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  1. Okay, so. Maybe I have all this backwards. Let's say I have something like this set up: [unticked in the plugins tab] Main.esp [unticked in the plugins tab] Patch 1.esp [unticked in the plugins tab] Patch 2.esp [ticked in the plugins tab] Patches Merge.esp When I run a Bashed Patch, something like this happens: [unticked in the plugins tab] Main.esp [gets ticked by Bashed Patch] Patch 1.esp [unticked in the plugins tab] Patch 2.esp [ticked in the plugins tab] Patches Merge.esp So. From what I can gather, I'm supposed to put Main.esp, Patch 1.esp, and Patch 2.esp into the Optional ESPs tab?
  2. So, I have a question. Once I merge the plugins, I deactivate the plugins I merged so I only have the MERGE plugin activated. That is fine, however, when I run the Bashed Patch, some plugins I deactivated because they were already included in the merge get reactivated. Is this fine? Do I deactivate them again?
  3. Interesting NPCs was updated to 3.4 yesterday. Just a heads up.
  4. If I end up doing it I'll probably have two profiles on Mod Organizer. Thanks for the link :)
  5. Are there plans to add any overhauls or extensions to the major cities?
  6. Try reinstalling the NPC Retextures section. Head meshes and female body textures seem to be missing for whatever reason.
  7. Hey everyone. So I think I'm encountering a bug and I'm not sure what's causing it. When I walk up to someone that is willing to pay me for chopped wood and want to exchange the wood for money, they give me the dialogue, a message pops up telling me how much wood I have left, but nothing changes. If I walk up with 6 wood, I talk to the person, a message pops up telling me I still have 6 wood and the NPC replies as if he had paid me. Is there a mod that alters this dynamic, or is it a bug?
  8. Hi. So, I was following this guide: https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Paul666root/SRLE_LOTD_Reqtified#Merge_Plugins_-_SRLE_Legacy_of_The_Dragonborn_Reqtified_Profile When you get to the Merge Plugins part, it tells you to make a new profile. Easy enough. But then it tells you to set up the Merge Plugins program by following a link, which is the following: https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Neovalen/Skyrim_Revisited_-_Legendary_Edition/Mod_Merging Inside that link, it gives you some steps... kind of. "Place the files to be merged at the bottom of the load order (right pane) in the order presented then run Merge Plugins Standalone using Mod Organizer. On the "Select Profile" window, select "SkyrimProfile" then click [Ok]. Select the plugins to be loaded and select [Ok]. If this is the first time running the application, click the cog icon and configure as shown below then click [Ok]." There is no shown below that I can see. It is just text. I'm just really confused as to how this part should be configured. If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it.
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