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  1. The aMidianborn Farmhouse mod that is part of the STEP guide is no longer available. I have the 2K version already fortunately but I thought I should notify the authors so they can change this. Also if anyone has the 1K version and could provide it to me that would be excellent! I am trying to create a Medium Resolution profile as well. Please let me know if you have a copy of the 1K mod.
  2. The REGS guide also doesn't state to clean No Snow Under the Roof but there is 1 ITM which I think I will remove as it seems some users on the nexus forum for the NSUtR page have removed it. (please let me know if this is folly) There are aslo '2 deleted navmeshes' in Windhelm Lighthouse but I suspect these are needed for its functioning so I will leave it as is unless you advise me otherwise :)
  3. Thank you! This community is so generous and helpful it is amazing :)!! Kelmych you may want to edit the REGS page as it only says to install the Morthal w/o inns update :) Also no Solstheim update?
  4. IT WORKS!! Baronaatista! Thank you so much! And to you to Kelymch for putting up with all my questions! I checked the ETaC main file and put all the esp's in optional and now the textures are back AND there are no longer any CTDs. I am not sure why this happened as I checked the box for 'Copy general assets' but perhaps something went wrong outside of my control. I cannot express how happy I am! It has been a month of adding mods and I may finally be able to play some Skyrim! I would be grateful if you could still answer some of my other questions if possible including whether I should use the Clothing Clutter Fixes - 3DNPC patch, the question regarding the JKs + Interesting NPC REGS patch and whether it was intended for ONLY the Morthal update to be downloaded for the pack and not the other relevant ones (eg Dawnstar etc)
  5. Ok from testing without the REGS-STEP patch the issue of missing Morthal and Dawnstar buildings (without DynDOLOD and CTD with) is still there so it is NOT due to the REGS-STEP patch. I now suspect you meant it was the patches for ETaC that we merge in the pack (not specifically REGS patches) but the 'ETaC modular patches' from the ETaC page that are version 4.2.8. Since the update is 4.2.10 and the base main files are 4.0 I can't see a way of getting consistency in the patches and main files unless someone has ETaC version 4.2/4.2.8 main files? Perhaps they could be provided as a google drive document in the REGS patch since others installing the pack now will encounter the same issue?
  6. Ok thank you for the MFG console tip. Using that I can see the purple textures are all due to ETaC Complete.esp (the merged plugin we make during the installation of the modular plugins). There is a purple texture in Winterhold as well but as this is a minor texture within the town there are no CTDs. Dawnstar and Morthal are both missing guardtowers/gatehouses so I don't think this can be a coincidence as to the cause of the DynDOLOD CTDs which ONLY occur in these areas. Ah I have spent so much time putting together these packs and trying to be so careful this is frustrating. I know you said you can't Kelmych but I would be very grateful if someone could update the patch. Considering the move to Skyrim SE I suspect most Oldrim mods will change less so a 'final' REGS-STEP patch could conceivably be made and enjoyed by any people in future using the mod. Kelymch please could you check whether the guide meant to say 14.2 ETaC and then updated to 14.2.10 ONLY for Morthal as this may be the cause of my issue (due to the nexus only having 14.0 ETaC) Also is the guide meant to say ONLY update Morthal rather than the other applicable updates to the modules we pick?
  7. 1) The file available at the Nexus page for ETaC states it is version 14.0 although the update is file '14.2.10'. The REGS instructions mention installing version 14.2 Modular. Since I can only install version 14.0 this may be the cause of the issue? 2) "3) The second option in the FOMOD for your patch says JK's skyrim +interesting NPCs but the description says it is for Dawn of Riften - so should I only check that option if I am using JK AND Dawn of Skyrim or even with JK on its own? I left out DoS previously because I wasn't 100% sure as to the instructions as I mentioned in 2) I don't understand the question. The FOMOD for JK Skyrim LITE and SuperLITE doesn't mention Interesting NPCs" I meant within the REGS patch FOMOD itself, the description in the left hand panel and the name of the option I find confusing as I am not sure whether it is required only if the Dawn of Skyrim option is used with JK or whether it is needed for JK on its own as well. 3) I also was wondering whether a few of the esp's such as Blackreach Overhaul need the 15 ITMs to be cleaned. This isn't mentioned in the guide (it doesn't have a cleaning icon next to it) so they may be intentional but the mod page itself doesn't mention anything along the lines of 'don't clean this mod' so I wanted to confirm. 4) How critical is the REGS-STEP patch? I am going to try a profile without it and see if this resolves the problem but judging by the master esp's REGS-STEP patches I suspect it will introduce several other issues?
