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  1. I think that's an excellent idea :) current map is simply unusable, but maybe it was meant this way?
  2. I got to admit I've played 3 hours straight and it's AWESOME :D I guess I'll go with vanilla Morroblvion (no overhauls and quests) for a while :)
  3. Thanks for detailed info, I've used your settings for now and it's good enough :)
  4. It seems OR FPS Manager is too aggressive. In .ini settings it's enabled, along with Faster (30) preset and custom settings+OR recommended tweaks. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D4_p6Uo_U0Kr-49y-ffMfbTuXhmKGCpF/view?usp=sharing
  5. Thanks, I'll surely try them out tomorrow - in Poland it's 22:30, so bedtime :)
  6. Wow @Diana_TES_GotH, after these last changes (enabling Oblivion Reloaded 6.2.0 ant utilizing batches from TES4LL) I'm very, very impressed :) Only issue is that details seem to appear too late and start to fade way too quickly - I even can't see all people in Seyda Neen in couple steps radius. Is there any easy fix available?
  7. @Diana_TES_GotH, I'm indeed on Windows 10.
  8. Thanks for all the hard work! :) I'm at the point where Morroblivion is working (finished section 'Morroblivion with Fixes and Improvements' without Oblivion Reloaded). So my question is: what do you suggest - play Morroblivion as it is; wait for guide to be completed; or maybe add Overhauls and then give it a go? Are you going to add some Morroblivion-specific quest mods? If next changes are going to be purely cosmetical, I can live with default looks and performance.
  9. I've finished 'Morroblivion with Fixes and Improvements' section - in BOSS, WB, TES4LodGen everything's looking fine and green - but when I launch Oblivion, after initial loading screen game crashes when progress bar is filled with red :( Uninstalling Oblivion Reloaded fixes this issue - maybe this has something to do with ini tweaks - which I can't find in either WB nor BethINI or OblivionReloaded.Weather.esp which is not recognized by BOSS and is loaded last. Framerate outside first town is much better and acceptable :)
  10. So are you going to add entirely new sections in your guide? I'm asking mostly about parts 'Foundation Graphics', 'Landscape & Environment' and others below.
  11. This time - section "Morroblivion with Fixes and Improvements" :) 1) "Esp/m Filter: Uncheck" - I've noticed this section in some mods, for example in "MOB_Lost Magic (OBME-based Addon)". My question - is it safe to not include mentioned .esp file in BAIN-repacked archive? It'll be easier for me than to remeber which mods and ESPs turn off at the end. 2) "MOB_No Havok Clutter" and "MOB_Voice Acted Mod" - these mods contain .bsa file - should I extract them and repack? By the way, what is the benefit of extracting and repacking BSAs? 3) "MOB_VWD" - I assume I should repack all 5 folders. Am I correct? 4) Suggestion from beginners point of view - use as little installation instructions in links as possible. I believe this guide is aiming to be easy and hassle-free, so preferred and short installation instruction is very desirable for me :) 5) Is it possible to combine all BOSS userlist.txt tweaks in one place/file?
