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  1. I was testing my game for stability using the 28 step test provided by sands of time in combination with another stress test that involves flying around the map at speedmult 2000 with tcl on. While I was flying around I noticed red x's in the sky above whiterun and some other locations pretty high up, wouldn't notice them normally with weather effects and stuff but they are still there. I checked them in the console and they are associated with dyndolod.esm I remember having this problem before with LE but I was able to fix it by sorting with loot. This time, its not getting fixed with loot. What are these and how can I fix them?
  2. Got it. Now we're lookin like a $100 million piece of software You were right, I deleted the tamriel terrain files +noise file from spring grass overhaul and the low res terrain is gone.
  3. I should add that I use Bethini for ini files so I haven't touched anything in there. I installed another mod for terrain LOD, and it kind of helped with some of the broken parts of the ground but that same green low res stuff is all over, it looks like that until I get up close and then it 'pops' into great detail as I get closer. I realize this isn't due to your mod at this point and not your problem but I am grateful for and value your input.
  4. Sorry if 'this' was unclear, yes, I was trying to show you the low res terrain textures. we can agree 1. It shouldn't look like this and 2. There must be a way to fix it I think I tried unticking HD LODs, grass mods, still having same low res terrain textures. Maybe it was this way before and I didn't notice? Anything else you can think of in terms of troubleshooting, thanks so much for your time
  5. This . I've never had to use XLODGen before and never seen this before either. I think the holy cow is getting revenge because I never install him. Beyond that, Sheson pls halp.
  6. Scratch that, 0500A92D is Verdant, and I was able to get dyndolod working after unticking both sneaktools and verdant. I dont think either of those have anything to do with LOD anyhow but I left them unchecked just to get it working. I generated an output, it was working and dragonsreach is fixed but those low res textures are still showing up as distant lod then they pop into detail as I get close. I crashed on testing the dyndolod output so I didn't take a screenshot. I didn't make my merged and bashed patches when testing so IDK if thats why I crashed but those weird textures are definitely not normal.
  7. Now getting this error when trying to generate LOD [00:04:13.931] Missing DATA - Flags 0x4 Sneak Tools.esp FXfireWithEmbersHeavy [MSTT:00033DA4] [00:04:13.955] Missing DATA - Flags 0x4 Sneak Tools.esp FXfireWithEmbersHeavy [MSTT:00033DA4] [00:04:13.980] Missing DATA - Flags 0x4 Sneak Tools.esp FXfireWithEmbersHeavy [MSTT:00033DA4] [00:04:14.004] [00:04:14.025] [00:04:14.052] [00:04:14.053] Exception in unit userscript line 299: FormID [0500A92D] references a master which is not available in file [E2] DynDOLOD.esp [00:04:14.053] Tried unticking Sneak Tools and got this Exception in unit userscript line 299: FormID [0500A92D] references a master which is not available in file [E0] DynDOLOD.esp I guess FormID 05 would be Lanterns of Skyrim. Is it somehow referencing one of the unticked open cities .esp that were active when generating textures? I'm stumbling in the dark here If log helps I attached them to this post. Thanks for your help
  8. I've been trying to figure this out, cant seem to fix it Following the Gamerpoets instructions for open cities, and I'm getting this result. This broken low res LOD is everywhere and I'm getting bad tree pop in I've done this many times before with better results, and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. The only new thing here is 'generate dyndolod', I've been using previous Dyndolod SE versions and they worked fine. right clicking all and selecting high each time. Treefullfallback=1 is set with TreeLOD=0, Ran texgen added its output as a mod, I deleted everything in the cache folder before I generated LOD run dyndolod with texture atlas and static LOD checked, wait for lodgen.exe to finish, activate open cities and its patches, run dyndolod again with only generate dyndolod checked, build merged and bashed patches and start new game, and potato low res LOD with tree pop in all over. weird. Should I try without generating dyndolod at all and stick with texture atlas and static LOD?
  9. Please disregard above post, I renamed the wrong .dll file for SSE fixes All fixed and working now
  10. Trees mind blowing, Getting ILS though fast traveling to any cities, villages and smaller locations seem to work. Tried OSAllocators=1 in SSE fixes file, seemed to help at first but got the ILS again after. Load Order i5 6600k 8GB DDR4 3200MHZ GTX1080 Skyim installed on 240GBSSD Ran around speedmult 2000, game froze a bit but didn't crash ever, no missing meshes or textures or anything that would seem like it would crash the game. Tried lower res(512 textures and 1024 LOD instead of max) for texgen and dyndolod outputs, same ILS.
  11. OKAY, so I got it working. What I did was: Rename the Dyndolodx64-1.exe to TexGenx64.exe, run, add output to archive, add mod. Dyndolodx64-3.exe was giving me errors, so I gave up and used the 32 bit .exe with -sse argument. Add output to archive, add mod. Result
  12. renaming the #1 EXE to texgen and running 3 as Dyndolod through MO seems to be working fine now, thanks Sheson.
  13. 1 and 3 of those Dyndolod exe that you uploaded work for me. 2 is giving me the same "Access Violation at address x in module 'Dyndolod-2.exe' read of address FFFFF12346578910" over and over until it finally spits out the same 'load order messed up' that the 2.31 release does. 3 seemed a tiny bit snappier than 1 and I don't think its my imagination. I don't think my logs are going to tell you anything you don't already know since it seems you've fixed the problem in these two EXE files. 32 bit texgen is trying to find LE when I only have SE installed. Can I use this x86 texgen for sse?
  14. I get that error "Load order messed up" in texgen after a ton of other access violation errors while texgen is trying to read my plugins. Some plugins seem to be worse than others because I was able to get to the texgen option screen by disabling plugins, but major mods like majestic mountains and some others were causing errors and I need those to generate LOD. 32 bit texgen simply does not work it refuses to read the master files. Dyndolod gives me the same errors texgen does then ends with the 'load order messed up' message. With NMM I was able to install everything, then run texgen and dyndolod from my desktop. It seems to be a problem with running the exe through MO. I do have the -sse argument applied. edit: that NMM install I had going was a few weeks ago, with all these wacky windows updates it wouldn't surprise me if they were the culprit, denying read/write access somehow.
  15. My texgen crashes with an access violation error when i try and run it through MO. Forget about Dyndolod. When I used NMM a month ago with the same load order, + or - a few minor mods that wouldn't affect LOD anyway, it was working fine and I was able to generate texture files and LOD through Dyndolod without issue. I switched to MO so I could install an uninstall things more easily but now I can't use dyndolod. I don't want to feel like I should have stuck with NMM, hopefully we can find a fix for this ?
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