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  1. Hmm I gotta update again. I found a way to make the lich transformation more stable. The lich transformation seems to get crashy with heavier load orders and I think I found a way to to fix this.
  2. Sorry for the bamboozle but I had to update again :( One of the passive's description was really wonky in the active effect menu so I had to fix that >.> I was going to do that in the previous update but somehow this little detail escaped me.
  3. I updated it to version 4.97 >.> This is my last update I promise. *Pinky promises* The issue of the Reaper Of Souls perk balance kept nagging at me, so I just had to nerf the charge time (again.) I think it is relatively balanced (for what its supposed to be) now. I gotta stop fiddling with the mod and move on with life :P
  4. Nah this isnt related to programming, I should have explained better. Im not a programmer either. I learned some papyrus just so I could fulfill my power fantasy of roleplaying as a traditional DnD lich in Skyrim
  5. Damn I suck with words. Like for example, lets say the Conflict Resolution hypothetically edited NecroLichRace to give it some stuff. Then if the Classical Lichdom changelog states that the latest update added a new ability to the NecroLichRace record, the Conflict Resolution patch would have to be updated. But if thats not the case, then you dont have to do anything other than to update Classical Lichdom and delete the dirty edits in that mod. You can just assume that you dont have to do anything other than reclean Classical Lichdom since all the new updates are just balance and bugfixes to Classical Lichdom's newly added content.
  6. Why would you have to reinstall all of them? You already cleaned them! The update to classical lichdom just means you have to download the new classical lichdom esp, and reclean that. You wont have to rebuild any merge or rerun any script unless the changelog points out record changes which may conflict with the values of your old patch/merge. Even then you can just load it all up in xedit and port the conflicting edits to your old patch/merge. Rerunning texgen/dyndolod is wholly unnecesssary unless the update changes things LOD/landscape wise.
  7. You still need a ordinator patch, but you need to download the updated one which has a different esp name than the old immersive lichdom patch. This is because the new versions of classical lichdom overhauls the Immersive Lichdom perk tree. The old ImmersiveLichdom-ClassicalLichdom patch can be uninstalled.
  8. I updated Classical Lichdom to 4.65, which is the latest balance patch. This should be the last round of nerfs; I think I finally nailed the sweet spot of balance where endgame lichdom is overpowered but not to the point of becoming boring. Mannimarco's Will and Scroll Of Eldritch Knowledge durations have been nerfed from 12 hours to 8 hours. Infernal Potency was not touched as that effect requires you to travel to your phylactery to activate it, while the other two are scrolls that can be crafted in batches and cast at any time. Also, Infernal Potency is less powerful than the other two. The lich is still a walking god once you obtain those final perks. The changes just mean that you actually have to spend effort accumulating black soul gems if you wish to maintain those effects all the time. I feel that this makes gameplay more interesting : you can sustain your immense power, but only if you can keep up with the high blacksoulgem expenditure. Conversely, Mind Flay has been buffed so it works on dragons. Even once you max everything out, liches are just too weak against dragons due to the insane 100% fire weakness, inability to use potions and lack of good healing. With this change, dragons should be a lot more manageable once you invest enough in magicka and illusion. Btw DarkSexyLady the latest version of Classical Lichdom has its own ordinator patch. The Immersive Lichdom patch linked in the guide wont work as version 4.0+ reworks the perk tree, adding 7 new perks and reshuffling everything. The new ordinator patch esp has a different filename from the old UIL/UCL patch, so the guide would have to be updated to say as such. The old UIL patch can be disabled with no ill effects, since the esp only has one record (which modifies avconjuration)
  9. 4.1 is just a small hotfix to fix an oversight in scripting, which would have caused the Mannimarco's Will increased summon limit to be permanent...... Its also a fix for the Undeath bug where freeing the priest of arkay doesnt complete the quest.