  8. Ok having done even more testing I am now almost certain it is somehow related to the missing textures. I have reinstalled DynDOLOD with the lowest texture settings on TexGen (64) and Low on DynDOLOD. Every single area that should stress my the game doesn't cause any CTDs. However, Morthal and Dawnstar ALWAYS cause a CTD with DynDOLOD activated. When it isn't activated and I go to these towns there are significant structures clearly missing with floating items above where they should be. Furthermore, when the CTD occurs just after coc'ing to the area Performance monitor actually says the RAM load is lower than it often is during normal gameplay (again well below my PCs limits). I would be most grateful if I could get assistance in fixing the floating items and missing buildings in Dawnstar and Morthal (and other small issues in other ETaC areas). I mean Dawnstar is such a mess it is immersion breaking even if I don't run DynDOLOD and get the CTDs, there are purple textures and even characters floating high up where I presume a tower of some form should be.
  9. You have been very helpful so far. If you don't mind I have a few other unrelated questions that I had when installing but I didn't know I would have the author themselves available to ask! :) 1) If I use your REGS-3NPC patch option in the FOMOD should I also install the Clothing Clutter Fix - Interesting NPCs patch from the CCF page or is this already included? 2) I am having trouble understanding the instructions on using JK and Dawn of Skyrim together - it says in the instructions delete the Navi. Is this from both JK and DoS or just one? It also says rebuild the Navi by 'Open TES5Edit selecting only the merged plugin'? Does this mean I should merge the JK and DoS superlite plugins? I presumed as much but wasn't 100% sure as I can't see where it says to merge the plugins explicitly. 3) The second option in the FOMOD for your patch says JK's skyrim +interesting NPCs but the description says it is for Dawn of Riften - so should I only check that option if I am using JK AND Dawn of Skyrim or even with JK on its own? I left out DoS previously because I wasn't 100% sure as to the instructions as I mentioned in 2)
  10. Would it be possible for DynDOLOD to cause errors due to a missing gatehouse though? Because that isn’t an internal part of Morthal it’s an actual ‘building’ that DynDOLOD would render from afar right? The floating textures in mine are due to an entirely missing building. Could the problem potentially be solved by not installing the Morthal update?
  11. Thank you again for your time I will try that as soon as possible. Do you have any ideas for what the cause of the missing guard gate in Morthal is? In your game is there also a ladder, brazier and moss floating where a gatehouse building should be at the entrance to Morthal? I also found some floating chickens nests and wood cutting stations at Stonehills (only at waist height but still floating) Are these minor bugs normal for the REGS pack?
  12. Thank you for the reply. I don't believe it is due to overloading the GPU etc. Using performance monitor I never get close to the limits of my rig (despite being dx9 I now have the Fall Creators Update for windows 10 so there is plenty of RAM available which is great!) I think maybe it is due to an issue with certain items from ETaC not being rendered or placed and then DynDOLOD has blank entries potentially (just a random thought I am not experienced enough to know)? The CTD appears to be entirely areas associated with ETaC when using DynDOLOD. It isn't just floating lanterns as there is also floating moss and a steel charcoal burner over what is presumably the open guard gate that missjennabee added to Morthal. I will reinstall ETaC although I did follow your instructions very carefully :)
  13. I think I have found the source of the issue - when going to Morthal without DynDOLOD (so it doesn't CTD) there are floating torches and moss which I assume are parts of additions by ETaC to make village gates. So I suspect it is an issue with ETaC - I have followed exactly the instructions on the pack pages for ETaC installation however. Again please let me know how to proceed if you know.
