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  1. You're an angel. Thanks for confirming my suspicions. Take care (till next time, hahah)
  2. I had to rerun DynDOLOD because i removed a certain mod... Used the test .exe you linked and did all world spaces at once. Worked fine. Just thought i'd let you know. Thanks for everything.
  3. Alright. I figured out how to install the second batch. I just added the kirkmore textures and meshes to the archive and installed it all as one. the changes from the .esp are what carry forward i realized. All the textures are there!!! Success! I really appreciate you walking me through this sea of errors. I'm consistently blown away by your level of support. Thank you. I do have one question before i leave you alone: I was using tfc command to fly around and look at textures all over the map... Is it normal in that circumstance (i think it loads assest differently, or things just stay loaded as they were when you go around the map) for large portions of distant (relative to starting point) landscape and mountains to zfight BAD or even flash on and off completely? There's an example of it in the second picture i posted further up. A big chunk of land in the middle that isnt visible. I doubt this is a problem once i"m nearby and things have rendered completely, but i want to make sure it's not a symptom of something else going wrong. Thanks again for all your help. p.s. I wasn't sure what the holy cow was, thought it was maybe hidden somewhere, when i exited the building i was saved in and it was there in all it's glory i laughed pretty hard. Thanks for that too.
  4. Worked fine When doing Kirkmore separately, Then the rest of the worldspaces. I'm just waiting for LODGen to finish before i save, install, and check in game. Just to be sure, the proper way to install the second round of LOD is to uninstall the Kirkmore one first because all that data was forwarded (it was installed and enabled), yes?
  5. Based on the other thread i was reading on the same issue it looks like: [00:11:31.352] Reading Large Reference Data for Kirkmore "Kirkmore" [WRLD:281D31E6][00:11:31.361] Update static LOD data for 0 large references[00:11:31.379] [00:11:31.380] [00:11:31.380] Checking for esp overwriting large references causing LOD flicker Is where the error occured? I'll try running kirkmore only. Let me know if i'm on the right track or not.
  6. Ha.... almost installed the old resources. Glad i caught that. Bout 8 minutes in and no sign of "cannot find.....". I'm feeling pretty optimistic. Will check back when DynDOLOD is done running. Edit: Exception in unit userscript line 305: One or more errors occurred Awwww. I'll look around the forums and see if i can find a fix for this. So close.
  7. Ok. So creating LOD went smoothly. But i'm still missing textures on items. I searched the logs and am pretty sure these are the issues: [00:03:12.412] Can not find textures\lod\ztrees\treeoakleafcol22lod.dds for texture atlas[00:03:12.422] Can not find textures\lod\ztrees\treeoakleafcol22alod.dds for texture atlas[00:03:12.431] Can not find textures\lod\ztrees\leafcol44lod.dds for texture atlas[00:03:12.441] Can not find textures\lod\stockadewood01mixlod.dds for texture atlas[00:03:12.452] Can not find textures\lod\norrunicamphitheatre01lod.dds for texture atlas[00:03:12.462] Can not find textures\lod\icwalllod02.dds for texture atlas[00:03:12.471] Can not find textures\lod\ictowerlod01.dds for texture atlas[00:03:12.481] Can not find textures\lod\dweobservatoryexteriordomelod.dds for texture atlas 2 of these (Stockadewoodo1mixlod, and norrunicamphittheatre01) pop up often in the log. I also got a couple screen shots: https://ibb.co/cGY9Dk In this one the issues at fort greymoor are visible. https://ibb.co/nG5NYk In this one you can see another encampment on the left with the same issues, and then on the right a couple chicken coops with missing texture in/around whiterun, and straight ahead some alter in the mountains that's also missing textures. There's also some crazy zfighting on the mountains and some outright missing landscape... although i don't usually use tfc command so i dont know if thats normal.... LOD that isnt loaded or some such. I'm not sure whats causing it to not finD these textures. Like i said in my original post, this just started happening. I had previously explored Whiterun area and saw none of this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's my log: DynDOLOD_SSE_log.7z Thnaks
  8. Ok, i''l try to copy over those files. Yes, you are correct. I just checked and my merged patch is also lacking that info. Thanks for the crazy fast reply! I'll let you know how things go when i get 2.32 to finish... hopefully those pesky items will have proper lod created.
  9. Hey Sheson, I've been having some odd issues lately. It started when i was walking up on white run and noticed that a chicken coop by a building had no LOD texture (was just a purple shape). I started running around and found more items without LOD textures. All of them are wooden objects... Stockades (Form id 000cb703 and 0006b6bc) and wooden poles (form id 0006b6ff) at fort greymore, more chicken coops (form id 000c4c71), even just planks of wood set across rubble at the western watchtower (form id 000d54d1). The weird thing is i have already explored this area and did not previously notice any of these issues and now they are quite noticeable. Whole section of fort greymore can be seen as purple shapes from whiterun. I haven't changed any graphics mods at all so i was confused at this change. I decided to try to rerun DynDOLOD and, after resolving some issues i hadn't experienced prior (lodgen taking too long and dyndolod not being able to read sse tamriel log as a result), got it to work. In game, same issue was present. I realized i was using version 2.26 and figured i'd see if the newest version worked better. Now, When i run TexGen it won't even complete that, saying: [00:00:00.744] textures\architecture\riften\folksteadrftstonewall02_n.dds not found![00:00:00.755] textures\architecture\riften\folksteadrftstonewall02_n.dds not found! Check the top of the log that all required *.BSA files are loaded. Turn off MO archive management. Check that C:\Users[Your Username]\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Skyrim.ini (MO users check ..\ModOrganizer\profiles\[profile name]\skyrim.ini) is the default version and contains: [Archive]sResourceArchiveList=Skyrim - Misc.bsa, Skyrim - Shaders.bsa, Skyrim - Textures.bsa, Skyrim - Interface.bsa, Skyrim - Animations.bsa, Skyrim - Meshes.bsa, Skyrim - Sounds.bsa I checked, and all .bsa are loaded properly. I opened the folkstead .bsa and that file indeed does not exist.... but it never did before. This is the same mod, same mod list i had before. I'm wondering how to move forward when TexGen wants a file that has never been present. Also, if you have insight as to why the various vanilla objects listed above would not have LOD texture that'd be cool too. I attached the entire log for you in case you need it. It's pretty short. TexGen_SSE_log.txt as a side note, i also experience issues using DynDOLOD with Realistic Water 2 as it doesnt carry over some water LOD info into the DynDOLOD .esp for the tamriel worldspace which results in the entire space being submerged in water. It's a pretty simple fix in xedit to carry the values over and i have to do it each time i run DynDOLOD except for the original output i was using (which i have a copy of if that's of any relevance)..... it is pretty odd and i haven't seen other complaints about it.
  10. Wow! I've used DynDOLOD a few times in the past for SSE. Yesterday i ran across this - I'd been using SFO and the premade LOD that is included... lots of tall trees that would shrink dramatically or disappear outright as you approach - and I had to try it. Sweet baby jesus riding holy cows. This is so frickin' beautiful. I mean, I can't actually even describe it... I used the Lush (Large) option in Enhanced Vanilla Trees and paired it all with Verdant Grass. Oddly enough I ended up with better fps (even around falkreath!) than when i just had SFO. You are some kind of wonderful benevolent wizard. Thank you so much, Sheson. This officially finished my quest for amazing graphics in SSE. Time to stop modding and start really getting lost in the woods!
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