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  1. @Lexy pardon the missing detail - that coffin is in Markarth's Hall of the Dead. Regarding wording - I don't know, anything simple such as... "These changes are intended to provide the player with a large number of backup points, as well as to correct critical bugs that may occur with overwritten saves. Regardless of personal preference, they are generally accepted as mandatory when running a heavily-modded Skyrim."
  2. I've found a few sources out there that traces this issue to skeleton mods. Here's one. And another. And a third (post 35). There are many more. Not even remotely close to a problem on my end.... Perhaps it would be best to do a cursory check before suggesting the person you're talking to didn't do their homework. Just for civility's sake. Benefit of the doubt and all. Anyway, It only surfaces when you don't modify the save behavior the way the guide recommends, as I said. The guide completely destroys any possibility the game will try to overwrite an old save file with a new one using the same filename. If you try to tweak that thinking you wouldn't prefer that behavior, this issue happens. So I warn people away from straying from the guide in that regard, and I feel like the guide could mention why it recommends those changes for someone who might not understand how save files can misbehave - as I didn't, at first. That said, I came here with my own issue to ask about - Does anyone know which texture mod is misbehaving in this shot? The locks on the side of the stone coffins are untextured. Thanks in advance~
  3. Not sure how the mod you mentioned works, but "rotating slot" concerns me. The problem with quick and auto saves is the fact that this guide heavily uses skeleton and animation mods. Skeleton and animation mods causes any save that overwrites an old save file to take minutes. As long as your mod is always creating a NEW file with a NEW filename, it should be fine. If it doesn't, as soon as it starts trying to overwrite stuff, your saves will take ages to process. (I personally have removed all skeleton/animation changes from my game; cleaning out thousands of save files a week just so I have a second sheath and make a weird noise when I absorb a dragon soul isn't a trade-off I feel is worthwhile)
  4. Have run into this in my playthrough. Google-fu has narrowed the problem down to ELFX. There are bug reports about it from back in 2013. Given the mod is still being updated as recently as Oct 2017, I'm not sure why it hasn't been found and fixed yet.... I was able to restore the door behind Malborn by deleting the four "PortalMarker" records in Cell > Block 7 > Sub-block 4 > ThalmorEmbassy > Temporary. BUT There are still further visual issues in the rest of the embassy as well. Rooms that don't appear until you walk into the grey and all that jazz. Not nice. I don't really care to find every single problem record, so I've just deleted ThalmorEmbassy altogether from ELFX's Cell > Block 7 > Sub-block 4.
  5. I mean, if you take someone's stuff you're playing a thief, whether you use a mod to make the name white first or not. I've got no problem with people playing thieves of course, but we should be honest with ourselves about the fact that we rob people blind for our museums....
  6. You can console command setownership if you want on those stones. That said, I think it makes sense that if we take someone else's possessions for our museum, it should count as stealing.... A museum owner that doesn't want to go mining will have to find crafty ways of getting them with e.g. high sneak, waiting until the shop owner's back is turned, or simply breaking in when they're all asleep! It's part of the fun for me. But you can just setownership if that's not fun for you :D
  7. Oh gosh, I had this exact same problem. It's been a while since I fixed it, but IIRC there was a problem with Enhanced Vanilla Trees. I reinstalled or fiddled with the load order or... something. Sorry, I'm not sure exactly what I did. But that was the mod that needed fixed.
  8. SkyUI - show armor slots - updated has been removed from Nexus. Apparently when SkyUI was updated to 5.1, people whined at the author about his dependency warning (since it was linked to 5.0) so much that he opted to just nuke it instead of updating the dependency - even though it was still fully compatible and caused no new crashes.