  12. Wow Diana_TES_GotH, you're really fast :) At this pace you'll surely finish before Christmas :) I've noticed another thing - Meteor Smash and Mergre Plugins are meant to be installed in Oblivion\TES4Edit, but TES4Edit itself (and couple other things) is installed in Oblivion\xEdit. These mods are separated on purpose? One thing that's holding me right now is installation of Morroblivion Project Release. I'm following the linked guide: in part 3/section 4 we should pick sub-packages - which ones (if any) should i choose? Some of them (i.e. Voiced Conversations) are later installed as separate mod - hence my confusion. Also thank you :)
  13. I couldn't find edit option (maybe it's disabled for new users), so here are my last thoughts to everything above "Morroblivion with Fixes and Improvements". 1) Fast Exit - is repack needed here? Also (this includes other mods too) - does "src" and "omod conversion" folders should always go to Data/Docs/mod_name? It's not 100% consistent. 2) Pluggy - Docs folder name should be changed to Pluggy? 3) VoiceFile_Redirector OBSE Plugin - should I repack this or just manually add file? 4) Harvest Containers - meshes/textures overlap, so I'll go with Oblivion first, Shivering Isles second. Also - no add-ons in your setup? 5) Harvest Flora - should I include Harvest [Flora].bsa in Harvest Flora repackage after extracting .bsa if it's content is placed in Harvest [Flora] Meshes & Textures archive? 6) Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch - DLCShiveringIsles - Faces.bsa - same question as above (include in mod repack or delete)? 7) Oblivion Official Plugin BAIN Package - should we later clean all mods exdcept those specifically written? Or is it written somewhere (in xEdit maybe?) which ones to clean? - Cleaned DLC .esp files - should I leave cleaned files in Data or restore original files, repack cleaned ones and install it in WB? - while cleaning DLCBattlehornCastle.esp and Knights.esp - theres this note at the end of processs:<Warning: Plugin contains 2 deleted references which can not be undeleted> - is this normal and expected? ************************************************* I'll stop here for a while and test whole game for couple hours. Thanks for yor help and have a great day ;)
  14. About my bug - tunning WB with admin privliges fixed this issue.
  15. Another suggestions from my 2nd attempt - I've finished 'Install Essential Utilities' section. Thanks 1) section "Morrowind and Oblivion can be installed one of two ways" Third way - GOG - install setup_oblivion_1.2.0416_cs_(12732).exe and setup_tes_morrowind_goty_2.0.0.7.exe 2) Wrye Bash - 9. "Update Bashed Patch, 0.esp" - should we uncheck all other default ticks? Also default values are now different:- "Crime: Alarm Distance [2000]" - it's 4000- "Warning: Exterior Distance to Hostiles [2000]" - it's 3000 We can change this with right-click and choose desired value - leave default or change to your numbers? 3) "Oblivion Data Folder" - add step 3 - "install" - now it's not 100% clear for me 4) "BAE" - I guess there should be info this step is necessary - either in BAE or Mod Manager - now it looks like it's optional (and I think it's required) Also please write merge order is important - there are files that can be overwritten and not all of them are the same size 5) I have a conflict in WB "Installers" after installing "Oblivion Data Folder" and "Vanilla + DLC Meshes & Textures" - is there something I should do with this? Problem is Textures\Effects\TerrainNoise.dds - "Oblivion Data Folder" has yellow tick box 6) "BOSS" - I think only installer is needed 7) "Official Oblivion Construction Set" - what needs to be repacked here? Installer is straightforward and I don't even choose file destination. "TES4 Construction Set Data Folder" - what should I archive in this step? Is it for MO users only? 8) "TES4Edit" - I think step 7. "TES4Edit will generate files in Mod Organizer's Overwrite Mod" - is for MO users only - should WB user also create backup in some way? 9) "Merge Plugins" - step 4. "Run MergePlugins" - it should be noted before that we shouldn't run it at this point (part 4-6 of installation could be moved to step where we would actually use Merge Plugins). 10) "TES4LODGen" part 6-8 - how to do this in WB? And again - in intallation instructions it's said to run program, but below it's written don't run. 11) "TES4LL" - it's not used anywhere in guide at this point 12) .ini edit - iTreeClonesAllowed is not present (maybe after using BethINI?) in WB - OblivionReloaded Recommended [Oblivion].ini is not available at this point - this should be reminded after installnig Oblivion Reloaded ******************************** ok, thats all for today, I have no idea where I went wrong, but I get this error while trying to launch Oblivion from WB Traceback (most recent call last): File "bash\balt.pyo", line 395, in <lambda> File "bash\basher\app_buttons.pyo", line 472, in Execute File "bash\basher\app_buttons.pyo", line 284, in Execute File "bash\basher\app_buttons.pyo", line 205, in ShowErrorUnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xaf in position 12: ordinal not in range(128)
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