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  1. Would that work when I'm using an older version of the guide (before the Undeath change) without some of the mods? I sorted by hand now, but I'm curious anyway how that file would function.
  2. Thanks, I'll do that. I did the LOOT sorting and also the masters via TES5Edit, but never adjusted it manually. Thought it would be alright as it is Never even saw the link to the load order before yesterday as well.
  3. Addendum to my previous post, since I might have to delve into the load order. Is this load order at the top of the guide manually adjusted and the recommended order for the guide? Because mine looks kinda different, judging from a first short comparison, FNIS for example being much lower in the priority list. Maybe that's causing my issue in the first place.
  4. So, I've already written on the Nexus forums of LOTD about my problem, but since they never heard of the problem and it might be related to load order (so they said at least), I thought I might ask if anyone here ever ran into the same issue and has a solution. When I'm in the library of the museum, the books in the cases for the multi-volume collections (Biography of Barenziah and the like) become invisible each time I load a save game. It's also only after loading a save, I can even see them fading out when I save and reload standing in front of the book cases. They are still in the book cases, I just can't see them anymore. I can take them out, put them back in and see them in there, until I load the save again. Also, my two trophy heads in the Hall of Secrets disappeared, or have gone invisible as well, can't really check, since you can't just take them out like the books. Anyone ever had this problem? Not trying to outsource solving load order problems to you guys, but maybe I'm in luck and not the first one using this guide ro stumble upon this issue.
  5. Just read up on the latest changes to the guide and have a question regarding the CR. Can I just swap the old one out for the new one without making the mod changes of the last week? In other words, have the masters for the CR changed? Game runs stable so far (besides the occasional crash, but I guess that's to be expected), and I dont want to muck it up, if I don't have to. Personally didn't see anything, but I might be wrong as well. On that note: Played for about a week now with this guide, and it's absolutely fantastic so far! Looks and runs great (or, as great as it can run on a 960, which is about 45fps outdoors, 60fps indoors), and makes returning to Skyrim after about three years or so an absolut blast. Thank you guys so much for your work!
  6. Oh man, I'm dumb, I misunderstood that instruction :( I thought the mteFuntions.pas would be in the download archive as well. Thanks for clearing it up by repeating it in that way.
  7. So, it's me once again, this time running into an actual roadblock for continuing. It's in relation to my earlier question quoted below: Yep, drop it in the Edit Scripts folder. I'm at the point where I have to use this script in TES5Edit with Unique Flowers & Plants.esp. What I did is loading the .esp, then right-click on it, select "Apply script", and in the drop down menu at the top I chose "Hishy Remove Land Records", then pressed OK at the bottom. Unfortunately, this results in the following error message: It obviously does, because I didn't have that file in the downloaded archive while performing the Prerequisites. So, where could I get that file from instead? Or did I do something wrong in my steps anyway? Thanks again for any help, and sorry for bothering you guys so much.
  8. First, thanks for answering my question from yesterday! Installation is coming along really well, very easy to follow the guide so far. Props for that! Just got a quick headsup for today. Vigilant (and the Voiced Addon along with it) has gotten an update a few days ago. I guess one can just use the new version 1.2.2 and the 1.5 versions of the Voiced Addon along with it? Maybe an update to the guide would be good to reduce confusion, because one of the listed files under the Voiced Addon is not available anymore
  9. Hey, just a quick question that's hopefully easy to resolve. I downloaded Hishy_Remove_LAND_Records as needed in the xEdit Scripts step of the prerequisites. Unfortunately, the content is not the same as it seems supposed to be. I've got no folder in the archive, only a file named Hishy_Remove_LAND_Records.pas. Is this the correct file anyway and I just have to place this one in the "Edit Scripts" folder? Thanks in advance for any help. Also, I'm really looking forward to using this guide and its contens in my next Skyrim run. From looking over the guide you seem to have done some awesome work!
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