenshots: Links, in case the pics don't show up: https://ibb.co/34YGGyv https://ibb.co/HpN257z
  4. Are you launching the game via the SKSE64 executable? And not Skyrim.exe? Trivial mistake, but can sometimes happen inadvertently.
  5. For me, it was decreasing the mesh size of the glow orbs that took care of that problem, as explained by you earlier in this thread. Not the brightness value. I'd suggest decreasing that mesh size in the next release/beta of DynDOLOD, unless most users prefer the present default value.
  6. Could you clarify the part about changing the size? I found the mesh, how do I edit it? Changing the intensity worked.
  7. That was it - the patch files were not present in the folder, for some reason. I'm using Mod Ogrganizer, and I installed Dyn-resources a few times, ticking all options. But only the patch for High Hrogthar Window glow was being added. So after installing it with MO, I manually dragged and dropped the other patch files from the file, ran TexGen and Dyn, and now the missing windmill is present. Not sure why MO doesn't add those patch files. Makes me wonder if there are other files being missed, from this or other mods. Is it a MO bug, or could there be an issue with the packaging of Dyn-resources? How do I reduce the size of the fake light glow mesh? There is no option to do so in this version that I can see, while I remember that option in the Oldrim version. Can I edit the script as the manual for Oldrim states, or is that not applicable here? This is what the manual states: "\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD_[GAMEMODE].ini' from 1 = low to 9 = high."
  8. I did check both "Whiterun exterior" and other exteriors, when I installed Dyn resources. So that should have taken care of the issue, right? Or is that particular windmill not added? In my load order, the only mods overwriting any files from Dyn-resources is Abendaron's HD-LODs, and the Texgen output.
  9. ^^ Somehow, re-installing SKSE64 and Papyrus solved the issue of Dyn not loading. Now it is working beautifully, and I can see the new glow effects. One bug though - standing near the Skyforge in Whiterun and looking out, I can see one windmill sail unattached to a windmill, and just floating in the air. Here it is:
  10. When I start the game, Dyn is giving me the error that it needs Papyrusutils 3.3 or higher to function. I am using Papyrus 3.3c, the latest version as of now. Dyn.esp doesn't load. What is wrong here? I don't know if it is related, but while generating LODs, LODGEN gave an error while processing skuldafnworld, and didn't generate LOD for that. But there were no other erros, in any other worldspace. I just went ahead and saved that Dyn.esp, and started the game.
  11. What are a few good spots in-game to test the new glow LODs from? Also, does "animated LOD" mean that distant waterfalls and windmills will be animated?
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