  9. I have come across several places where unique cloaks are supposed to be only to find they aren't there; specifically, Vaermina's Devotion and Cape - Companions. Yes, I have cloaks of skyrim (and the rest) enabled and distributed in CCOR's MCM section. I was able to craft non-unique cloaks, and guards and the like were wearing them no problem, but whenever a cloak was supposed to be placed in the world (to include non uniques, like hold cloaks laying around the guard barracks), it simply wasn't there. I did fiddle with the left-panel load order in hopes that the texture/mesh packs simply needed to load after CCOR (thinking perhaps they were there, but invisible?), but that didn't help. While doing some research into the issue, I found this post which suggests there is a problem in CCOR. Indeed, when I used TES5Edit to delete the suggested entry, the cloaks appeared. I'm not sure what repercussions that will have for the rest of the mod, though....
  10. As per the following post on the NotSoFast-MG Nexus page Could you please add an MCM config note that the delay between the Wards lesson and the Saarthal quest should be zero? CWI makes Tolfdir disappear entirely (and, in fact, all instructors' daily schedules are killed off) until Saarthal starts, and NSF-MG requires the player be near Tolfdir--who doesn't exist--before Saarthal will begin. So he needs to start it immediately following the Wards lesson, or you'll be required to play with help+prid+moveto.player or setstages in order to start it. Thanks! ^^/
  11. If I may make a suggestion for the guide. In the prerequisite section, there's a bit about configuring your .ini file to disable autosave on wait/travel/rest. And there's a mod in the main guide to disable quicksave and force it to create a new manual save instead. I found myself thinking "well, that just looks like the guide author's personal preference; I don't want my saves to behave that way" and intentionally chose not to follow that advice. Later, when I was researching why my quicksaves were taking up to 2-3 minutes to create, I found out this is why the guide had the recommendations it did. That it was an issue with overwriting save files when using a skeleton mod, and that disabling auto/quick saves was the commonly accepted workaround. My suggestion is just to toss a quick sentence in the prerequisite section about why these changes are recommended. Something like "These changes will prevent a bug that causes saves to take an unusually long time to create." Whether you take the suggestion or not, thanks for listening :)
  12. Hey there. I selected the slots listed in the guide when installing DSR. I believe this will interfere with IJ's ability to equip both a choker-type neck and an amulet-type neck, but that's not a dealbreaker for me. (Though I understand for a generalized guide it does cause an issue) The currency exchange mod is only meant to compensate for IJ's addition of septim weight, which the LotD Patch collection removes, so it's pretty irrelevant. :) Literally the only reason they recommend you add it is so you can change e.g. 5000 septim notes, since 5000 septims is 50 weight. I'd also recommend CR'ing the names of the gems--Amethyst, Ruby, etc are renamed "Ten-carat" gems by IJ, and flawless ones "Thirty-carat." They should all be renamed back to that, *or* the new gems added by IJ (e.g. Thirty-carat Onyx) renamed back to Flawless like vanilla - consistency either way! That's just personal preference though I suppose. I've preserved the 10-carat and 30-carat names in my game.
  13. First: Just want to say thank you so, so much for this guide. I've learned tons about modding just by following it and doing my best to understand why I'm being asked to do things in these specific manners. It's really just perfect. If we're still taking thoughts about additional mods to include, I'd love to see Immersive Jewelry added. It includes Gemling Queen Jewelry, so perhaps it could replace that spot in the install order. There's a patch for it in the LotD patch collection FOMOD installer, which removes septim weight and reverses some of the stranger ingot renames. From there it'd simply be a matter of ensuring their revamped jewelry enchanting system (certain enchants stronger on certain gems/metals) doesn't butt heads with Summermyst, and perhaps a glance over the various container types in the CR to ensure the leveled lists use Immersive Jewelry's pools (e.g. Dwemer chests contain Dwemer jewelry) rather than the generic ones. If that's not something you guys are interested in, I totally understand. But if it is, I just... thought I'd toss those thoughts in, in case they help. ^^ For what it's worth, I'm playing with this setup in my own game (replace Gemling Queen with IJ, add CR to the container types; not sure on Summermyst yet), and it's working fine. I think it plays really well with Scarcity, too, so you don't get just inundated with expensive jewelry that renders septims worthless. Thank you again for this guide!
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