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  1. I have some problems with LOOT: When I want to sort my Load Order it always gives me "The Group Realistic Water does not exist". And when I open the Groups Editor it is totally empty. I see no groups, no nothing. I cannot even add groups. I tried to uninstall LOOT and deleted every Meta Data and installed LOOT again but it does not work. Can anyone please help me? Thanks in advance!
  2. Okay, thanks! But I have also CTD's all around the game when entering a new cell. I think I messed something up so I start the guide again
  3. So, I started the guide again from start. And I still have that issue of an infinite loading screen in the main menu when zPatch.esp and / or Lexy's LOTD SE OMEGA - SMASH Override.esp are activated . Anyone else have this problem or a solution for that issue? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello again! The changelog from 02/11/18 says Main Guide - Landscape and Environment Section - Landscape Overhaul HD - Added LOD textures for DynDOLOD Userbut when I visit this mod page there isn't any file like this
  5. Okay, you're right. Sorry for that! And thanks for your answer :) ! I can tell, that my system is better than Lexy's. I have 11GB Video Ram, 5 Ghz CPU and also 32GB of RAM. After trying something around, I found out that I only have that Infinite Loading Screen issue when Lexy's LOTD SE OMEGA - SMASH Override.esp and / or zPatch.esp are activated...
  6. After completing the guide I have this infinite loading screen again in the main menu and I don't know why. Does anyone else have this problem too?
  7. I think, I messed something up... I have an Infinite Loading Screen on Startup in the Main menu and I don't know why :D
  8. Hi there! A small but useful suggestion for the Mod Configuration Setup. It's recommended by the author to disable the Timed Blocking feature of either Ultimate Combat or Wildcat because both mods are using this :)
  9. Hey! Found a little mistake on the Changelog Page. There Zim's Thane Weapon Displays is sorted under the Combat & Traps section. But in the guide it's sorted under Weapons and Armors Retextures :)
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