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  1. Hiya team, After installing this fabulous guide, I disengaged on Dec. 4th and started playing extensively; currently at level 41, tons of quests completed and others in progress and absolutely love it, especially Dragonborn Gallery. I made no changes since. At first, smooth sailing with no significant issues but increasingly, the ugly CTD's are creeping in from all over with no reason or rhyme. Pretty sure the outdated Skyrim engine is partly to blame, especially when throwing 500+ mods at it and bringing it to its knees. My main question is the use of Script Cleaner / Save Game cleaner tools as noted by Lexy a while back on https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76776/? along with ICA's LOTD cleaning guide on https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/articles/50442/? What are your thoughts on using the tools to clean saves in an effort to reduce CTD's with orphaned scripts and other inconsistencies? Bad idea or worth doing? I can tell you I know longer use LOTD's "Auto Display Prep Station" feature in the Library as that is buggy and has caused CTD's due to heavy script process load. If you think this is worth trying (backing up save game of course) do you have recommended steps to clean a save and ICA's LOTD as he doesn't really say which scripts to clean? Of course, I just saw Lady Lexy's LOTD Special Edition page and getting very excited...! Maybe "out with the old, in with the new" will be the answer soon! Cheers!
  2. Thanks berndaroy...making Lexy aware to adjust the guide when she has time
  3. Just a sanity check...BethINI settings say "Under the Visuals Tab make sure Grass Density is set to 60" but in the Post BethINI Tweaks section, Skyrim.ini shows iMinGrassSize=50 (make sure you have this.) Should these two be the same value (60)?
  4. Thanks berndaroy; ranged weapon with sneak is definitely the way I play more and more. You may be right about SIC as we are using the High Level Enemies - SIC Edition
  5. so which specific mod(s) have changed the combat system to be much more aggressive and allow the lowly mudcrab to take me out in one claw swipe and novice necromancers zap me dead! Is it Wildcat exclusively? Other?
  6. Hi berndaroy. It's mostly realistic needs mods like Frostfall, iNeed, Bathing in Skyrim plus Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim. Have used them extensively in previous overhauls and tiring of having to wash, eat and sleep all the time! Thanks for your tips; I'll check it out.
  7. If choosing to not install several mods from the LOTD guide (personal preference) and don't add any new ones, can I use the Conflict Resolution files posted as-is with no issue or will something break or be missing? (SRLE Extended LoTD - Conflict Resolution, SRLE Extended LOTD - CR Update for 1.57 (TESTING), SRLE Extended LOTD - Custom Fixes) On another note, is the CR Update patch required either way if just playing and not testing?
  8. Is there any issue with generating the Wrye Bash Bashed Tag AFTER running DynDOLOD? I get the problem where DLOD stops half way through the process and gives the error message to check plugins in xEdit, etc. Works fine after de-activating Bashed .esp in MO, re-activating relevant LOD esps and re-running DLOD.exe. Others on the forum have this documented problem and wondering if placing the Wry Bash step after DynDOLOD in the LOTD guide would make sense?
  9. Ok, I will check it out. I currently see EnablePrepass=false in enbseries.ini; simply turning this to true will enable DoF?
  10. Does anybody know why Depth-of-Field does not show up? It is enabled in Vividian install (my preference), in enbseries.ini, (EnableDepthOfField=true) and in the in-game ENB 0.315 pop-up menu. Used to work in my previous SRLE with Vividian 0.308. Has Boris moved the DoF feature into a separate option somewhere?
  11. No worries Lexy! Take comfort that my kids are in their early twenties and still whine in my ear. Perfect, your suggestions are in-line with how I go about things. BTW, as I am testing this overhaul for 2 months now, the performance, stability, visuals and gameplay are superb. Best Skyrim overhaul I've experienced in years of modding with STEP, SRLE and others. Beautiful end result.
  12. Thank you Lexy, you have confirmed what I've been doing for a while; test thoroughly then disengage and enjoy playing until ready for a new overhaul! Was really just wondering when testing and making the daily updates, do you recommend re-running the xEdit Scripts, ReLinker, Wrye Bash, FINIS, DynDOLOD, ASIS and DSR every time for consistency or not necessary unless adding or removing a mod or making major changes? Thanks. Thanks berndaroy! Both you and Lexy confirm what I practice; just getting a sanity check from the experts! Cheers!
  13. Hello, Have completed installing this fabulous Guide and started playing a new game. My question is: with the constant daily updates posted on Changelog and History, can you simply apply the changes and continue playing without starting a new game? Is it necessary to re-run xEdit Scripts, ReLinker, Wrye Bash, FINIS, DynDOLOD, ASIS and DSR every time after making the updates? When does starting a new game become necessary to avoid issues with mods and configurations changing? Thank you and keep up the great work! Much appreciated!
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