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  1. I solved it! It seems it was caused by the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables. I thought I had the very latest versions installed, but I was wrong. Now Wrye Bash works like a charm again!
  2. I just tried it, when I click on "Rebuild Patch" there's no popup that suggests to deactivate some mods. It goes directly to the next section with "Merge Patches" "Import Inventory" Tweak Settings" "Leveled Lists" I can build the Bashed Patch, but it doesn't deactivate any plugins. This is really strange, it never happened to me before.
  3. Is it normal that Wrye Bash dosn't deactivate any plugin now that we've switched to zMerge? When there was Merge Plugins, Wrye Bash always asked me to deactivate certain plugins. I'm not adding any mods of my own, so I'm still into the limits, but still, I don't know if I messed up something...
  4. Hey guys, Know Your Enemy has updated to 7.1.0 and removed the Fomod installer, should we still download the main file or use the "old" 6.2.1 version with the Fomod installer?
  5. So guys I've just followed the guide and started a new playthrough, but all of a sudden Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks is causing problems, something I didn't have in previous playthroughs. LOOT places the ESP file AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp in a position that's almost in the middle of the load order but when it's there it simply doesn't work, the mod spews out errors in the top left corner of the screen that honestly are too small and go away too fast to read them. If I place it down the load order, before the conflict resolution ESPs it works... but only for one follower. That is, If I try to hire a second follower, the mod seems to work and the message on the top left tells you a follower slot has been used as normal. But the new follower doesn't follow you, and using the Command spell to summon him summons only the first follower, while the second just goes away as If I'd never hired him. Also, I've noticed that the "Everyone wait here." and "Everyone follow me." dialogue lines added by the mod do not appear as they should (and as they did in previous playthroughs).
  6. Arthmoor has released an additional patch for Cutting Room Floor and a character from RS Children (Froa) yesterday, should we install it too?
  7. Is it normal that I don't have the "Music Track" part in Smash Patch.esp? The one I should delete from Beyond Skyrim - Bruma? Granted, I have installed some mods that are outside the guide, but can this prevent the "Music Track" part from being generated in Smash Patch.esp?
  8. Is it just for me, or on the Prerequisites page the link to the new experimental SSEEdit is broken?
  9. Yep, I've been following this video as a tutorial and I've been playing with a converted Dual Sheath Redux for more than 100+ hours, no crashes or bugs with it.
  10. You're right, the one I wrote was the 1.5.39. All these CC updates messing with mods... strange times when you wish a company didn't update their game...
  11. Nevermind, it seems that SKSE developers managed to update SKSE already!
  12. Guys if you want to rollback to the version before the Creation Club update, do as always: Press Win+R and paste steam://nav/console Then paste download_depot 489830 489833 1298692161422189837 and hit Enter Go to \Steam\steamapps\content\app_489830\depot_489833 and copy & paste the file SkyrimSE.exe into your Skyrim directory, overwriting the one already in it.
  13. Yeah, Lexy said that the latest LOOT update has changed some things, I'll probably wait until the major overhaul is over so I can start modding the game.
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