  14. I am getting specific CTD with DynDOLOD with this pack but not with base-STEP. (Yes I have re-run DynDOLOD output and texgen after installing and activating all mods in the REGS pack and created seperate 'mods' for the REGS profile) The CTDs were specific to certain locations - eg Morthal was guaranteed to cause CTDs but as soon as I disabled DynDOLOD it was fine. Other locations would cause no CTDs regardless of stress testing. I would be grateful for any assistance :)
  15. I get this warning message from Mod Organizer and I am not sure if it implies an issue with Loot's sorting rather than a rearrangements of mods load order in the left hand panel. This may be an issue common to all users of these packs. (I have installed only STEP, Dreadflopps packs and REGS along with Inigo, Vilja and Arissa) Due to the number of esp's I have disabled several of the REGS mods which are simply quest mods and aren't mentioned as necessary esp's for the STEP-REGS patch in your guide or included in the patch steps in other mods (eg notably Farmhouse Chimneys). The conflict resolution order for some mods with scripts differs from that of the corresponding esp. This may lead to subtle, hard to locate bugs. Please first ensure your load order is correct! If it is you should re-order the affected mods (left list!) like this: Move Cutting Room Floor after Arissa - The Wandering RogueMove Even Better Quest Objectives for STEP Alternate Start Live another life after Cutting Room FloorMove Not So Fast - Main Quest after Even Better Quest Objectives for STEP Alternate Start Live another lifeMove Traps Make Noise and are actually Dangerous after Not So Fast - Main QuestMove Wiseman303's Trap Fixes after Traps Make Noise and are actually DangerousMove Not So Fast - Mage Guild after Wiseman303's Trap FixesMove aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Content Addon after Not So Fast - Mage GuildMove Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade w - WAF True Weapons Patch as per STEP after aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Content AddonMove Disparity -- Player Character Class - Race and Gender Diversity after Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade w - WAF True Weapons Patch as per STEPMove Stealth Skills Rebalanced - Basic Version w - NO perk changes for Ordinator after Disparity -- Player Character Class - Race and Gender DiversityMove Better Vampires 8.1 - no Royal Bloodlines Patch after Stealth Skills Rebalanced - Basic Version w - NO perk changes for OrdinatorMove Thieves Guild Requirements after Better Vampires 8.1 - no Royal Bloodlines PatchMove Better Fast Travel v3.76 - LOOSE files after Thieves Guild RequirementsMove Non-Essential Children - Hearthfire after Better Fast Travel v3.76 - LOOSE filesMove Timing is Everything - Quest Delay and Timing Control after Non-Essential Children - HearthfireMove The Paarthurnax Dilemma after Timing is Everything - Quest Delay and Timing ControlMove Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (DISABLE Radiant and Unique Potions, Clams drop pearls and Ragdoll Paralysis) after The Paarthurnax DilemmaMove The Choice is Yours - Fewer Forced Quests - Improved Dialogue Options after Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (DISABLE Radiant and Unique Potions, Clams drop pearls and Ragdoll Paralysis)Move Provincial Courier Service after The Choice is Yours - Fewer Forced Quests - Improved Dialogue OptionsMove Alternate Start - Live Another Life after Provincial Courier ServiceMove Enhanced Blood Textures w Immersive Creatures and DLC patch after Wildcat - Combat of SkyrimMove Modern Brawl Bug Fix after Enhanced Blood Textures w Immersive Creatures and DLC patchMove Imperious - Races of Skyrim after Modern Brawl Bug FixMove Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim after Imperious - Races of SkyrimMove Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim after Apocalypse - Magic of SkyrimMove CACO patches merged after Ordinator - Perks of SkyrimMove Dwemertech - Magic of the Dwarves after Spectraverse v111Move Clothing and Clutter Fixes for STEP after Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade w NO lvl list for Deleveled Loot
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