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  1. It must have been a problem with my download. I reinstalled the mods selecting the same options in both and it didn't correct itself. Tried normal trees instead of the lush option, same again. Re-downloaded both files, installed as usual, ran texgen and dyndolod again and everything works perfect now, the trunks are all 2D instead of full model.
  2. I'll have another go when I get home from work. I'm pretty sure when I installed the mods I selected Lush trees in the Main installer and normal trees in the billboards, as the normal billboards seemed to match up better when using just 2D instead of 3D, this may be where the problem lies. I am indeed using the LE version of EVT in SE. Can I get away with simply saving the mod in the CK to convert it to Form 44, or should I Copy the models from LE EVT into the SE folder and then install? Thanks again for the help
  3. Sorry, didn't expect you to reply so fast. Here is part of the log, the file is too large to paste the entire thing. It appears some of the trees from EVT have 3D LOD and some don't, I'm just not sure why, I thought EVT included 3D LOD for all models of trees that come with it. https://pastebin.com/7eLC780S
  4. Hi Sheson, I can appreciate this isn't a problem with Dyndolod per se, just after a bit of advice. I'm using the Skyrim LE version of EVT in SSE, along with ELOS Standalone Oaks and RAT. If I set TreeLOD=0 and TreeFullFallBack=0 all of my pine trees from EVT and the oaks from ELOS are full model at LOD4, this eventually leads to ILS after half hour or so of playtime. There is one model of Vurts snow trees included with EVT that is showing the correct 3D Hybrid LOD, RAT also has the 3D Hybrid LOD. If I set TreeFullFallBack=1, all of my LOD4 pines now become 2D Billboards, apart from the 1 Vurt tree that stays as a Hybrid. RAT also stays as Hybrids, and the ELOS is still full model. I suppose my question is, why are the Pine trees from EVT displaying as full model and not 3D Hybrids? I was under the impression that 3D Hybrid trees are included with EVT, and the SSE EVT version is botched in some way. Whats your suggestion? Thanks in advance.
  5. I did, by the looks of the log, it has found billboards and 3d lod for all pine trees and normal aspen trees, but not winter aspen trees or the oaks I'm using from ELOS Oaks standalone. I imagine messing around with the ini settings under terrain manager in the prefs.in will effect this what I'm seeing? I just ran around the game at speedmult 250 for half an hour and fast travelled to a few places, the game seems perfectly stable, no CTD or ILS, it just drops fps in a few places which is off-putting, but bearable. I'll try changing some ini settings to see if I can remedy it. I'm also using EEK's renthal flora collection, and its creating lod for every flower and shrub in the game xD, I'll untick the mod in MO and run dyndolod again, might help. Thanks for the quick reply
  6. I got past this by disabling windows defender. I now however have another problem and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm using the ultra tree settings and the high preset upon launching dyndolod. I can scroll down and see that for trees, Lod4 is static, whilst Lod8 and Lod16 are billboards, but when I install my dyndolod output and launch the game, every tree in the entire world is full model. It looks amazing, but it noticeably drops me a few fps in heavily forested areas such as Falkreath and around Meko's Shack. If I disable ultra trees I end up with just billboards. It's as if I have Lod4 everywhere and no 8 or 16, could this be due to ini settings? What do you suggest?
  7. Having exactly the same error as you on 2.54. Works perfectly fine running at 512, when I try to run at 2048 it fails with the same error message. When I ran 2.35 probably a year ago now, all of my lod level 4 was actually full model and the only pop in I had was grass and the shadow on the trees, the game looked amazing, was this due to Dyndolod settings or INI settings? I'd like to recreate it if I can.
  8. Yeah man, game looks better than I've ever seen it . Cheers for your help.
  9. Ended up reinstalling my whole mod list. Did everything exactly the same, max settings. Have played for about 15 hours with no crashes and no ILS. Think it must have been a problem with me installing and reinstalling alot of mods with NMM.
