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  1. 1. Oh golly, more of them social medias the kiddos are using these days . . . welp I suppose there's nothing for it. Made myself an account and everything. Cheers. 2. So just as I realised last night that I HAD installed it and phoenix had a video on it, Lexy said there was an update and to start from scratch so I went back to square one. And yes, your explanation is much more lucid than the others, even though I still don't know *how* to use the tool yet, but as I said, Phoenix pointed out he has a video on that. 3. Ahh, my mistake, thank you for clearing that up. ;)
  2. My goodness, man, if you keep this up I'll owe you my firstborn soon. You're an absolute legend. Serves me right for not watching the entire 46-part series first ;) One question: It looks like you're using the testing/dev version (https://wiki.step-project.com/User:DarkladyLexy/Lexys_LOTD_SE) for your install, and not the "stable" version (https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/User:Darkladylexy/Lexys_LOTD_SE), correct? How much difference is there between the two? EDIT: Apparently I had installed it as part of the prerequisites and just didn't remember.
  3. Wicketklown/Phoenix, When I did the merges, for each merge, I first disabled all mods in the MO2 left pane with right click > All Mods > Disable all visible. Then I would activate only the mods with the esps needed for the merge (in the left pane), and then only those additional mods containing esps which the esps in the merge required as masters (also left pane). If there were esps in the right pane that came from the mods providing required masters to the merge-required esps, that were not themselves required as masters, I would uncheck them in the right pane. ---(e.g. aaa.esp is needed for the merge; aaa.esp requires bbb.esp as a master. The mod that contains bbb.esp also contains ccc.esp, which is not needed. So I activate in the left pane both the mod containing aaa.esp and the one containing bbb.esp and ccc.esp, and then uncheck ccc.esp in the right pane.) Then I would run LOOT, have it sort, then exit out and drag the esps I needed to the bottom of the right pane in the same order as the guide. In zEdit, I chose zMerge from the dropdown, built the merge, only clicking the checkboxes next to the esps required for the merge (not the esps those esps required as masters). Then I would create the merge and restart the process. I know nothing about Merge Plugin Hide and couldn't find information about it in the guide, on google or youtube. On another note, thank you for your video guide! It is quite helpful and I was happy to subscribe. I noticed that when you did the merge last ?October? it was still using the method I vaguely recognise from Oldrim, but since the guide author has changed the method I've had to deviate from your guide for this portion.
  4. I have done all of the merges on the Merge page. I also did all the LOOT metadata updates specified in the Merge page (but not the Bash Tags, since I don't know how to do that, and I saw something about it later on.). The next step is the Finishing Line page, correct? It starts by showing all the LOOT groups but the first actual instruction, if I'm reading it correctly, is the orange text telling us to sort the list in LOOT, which is what I'm currently trying to do. Prior to running LOOT, I made sure to right-click in the left MO2 pane and select All Mods > Enable all visible, so all the plugins should be activated.
  5. Currently just "finished" the merges, running LOOT and I get Failed to sort plugins - cyclic interaction detected between 018Auri.esp and BetterQuestObjectives-CRFPatch.esp.
  6. Thank for trying to help, and I know no one owes anyone anything, but if you'd be willing to help more in-depth, maybe you'd be open to PM so I don't clutter the message board? (E.g. I don't know what UAC is, mopy/WryeBash is a tool but we are explicitly told in the guide to put it in the SSE folder,; I have tools set up like you describe* but on a different drive is that okay *except WryeBash as mentioned, the Merge page mentions using "Merge Plugins hide" but I can't find on the guide or in the Goog/YT what the author means, how to do that, etc.) And probably 10000 more. Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, should I just take the 95% solution and not worry about it as long as I'm not crashing since v5/v20 is on the horizon anyway? Honestly my first few hundred Oldrim hours were with 0 mods or maybe like up to 5, I didn't know what the nexus was or mod organizer, and since then I've spent orders of magnitude more time trying to mod than actually playing, and I've yet to play SE. I get that fora like these are really about people exchanging ideas, helping one another out, etc., and I am acutely aware that I'm really only asking for help without being able to help others in return, and I appreciate being allowed to stick around and the generosity from folks in this community.
  7. Also: If a mod is already flagged as an esl when it's downloaded, but doesn't have the blue tag in the guide indicating "This tag indicates mods whose ESPs can be safely flagged as an esl to help furthur reduce the overall plugin count.", does the esl flag need to be removed from that mod, or is that tag only on non-esl mods which can safely have it added?
  8. Sorry, dumb question: I'm working on my merges atm and I cannot for the life of me find/remember what mod has the MLU.esp plugin (a required master for OMEGA MLU CACO Patch.esp). I'm using the "safe" version of the guide, if that helps.
  9. I had a tough time finding a clear answer to where I ought to install based on my system specs even after watching vids from Gopher, GamerPoets, Phoenix, etc., so I took my best shot and I have my installed mods in a folder in the /common folder of Steam on my SSD but my mod download folder and almost all of my modding utilities are on a storage HDD.
  10. YOT FoOMOD Installer, on the "Installed Quest Mods?" page, there is one more choice below the "Convenient Horses". The title is "Immersive Sounds - Compendium", and there one option with a square box you can check or uncheck (not a round one for choosing one of several options); the option is named "Immersive Sounds - Compendium 2.2"
  11. This has happened twice now (and was not happening prior to this), and just checking to see if anything is amiss. After running the QuickAutoClean version of SSEEdit through MO2, and it removes however many ITMs (the numbers match what the guide says), when I close out and save (the box is checked), an audio tone sounds and a message pops up saying (might not be verbatim) "Access violation at address 00408E26 in module "SSEEDit.exe" Read of address 00000069" When I check the esp file, I see it was last modified in the same minute as I closed the program, and running the esp it through the QAC SSEEdit again results in 0 ITMs, so it seems to have worked, but I don't know what's causing the error or if it's cause for concern.
  12. With Generate FNIS for users, I didn't see anything in prerequisites about it. Under the LotD Guide's entry for the mod, when we install it, it says to add it as an executable. I finally located it as part of the unpacked mod folder (inside the /tools folder), but as far as I could tell, it (LotD guide) doesn't specify if anything needs to be added in MO2 Modify Executables window besides a name and the file path (e.g. Start In, Arguments, etc.). Also, to my best understanding I can't see where the guide says whether to add and run it directly from the directory where you have your mods set to install, and don't change anything, or whether to make changes (move the Generate FNIS For Users and Generate FNIS For Modders folders out of the mod folder to a modding utilities folder, change the FNIS.ini0 file to FNIS.ini, etc.) Any guidance would be appreciated. Edit: was able to find it in Phoenix's video, just doing it his way for now. Come v5/v20 if there's another option I'll try that but for the little while left I'm not going to get too worried as long as it works.
  13. *Ahem* Apparently 6.2 and 6.3 are not, in fact, the same number. tl;dr I can't read.
  14. So in the actual FOMOD, there is a page for Stone Colour, then when you click next it goes to Glow Type, then another click takes you to Cubemaps. In the instructions I don't see what you want us to choose for Glow Type.
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