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  1. Why is Dragon Bridge from Arthmoor's Village being added now all of a sudden? Did something change with it so there's not incompatabilities anymore?
  2. It's for dual-wielding so it makes snese for it to appear twice :D
  3. Also, technically the title of the Undeath Classical Lichdom Ordinator Patch is different now. The older patch was called Immersive or Classical - but 4.0 altered the lich perk tree so it has its own shiny new ordinator patch now.
  4. Fun things - SkyUi Show Slots version 2.33 is taken down. So it's harder to use a version that works with Frostfall. Bah. I think I still have the download for the 2.33 - just the whole situation in which somehow, you can't have both Frostfall data and armor slots showing at the same time properly is annoying. >.< So do you still see the exposure meter and stuff with the current version of Show Slots? Or I suppose you can see warmth and coverage in the MCM if you have to...? And what about the Show Slots makes the Frostfall Skyui patch freak out? Could someone good at modding fix it, or is it something one of the authors has to do?
  5. Is using Skyui Show Slots 2.33 going to cause problems if we want both slots to show and Frostfall stuff? It is an older version now...
  6. So... Is the Skyui show armor slots worth it? It appears to be causing more problems than it solves. How do we check on warmth and coverage without the Frostfall Skyui plugin?
  7. Undeath Classical Lichdom updated (again) to 4.1 - and they put a new Ordinator patch up to use with Classical to replace the one that's more made for Immersive.
  8. My point is that I then have to scroll all the way back to where CACO is and put the metadata there. It's just a bit awkward.
  9. Also, for the metadata requirements, can they be moved so you'er altering hte mod as you install it instead of having to go back? Ordinator has this instruction: Loot Metadata Update Required: Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp load After Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp Why isn't this instruction on CACO?
  10. More mod updates. Crime Overhaul now at version 2.5 Lucidity Sound FX now at version 2o (that's the letter o)
  11. Two new updates - I do daily 'check for updates' on MO and it saw two more. A Matter of Time - HUD Clock Widget now at version 2.0.8. Blended Roads now at version 1.31 I also noted a few updates a couple pages back (in case it got lost).
  12. Is there any recommended settings for that Skyrim Community Uncapper? I checked but there doesn't seem to be anything in the guide about the best way to configure it for optimal use that doesn't make your character totally overpowered. It looks cool but it's the kind of thing that can really go pear-shaped on you. Also, there's one specific mod I'd like to add to my install - someone said they'd help me with issues that could arise. Just "Left Hand Rings Modified" with its companion "Left Hand Enchanted Rings" (both available on Nexus) - I like having that second ring slot but don't want to disrupt anything - I don't think there'd be many conflicts. Left Hand Rings Modified - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58491/? Left Hand Enchanted Rings - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52911/?
  13. Question about the "Realistic Animation Project - Movement" mod. If one plans on playing both gender of characters, should they install the mod twice with different names and just activate the one they're planning on using? Not that it's much of an issue but it could be relevant...
  14. ... what I meant by my prior post is: should it be added to the guide? Most of the rest of the stuff is 2k. I would also like to suggest another mod - you use Rustic Elder Scrolls. There's also "Rustic Elder Scrolls FX" on the same mod page that retextures when you read an Elder Scroll. Seems cool.
  15. BTW, there's a 2K texture pack for Legacy of the Dragonborn itself - it's a huge mod at over 2GB but is it a good idea for use now?
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