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  1. Thanks Shadriss, I will check out Troubleshooting sounds like exactly what I need Edit Just Had a look and it is exactly what I'm looking for, step 4. looks a bit daunting but I want to learn SSEEdit, this will help. Thanks again man
  2. As long as you follow the guide, and don't add anything extra, Lexy and her team sort out all the conflicts for you by the end of the guide. If you add any extra mods over and above the guide, then you would be responsible for the conflict resolution of those mods yourself. I'd like to ask if the same applies where, say I don't use all the mods in the guide can I still use the conflict resolution mods, I know I would have to remove any dependencies, but is it easy (relative) to find and remove entries that I wouldn't need? I'm guessing not, or would it be 'easier' to just not use them and create new ones? I'm not experienced with SSEEdit but would like to learn it more. I add a lot of other mods, but I leave out the Needs mods and I go a different way with the NPC retexture mods. Otherwise I follow the guide I'd like to ask if the same applies where, say I don't use all the mods in the guide
  3. Hey thanks for your reply and suggestions, my nvm edit was because I decided to copy the slidersets from LE version to see what could happen and they did in fact work. Didn't think to copy the texblend folder tho, thanks for that....However I am now testing using the CBBE body ( the one I've always used in LE ) with Lexy's merged plugin
  4. Edit : nvm found a workaround I'm gonna test, great guide so far
  5. Hi DarkladyLexy, Been following the guide and stumbled upon an issue. I know your guide doesn't include Bodyslide but i like to use it so wondered, could I still use the NPC Retexture Merged esp with a CBBE body? BodyslideSE doesn't support UNP body anymore.
  6. I should point out that while I don't do all of the CR's in the guide because of the difference in mods used, I do perform the 'Must Resolve' ones, like Cell, Worldspace etc. Then I tend to do them as I go, like when a recurring anomaly/CTD occurs.
  7. Hey guys, been away, thanks for all your replies. I've figured out the "I need to reflect on what I've learnt to advance" was in fact to do with leveling up. Also not completely confirmed but I think the very slow leveling up was to do with a weapon/armor progression mod I've got. I've played a lot of in-game days and done quite a bit, however only just got to level 11 (I disabled the mod after level 5 and it seemed to level up like normal). I'm looking to start a new play-through without this mod (I have a steel sword that does 133 damage now) but mainly because, I have not seen a single dragon since The Watchtower. That is definitely not right. Dragons are the reason I love Skyrim and in previous play-throughs I would have encountered at least 2-3 by level 11. So gonna remove this mod and see how goes. I have a very heavy load order with LOTD and some Lovers Lab mods - not the crazy fetish or creatures mods - and I have been pleasantly surprised by the minimal CTD's I've had. Can only be this great guide you guys provided, although I didn't use/do Conflict Resolution because of the many mods I added to your modlist eg. I prefer TKAA for kids and CBBE. So to accomodate my preffered mods with yours I thought CR would not work, I disable SL Aroused whenever I'm about to go into a dungeon (because of SoT) and so far it's been quite stable considering I'm pushing the engine very hard with my load order. Anyway, once again thanks for an awesome guide and all your recent help.
  8. Yeah will do, I checked Not So Fast MQ in MCM which says "delay active". Only remembered that because was surprised "Dragon Rising" didn't start after giving Farengar the Dragonstone. However I have killed a lot of Enemies in that short time. No worries, will kill more and see how goes after 1st Dragon. Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi, just went in game and I have used my points, I'ts progressing so slow that soon as I get one I use it. Like I said I'ts not game breaking. Just curious what mod it was coming from. I actually like that I may see a lot of the game before I get too high a level, but wondered if there was something I wasn't doing. Once again, amazing guide and thanks.
  10. Hey, thanks for the reply that does help. Just thought I'd add that I used the SRLE - LOTD guide
  11. Hi, First I want to thank you for an excellent guide, I'm using MO and have a (so far) stable game, with the odd CTD - But I have added a lot of other mods. Thing is I get a notification in top left "I need to reflect on what I've learnt to advance" I don't know if I should be doing something or whether it is related to the game leveling up very slowly, which I like BTW or if it's normal. I have completed Bleak Falls Barrow and the LOTD curators first quests (Including Silent moons quest - enhanced with Sands of Time) yet I'm only just level 3. In previous play through's after BFB alone I would be level 6/7, but like I said I like that the progression is slow if that is how it should be, just a bit curious about the notification. I have YOT but I don't use any other needs mods apart from Bathing and I do Sleep, I haven't done any other quests yet, It's not game breaking but a bit confusing cause I'm not sure what, if anything I should be doing to "advance". Sorry if this is the wrong place for this. Once again thanks for an amazing guide, with this much content plus everything I've added It'll probably take me years to complete the game, which is a good thing. Wish I could endorse or something.
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