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  1. Someone else has tehe problem of invisible neck for child ? It's my only bug, great guide also
  2. I don't use the Weather Systems Merged.esp ( i use an another weather). Can i create a dummy .esp "Weather Systems Merged.esp" for using the Lexy's LoTD SE OMEGA - Conflict Resolution ? Because SSEedit show me no error with a dummy Weather Systems Merged.esp
  3. I don't see "Copy general assets" in zMerge. This is remplaced by "NPC Face data" , "NPC Voice Data" etc ? i don't check the boxes ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Safe to remove masters of the [Lexy's LoTD SE OMEGA - Conflict Resolution] ? (I don't play with Bruma and BG Collectables)
  5. Hey ! After the faces/body part install, the npcs faces are very very smooth, normal ?
  6. Hello and thanks for this great guide ! How often the game crash after the guide ? Honestly !
  7. Very rarely ? How much CTD in 10H of play for example ?
  8. A little question, how much do you crash/CTD with this guide apply completely ?
  9. I have 'Decompiling scripts No files found matching D:\Jeux\Skyrim\Tools\Merge Plugins\temp\generalPex\*.pex No files found matching D:\Jeux\Skyrim\Tools\Merge Plugins\temp\pex\*.pex Remapping FormIDs in scripts No files found matching D:\Jeux\Skyrim\Tools\Merge Plugins\temp\psc\*.psc Compiling scripts No files found matching D:\Jeux\Skyrim\Tools\Merge Plugins\temp\psc\*.psc' for the animals merged.esp it's normal or i wrong ?
  10. A little question, in the merge part (https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Darth_mathias/SRLE_Extended_Legacy_of_The_Dragonborn_Merges_Page) Should i place the esp's in the load order like the order given in the guide for merging ?
  11. Hello, should i merge the leveled list of Immersives Weapons, Lore Weapon Expansion, and Heavy Armory ? I don't see this in the guide...
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