  10. Yeah the Terrain LOD Redone one is another strange thing. Might just be coincidence. I use the authors other mods Majestic Mountains and Blended Roads and they're awesome. I do also use BethINI with the recommended tweaks, I just turn the shadows down a notch. I use the SE EVT version with the LE EVT aspens because the LE aspens come with the hybrid 3D LODs. I think I may have found the problem. I'm not sure if when you go into free camera mode that it loads stuff outside your current cell/ugrids, but I just turned it on outside of the Solitude main gate and flew over to Morthal. https://imgur.com/a/XVQxY Pretty much all of my pine trees are full model with no animation. No wonder they transition so well . Although some of the snowy pines do have 2D trunks. I can get all the way to Dawnstar before the trees start flickering between full model and 2D billboard. I honestly thought that SE EVT came with the hybrid LODs, but maybe not. I will re-run DynDOLOD at 1024 instead of 2048 and see if that makes any difference. If not, I'll try LE EVT again. I don't think I can go back to 2D after seeing what 3D looks like.
  11. Just discovered something else with a bit of testing. Once I've managed to load my save back up and am at the 45fps mark, I can use the travel cart (because fast travel is ILS) and travel to Falkreath, then travel back to Solitude, run back to the same spot, and im back to 60fps. Weird. Im just gunna go ahead and start a fresh save, play for a bit and see what happens. I'll ask again, is there anywhere I can donate? I feel I need to give something back after using your software and you having the patience to deal with me and everyone else who has problems.
  12. You're probably right. I will look into the mesh rules. I have a bad habit of thinking lod means tree lod, when it infact includes objects aswell. And as far as I can remember, all of the buildings had lod in blackreach. The fast travel problem is back and I'm having some really strange issues at the moment. Not sure if its PC, Skyrim or Dyndolod related. But I'll ask anyway. When I start the game up, sat at the main menu I'm using roughly 5gb of ram and just over 1gb of vram. I start a new game through alternate start, choose the arrived onboard a ship to solitude option, and the game starts and runs fine. I can walk up to the bridge just above the docks, turn around and look out over Morthal and its gorgeous, constant 60fps, with 8gb ram and 7.2gb vram usage. If I save, quit to desktop and then start the game back up, It now runs at 45fps with 8.5gb ram usage and 8.5 vram usage. If I quit to the main menu, my ram stays at around 7.8gb and vram 5.5gb. When I try to load the save, after quitting to the main menu, I get ILS and my usage for both vram and ram jumps up to over 9gb. I alt tab out, close the game down, start it back up, load the save, and I can load in, but still stuck at 45fps. Every time I start a brand new game, its back to normal usage and 60fps. Even if I restart my pc and load a save up that I've already created Im still at 45fps. I know memory shouldn't be an issue, and Im nowhere near the limits of my hardware, I just dont understand it. Any suggestions? Sorry to be a pain in the ass. I'm so close to being able to actually play the game instead of modding it. I also saw another thread about missing tree lod with people using EVT. I think the reason for this is the mod, Terrain LOD Redone. I had that in my load order, ran TexGen and DynDOLOD and I had massive amounts of lod disappear, trees would only pop in when I got close. I uninstalled it, ran Tex and Dyn again and all the LOD returned.
  13. I've got so much still to learn in xEdit. I unfolded the Skyrim.esm and checked the worldspaces and it was the same mods as my last post. But the order is USSEP, Legacy, Scoped Bows, Aetherium S&A, ELFX. There's not a single red mark on any of them. Whole page is green. I just ran Dyndolod for probably the 3rd or 4th time today, had a quick look around Blackreach and there's still no distant mushrooms. I've discovered/decided you kinda need lod in there as its quite easy to get lost with no reference points. Although my game was pretty dark to be honest. On a different note, lod level 4 EVT LE pines don't seem transition as good as lod level 4 pines in EVT SSE. Not sure if it's the way I installed them or something else, but I used exactly the same order as installing EVT SSE. I know there shouldn't be hardly any fade in after seeing how well the SSE pine trees transition. I forgot to tfc and see if they were actually 3D Hybrid trees or BB when using the LE trees. To get around this I extracted both LE EVT+Billboard and SSE EVT+Billboard versions and copied eveything to do with RAT from LE to SSE folders, overwrote everything, zipped them up, added them back into my mod folder and I've got 3D Hyrbrid RATs with EVT SSE pines :) Just thought i'd put that in in-case anybody comes along and see's this thread. I also seem to have got rid of the fast travel black screen thing. At the moment my game runs lovely with max settings and I can fast travel everywhere. Just the mushrooms left on my fix list. I will have a hunt around to see if I can find any decent threads on the subject. Sorry for the rambling, Cheers.
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