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  1. Out of curiosity, what was the reasoning for removing Inconsequential NPCs from the guide?
  2. bmccarti, on 03 Oct 2017 - 12:22 AM, said: Personally I would never add a mod mid play through you never know what will happen. I can't rightly remember what the conflict were now. Ya I had it before and I'm trying to remember if it really made a noticeable difference, one worth starting a new game for. I figured if it wasn't in the guide, it must not be that essential for playing. Went with my better judgement and decided against installing anything else mid-playthrough. -Thanks again
  3. I saw that Inconsequential NPCs used to be part of the guide a long time ago, and was wondering if it would be something that would be relatively safe to add mid-play through. I know I would need the two patches on the mod page and the rs children patch. Also, I'm assuming I would need to rerun the skyproc patchers and bashed patch. Otherwise, should I be okay to add it? Any conflicts to be aware of? A previous post from Darth had said the one to two conflicts were easy fixes. Thanks again. -bmccarti
  4. Hi Sthaagg, love your optimization guide! Wanted to ask, is it alright to include the "Whiterun texture memory usage reduction" fix mid playthrough, or would that cause problems? I know adding mods on existing games is generally a no-no, but since this is more of an SKSE fix, wasn't sure if that rule applies. Also, I saw you have the NV Anti Crash mod in your load order. What exactly does that mod fix, and should I add that as well? Is that ok for adding mid playthrough? Thanks again -bmccarti
  5. Once again, you guys have helped me solve my problem! This worked perfectly. I can't thank you enough for this guide and the author support that comes with it. It has added so many new aspects to the game that have made me fall in love with Skyrim all over again. I've been playing for about a week now, and I think about coming home and playing the game all throughout day. Really, thank you so much. -bmccarti
  6. Hi DarkladyLexy, I'm not in front of my computer so I can't see the ids, but these are the horses affected: "Stabled Horses: Queen Alfsigr - Black Fell Pony found at Whiterun stables Griselda - Grey Fell Pony found at Riften stables Winnie - Haflinger Horse found at Markarth stables Cinnamon - Exmoor Pony found at Windhelm stables Helena - Fjord Horse found at Solitude stables" Sounds like I can just pull up these horses in the Bashed Patch and delete their entries, yes? Thanks for helping out.
  7. So I discovered an issue with the vanilla stabled horses. I can't adopt them and they remain temporary, and they walk back to the original stable when I'm not riding them. These horses include Queen alfsigr. When I look at the CR for conflicts with Immersive Horses, I noticed that for these few horses have several entries of the SRLE Extended LOTD - Conflict Resolution.esp being overwritten by the bashed patch, which is carrying over entries from the Animals Merged.esp, as shown here: https://flic.kr/p/YumqA7 However, I have added several mods and may have shifted a few things in the load order to accommodate them. When I look at the CR for my original clean build of SRLE Extended LOTD, the bashed patch is not overwriting any part of immersive horses. What could be causing my bashed patch to not carry over the SRLE Extended LOTD - Conflict Resolution.esp entries, and how can I fix it? Thanks so much, -bmccarti
  8. EDIT: NM think I figured it out. Animation overwrite issue.
  9. Twice now I have gotten a random crash followed by a file in my overwrite folder. The file is an SKSE folder containing something called hdtSkyrimMemPatch.dmp Anyone know what this means? Thanks, -bmccarti
  10. FYI, I switched the Bethini preset to high and increased the textures only to Ultra. The game plays amazingly now and I don't notice any difference. averaging 52 FPS, even in high traffic areas. Very pleased. Thanks everyone for your help -bmccarti
  11. Ya I'm definitely pushing it. Trying to have my cake and eat it too
  12. Will do! Thanks again for the help. BTW, how is the i7 4700? Do you think it's possibly slowing me down?
  13. So I have the game running well, but I am playing on a 4k TV (I know, what a waste!) and most of my NPC textures are in 4k. I am also using BethIni ultra settings. So as you can imagine, I have some stuttering in crowded areas like Whiterun and Riverwood. My average FPS is 40-45, but during stuttering it is mid 20s to low 30s. