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  1. Google wasn't much help. Thanks anyway.
  2. Where did the edit button go? Weird...anyway, could my problem be that my computer is 64 bit and that SKSE was designed for 32 bit? I read that was a problem for some people.
  3. I got windows 10 for free when it was offered, so I don't have an actual CD to use.
  4. It's 1703. What if I removed the creator update? It's version
  5. No, it's the legendary edition.
  6. I've taken screen shots of the errors I get. https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=9929384182 https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=9929384464 https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=9929384641
  7. Yes, SKSE is in the Skyrim folder and yes, it starts from the desktop as vanilla Skyrim. I still get the same error through MO. I also tried Skyrim and got the same error except it said TESV.exe. I even tried Skyrim Launcher and it gave me the exact same error except it said SkyrimLauncher.exe.
  8. The game doesn't start at all. It just gives me that error message that I posted in the very first post.
  9. Then maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. I only found one log folder in the MO folder.
  10. I don't even know how to tell if it's the creator update. How do I know if I have it?
  11. I've made sure that my antivirus isn't blocking anything and those programs are in my games folder. It still doesn't work I use Windows 10, if that's any help.
  12. I keep getting this MO Error message... Failed to inject dll into "skse_loader.exe": failed to allocate memory for stub (Access is denied [5]) Can anyone help? Thanks
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