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  1. Finished! First off - thanks for the detailed guide. Superbly done. So, the game looks fantastic, but running at 15-20fps outside isn't going to cut it (30fps w ENB turned off). Before I start tweaking, are there any obvious mods to switch off?
  2. ---- Animals Merged says you need the DELEV bash tag. Finishing Line section where you check the LOOT rules does not have the DELEV tag for the patch. edit: neither do the other patches. Might be useful to have them in the Additional Rules column?
  3. Other way round surely? FROM the Lexy's mod TO the Oaks Standalone?
  4. Lexys LOTD Static Hybrid Models and Billboards: The only way I can make sense of this is that we are meant to create a "Enhanced Landscapes Oaks Standalone" folder, and its subdirectories as specified, presumably at the root. Is this correct?
  5. Fixed, if anyone is interested. I checked the last lines of the MO2 usvfs* log and noticed Vigilant mentioned. Turned out that vigilant HD textures crashes my game before the bethesda splash screen. Unchecked just those (left the 2 other vigilant mods) and all good. On to the next stage...
  6. Yes to correct file paths and spellings for the Statues mod. How would I check for the BSAs? Some of them aren't meant to be extracted. I'm still stuck on the Lexys LOTD Static Hybrid Models and Billboards instructions which seem to say to copy a folder inside itself... or maybe it means Enhanced Landscapes - Oaks Standalone - Marsh Pines - Dilon Vul folder in the mods root, but that's not quite the correct name.
  7. I've got to "time for a quick test" in the Finishing Line section. SE crashed before the splash screen. I can't find any logs - where do I go from here? The plugins page in MO2 has no "missing masters" plugins (it did, but I fixed that - it's not easy doing this guide when you don't do some of the optionals as various other patches and merge files also have to be tweaked wrt masters), and the MO2 log has no errors that I can see (the usvfs log). No error logs in the SkyrimSE folder. SkyrimSE DOES run in the MO2 vanilla profile, using the same skse dropdown shortcut as used for the LOTD profile that crashes.
  8. [Female Blades Light Armor SSE] is Hidden as of earlier this week, and points to [Light Blades Armor SSE - CBBE Bodyslide]. Do we use that one, and still use the custom esp provided in the guide?
  9. Also, on the Lexy's LOTD Static Hybrid Models and Billboards: Navigate to Lexys LOTD Static Hybrid Models and Billboards\textures\Terrain\LODGenCopy the Enhanced Landscapes Oaks Standalone.esp folder. Navigate to Enhanced Landscapes Oaks Standalone\textures\terrain\lodgenPaste the Enhanced Landscapes Oaks Standalone.esp folder.There is no Standalone folder in the mod itself, nor in the mods list and no \textures\terrain\lodgen inside this mod other than the one we are trying to copy from.
  10. on the nexusmods page, SFO Billboards for v2.5B links to the 2.5C version. Does this matter?
  11. First up - great guide, thanks for all the hard work. I've been working my slow way through, with help from the linked PhoenixSunstar youtube series. Came across an issue: The Notice board redefined mod. The special instructions say to manually download, run through NIF optimizer and make a couple of folder/file changes. There's no mention of recreating a zip and adding the mod to MO2. I would do that, but the guide does say to trust it and follow it to the letter... and Phoenix does it his own way - installs the mod, and then makes the changes after the fact.
  12. In the end I deleted that esp and re-ran WB. ALl is good now - it created in the correct place, and the Overwrite is populated correctly. Thanks for your help.
  13. Is the odd modified date not a concern? (2 hours prior to last run through of the bash process)
  14. I've run through the STEP:Core procedure, and finally got to the bashed patch part of 2.N (2.10.0). I've run through the process here: https://wiki.step-project.com/Bashed_Patch#Recommendations, ensuring I ran LOOT, and did the meta rules. Part 8 of the bashed patch process itself is giving me issues. When complete, a browser window pops up, but it's a 404. No OK button. I close that window, get another popup with the checkmark to activate the bashed patch. I click the checkmark and close. Checking the Overwrite area, there is only a Docs folder, with Bashed Patch, 0.txt and Bashed Patch, 0.html in it. NO bashed patch, 0.esp. I saw elsewhere that this could be because Wrye Bash had been run outside of LOOT previously, but there is NO "bashed patch*" anywhere on the system, especially in the Data folder of SKYRIM as expected in this scenario. There IS a bashed patch, 0.esp on the right pane of MO, at the bottom of the Plugins Tab list. I've reinstalled Wrye and reran from MO to no effect. EDIT: I noticed in the MO log: DEBUG (00:03:05.0109): createfile w: C:\SKYRIM\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\Bashed Patch, 0.esp -> C:\SKYRIM\APPS\ModOrganizer\mods\Cleaned Update ESM\Bashed Patch, 0.esp (80000000 - 3) = 00000774 (0) [god I hate win10 - a full drive search didn't turn this up] the bashed esp is in the cleaned update folder but the modified date is 2 hours ago, the first time I ran Wrye. Can I use this esp file? Where would I move it to? I assume there's some kind of settings I can reset to stop this weird folder placement behaviour?
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