  10. Just a heads up guys : Im going to update Classical Lichdom, adding 7 new perks and 16 new spells. I already finished the perks and Im finishing up work on the spells today. Since it reworks the perk tree, it will require a new ordinator patch. I already created the patch - I need the ordinator patch to bugtest it in my game haha - and I hope to release the update tmwr :)! To whet your appetite here are the new perks :) Perks : Flesh Craft : (Requires Lichdom) With experience, you learn to construct a stronger physical form for yourself, gaining resistances to ordinary weapons. Necrotic Desecration : (Requires Lichdom) Do 25% more damage to living enemies. Visage Of The Dead : (Require's Lichdom) Your rotting visage strikes immense fear into the hearts of mortals, causing them to flee in terror. *This perk has reworked to be a constant effect of lich form. Reaper of Souls : (Requires Lichdom) Gain the sinister ability to siphon the souls of mortals, ripping out and devouring them to restore your own health. Mannimarco's Will : (Requires Lichdom) Increase your dominion over your minions with the power of the Worm King himself. At a necromantic altar, you may use one filled black soul gem to craft a scroll, increasing your summon limit by one for a day. Magicka Flood : As your soul gets accustomed to your undying state, potent magicka surges through your phylactery, granting you 150 magicka points. Your physical form now regenerates in four days instead of seven. Infernal Potency : (Requires Lichdom) Your mastery of the dark arts grows; you have learned powerful infernal spells and the means to use them : you may feed filled black souls gems to your phylactery, imbuing yourself with immense power. Transcendence : (Requires Lichdom) Immortality grants you new insights - perspectives you have never thought of before. With your newfound wisdom, you gain experience 25% faster. Visions Of Apocrypha : (Requires Lichdom) Gaze into the realm of Apocrypha and learn the esoteric secrets that lie within. At a necromantic altar, you may use one filled black soul gem to craft a Scroll Of Eldritch Knowledge, increasing your experience gain by 75% for one day. Hint: When you copy/paste you can remove the unwanted formatting in the edit window by choosing the 2nd left icon. (It looks like an eraser.)
  11. Hmm I just read your posts on the various undeath nexus pages (and here obviously), and it seems the two bugs you have encountered are 1) Enemy Of Arkay quest cant be completed if you free the priest. 2) Dragonborn quests (Lost Knowledge and the madman black book quest) refer to the Undeath black book as a potential quest dungeon, but the undeath apocrypha dungeon is locked by the priest's heart requirement. I spent the past few hours skimming through bug reports in undeath and trying to resolve unaddressed issues. I managed to fix most issues that people brought up, including yours. This is the result : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzn7OJ5UZhmbV0xOUFMwQ3ZnR2s What I fixed : 1)Freeing the priest actually completes the quest now. 2)Lost Knowledge and the madman quest can no longer refer you to the undeath dungeon. This edits those two quests so a patch will be required if other mods edit those quests as well. 3)You can now fast travel from inside scourg barrow. <=According to the Undeath SSE page fast travelling from Dragontail crashes the game. So this is a jerryrigged solution. Also backtracking from the maze that is scourg barrow is tedious :p 4) Broker now always sells black pearls instead of a 50% chance. This prevents confusion. Waiting in intervals of two days until the vendor restocks the black pearl was always immersionbreaking. 5) Fixed bug where lightfoot perk is erroneously removed after exiting lichform. Would appreciate it if people could help me test it out. If all the fixes work it will be integrated into the next version of Classical Lichdom. Or Immersive Lichdom 4.0, whenever I get to doing that. I have also encountered the stuck in apocrypha bug myself, wherein reading the black book doesnt teleport you back to tamriel. Im not sure if this is a common issue with the vanilla DB black book scripts, or if it is an undeath specific issue. Do you guys often get stuck in apocrypha, undeath or otherwise? If there are any other undeath bugs im not aware of, please tell me in the forum, or PM me.
  12. Hmm Classical Lichdom has been added to the SRLE guide? It seems some people have already cleaned the Undeath esps, so I would like to note that the guide missed out on a few records that should have been removed. These are the records. Spell Records AbDragonPriest ConjureFrostAtronachRightHand ConjureStormAtronachLeftHand DLC1ConjureBoneman MagicEffect Records SummonFrostThrallPotent The guide has been updated accordingly. Would like to thank @cybexgames for informing me of the mistake. I have vetted the guide properly this time so there should be no other oversight. However, if there is please do inform me. The general rule of thumb is that any magic effect or spell record which are from vanilla and not undeath are unnecessary wild edits.
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