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  1. I would recommend just unchecking the files that you have merged and keeping them above the checked merge file. You will probably have to redo some of the merges in the future and it is handy to have them ready in the right order ready for re-merging as and when. Don't delete them from the left panel. Then you would have to re-install/re-download and that would be a faff.
  2. Just to follow up on the Fairy/Jar display issue I was having in the Dragonborn Gallery. I checked Merge Plugin settings and yes I was missing a link to the actual TESV_Papyrus_Flags.flg, the path was pointing to the right folder but not the actual .flg file. So I redid the merge again. And for the most part it worked, kinda. Now the displays are in the correct place for the fairies/jars/unique treasures and I can manually place the items on the displays. Hurrah! However, the mods are still not showing in the MCM checklist. You know what, I can live with that. The main thing is I have the correct place to place these great collectibles! So thanks a lot for the help. Got there in the end, would be reassuring for the mods to show up in the checklist properly, but its not the end of the world.
  3. Agreed, SRLE Extended LOTD is near enough the perfect interpretation of an RPG in the Skyrim universe, so much fun to play, so much content to explore! Never gets old.
  4. Hey, Relinker is a great tool, for sure and to be honest the Merge Plugin and Relinker are relatively straightforward to use. However, I think you are right though, the merge seems to be the problem. I will re-check Merge Plugin settings it could be something amiss there. Cheers.
  5. Hi, ok thanks. Auto sort does not add the fairies/jars/fish bowls. Basically LOTD Dragonborn Gallery is simply not recognising that the mods are installed. I will, however, check the Merge Plugins standalone to see if the settings are correct. Btw, I did do the unmerge and cleaned the Conflict Resolution patch and then the displays showed up correctly and in the MCM checklist. Nevertheless, I will check my Merge Plugins settings. It would be good to get those 5 mod slots back. Cheers.
  6. So I rebuilt the Collectables and Treasures Merge, at the same time as doing the latest update but no dice. It still does not register with the LOTD MCM. I guess my only choice is to unmerge and clean the CR like you said. I don't really fancy losing 5 mod slots but seems like no other option.
  7. Thanks for suggestions and checking on your build, will re-do the merge, see if that works. Much appreciated!
  8. Well, I always run Relinker after running the xedit scripts (Khajiit Show Ears, The Great Equalizer, No More Dragon LODs) as per the guide instructions. It always completes OK. Is that what you mean, or do I have to run Relinker at some other point also? I will nevertheless, re-check that that merge has been done properly. I am 99% sure that it has but you never know. Understood that you add them manually, however, the displays in my game are not even present in the Dragonborn Gallery, so I can't actually put them anywhere. I mean, according to the LoTD nexus page, there are supposed to be displays for the jars in the Natural History Gallery and in the Hall of Oddities. Anyhow, the mods aren't even showing in the MCM checklist, so that is not surprising. It seems that LOTD Gallery is simply not registering these mods as loaded into the game, which is odd.
  9. Hi Guys I am having a display issue with the Legacy of the Dragonborn gallery. The displays for the following mods are not activating in the Dragonborn Gallery and are not showing up in the MCM LoTD Checklist: BadGremilins Captured Fairies BadGremlins Great JarHunt BadGremlins Something Fishy BadGremlins Trophy Heads. I did a save script clean according to suggestions on the Legacy of Dragonborn nexus page but that didn't work. Even if I start a new game these mods do not show up in the Legacy of Dragonborn MCM checklist. Am I missing something? The mods are in the game, e.g. I have found several jars and fairies in lanterns in Skyrim but the displays for them are not present in the Dragonborn Gallery. This is odd because they are supposed to be fully supported in Dragonborn Gallery by default. Any ideas, suggestions? Edit: Just to add, I built the current guide in October, so in principle I should have had a fully operational and up to date Legacy of the Dragonborn Gallery with a new game start, i.e. I haven't had to update Legacy of the Dragonborn from an older version. Thanks in advance.
  10. I have gtx970, i5-4690k, 16 GB memory. The guide works well for me, 60fps inside, and never dips below 45 fps outside even around Riverwood (most graphically demanding area), with all enb options on. Are you sure you have followed all instructions to the letter, particularly the prerequisites, also did you do DynDOLOD with the exact settings from the guide? Btw, you can also drop some of the ENB settings, like occlusion, depth of field, cloud shadows, etc..... and still keep Vividian ENB. Just some ideas. The easy way to test how much of an impact ENB is having, is to press shift enter (in game) and dynamically turn ENB on and off, you should see how much fps the ENB is costing you. Also you can turn some of the ENB options off with the ENB ingame GUI. I hope I'm not tellling you things you already know, lol. Feel free to tell me to shutup. :-)
  11. I have a gtx970, 16 GB memory and an i5-4690K, and I am running this guide just fine.
  12. Just an FYI. Installed and re-merged the latest updates (SkyTest Usleep, etc. ) and Skyrim fires up fine and no problems so far. Took a carriage from Solitute to Rorikstead, then walked to Dead Man's Respite killing two wolves and a Young tundra troll on the way. They didn't stand a chance! All good.
  13. Ok, great thanks for the feedback. At least I know that it wasn't me messing something up inadvertently. Given that this issue has no known direct fix, I investigated some workarounds and the altered smoke textures from Brazier and Chimney Smoke more transparent K747 makes the problem less visually jarring. You still get smoke but not the heavy popping in and out issue. It still happens but a lot less visible. Does not interfere with anything just replaces the smoke texture. May be worth investigating. Anyhow, Cheers.
  14. Of course it is perfectly possible that I just hadn't noticed before today ... :-|
  15. Hi guys. I just started having a problem with the latest update. Kynesgrove and the Equipment HUD update, although the nature of the problem shouldn't have anything to do with those two mods. It is to do with smoke and lighting. Basically, the lighting on smoke and mist is "popping" on and off, depending on distance and angle. It doesn't effect every single light source or every single mist/smoke thing, but it is really bothersome. Obviously it is most visible at night, e.g. Whiterun fires but I also noticed the lighting on the mist inside High Hrothgar was popping in and out. Any ideas?
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