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  1. Is there a proper way for the game to recognize when the player has just finished lock-picking a container, so that a follower would comment on it? I tried making a scene for a quest under the Story Manager Event "Lock Pick", and also added the respective quest node to Lock Pick SM Event Node. None of these resulted in the follower commenting whenever I would lockpick a container. Help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks. I'm aware of the GetStageDone condition. Unfortunately from the CK Condition Functions on the wiki there doesn't seem to be something that indicates dialogue not tied to a specific quest stage. I do know however that the game somewhat realizes this already, despite absence of a CK condition. Because when finishing a dialogue option with an NPC (if its not Say Once or on cooldown) it gets greyed out.
  3. On another note, is there a way (either by papyrus script function or condition function) to currently check if the player has finished talking with an NPC in a specific conversation? For example in the Soul Cairn, could the game recognize when the player finished talking with Morven Shroud (the Soul Cairn merchant) for the first time?
  4. Yeah, it probably is. I haven’t seen scenes like that done in the CK before at least by Bethesda’s standards. Was just thinking about the possibility of it theoretically.
  5. Is it possible to have an NPC travel to be near an actor Alias Ref for their scene marker, rather than having a specified one on the ground already?
  6. Oh, alright. I was thinking I could do something like an “EVENT ON Cell Load†from a completely independent custom quest which observes the Morthal scene as a quest property. If it hasn’t happened then my quest is still valid, and if it has happened in the save and the conditions weren’t met (DLC1Serana, DLC1NPCMentalModel::isFollowing, GetDistance xxx (or whatever distance units is near) then I shut everything down. Then that would serve as a conditional trigger for the dialogue. Question though, if I wanted to make an independent scripted scene from the vanilla scene, to start right after the vanilla scene has ended, in that case would I have to set up proper markers for the NPCs to travel to? I ask because while these NPCs definitely are locked in place during the scenes, some ones, like those triggered as Actor Dialogue Events don’t seem to have packages in them in the CK, only dialogue.
  7. Do NPCs have to be at their specific markers for their phase in scripted scenes to occur? If possible, I'm trying to have Serana directly interact or comment on the NPCs actions as the scene is happening, not a comment on certain locations and points of interest.
  8. I used the script and it said my load order has a total of 201722 references. Nowehere near the suggested warning limit of 900k according to aers, so I don't think my problem could lie there.
  9. I'm trying to add follower commentary from Serana to a vanilla scene (the beginning Morthal scene, DialogueMorthalInitScene). I've already set up my alias for Serana (MorthalSceneRNPCAlias, External Alias Ref, DLC1NPCMentalModel Alias ------> ResponsiveNPC), and added her alias to the vanilla scene script as an "auto" property: ;BEGIN ALIAS PROPERTY MorthalSceneRNPCAlias ;ALIAS PROPERTY TYPE ReferenceAlias ReferenceAlias Property Alias_MorthalSceneRNPCAlias Auto After the last vanilla phase ( Phase 8 ) when JorgenAlias says his last line, I added a new Phase (9) where Serana would comment to the player. There is one requirement for that Phase to fire, (GetVMQuestVariable on DLC1NPCMentalModel, ::isFollowing_var) just to check if she's currently following the player. However, even when the requirements have been met, this Phase doesn't fire in-game. Looking at the vanilla scene in itself, there are four actors (Aslfur, Thonnir, Benor, and Jorgen) each with a UniqueActor FillType for their respective aliases. The quest scene is a Start Game Enabled one, immediately at Stage 0 moving the four characters into their respective scene markers. "Alias_AslfurAlias.GetReference().MoveTo(AslfurMarker) Alias_ThonnirAlias.GetReference().MoveTo(ThonnirMarker) Alias_BenorAlias.GetReference().MoveTo(BenorMarker) Alias_JorgenAlias.GetReference().MoveTo(JorgenMarker)" The scene properly starts for the player to experience once the player is less than 1000 units away from Aslfur's alias. It then continues on as normal until the last phase, where it ends. Nothing else from the base vanilla scene was tweaked or changed, both in script fragments and quest entry. I think it may have to be something related to Serana's alias not properly filling, since the quest starts and goes on as it normally would in the vanilla game. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. I've already done away with a bunch of plugins though (Legacy of the Dragonborn, OSA, a lot of other smaller ones). Regardless I'll try to see which plugins I can disable via MCM on this current playthrough. I've already tried disabling Wet and Cold but even that wasn't enough lol. Current LO: https://modwat.ch/u/Martimius2/plugins EDIT: I've disabled iNeed since that's probably one of the more resource intensive ones. I do have others like TK Dodge and Ultimate Combat, but they only add to script and game load during combat.
  11. How do I check for corrupted plugin data? Just select all of them and run the “Check for errors†in xEdit? EDIT: I've checked for errors in xEdit. Nothing glaring besides some missing tintmasks in NPCs, Navmesh triangle warnings, and NPC packages/refs not being "persistent".
  12. Quick question, I know your FAQ says this and that... I'm playing on SSE, and I have been getting ILS' recently on fast travel though, but only on an extended play session (about an hour long) and on a save with a bunch of hours clocked in already. With my DynDOLOD settings, no issues seem to occur on fresh test saves. So this leads me to my question- as a save progresses, is more and more LOD data baked into it? Or is everything as it was when the save was first created?
  13. Old-ish thread but I'd like to say I've been running into this issue again, even upon starting a new save. It didn't start right away though, only when I clocked in a bunch of hours and my character was Level 10. Happened twice while I was fast travelling already. A quick note though- the background ambience and music still seems to play in this ILS state, with the loading screen pointers still cycling through normally. This is gonna be a hard thing to troubleshoot since on all the new test saves I've tried, I didn't get any issues; only on saves that were getting older, like this recent one. No mod uninstalls or anything like that on this save too.
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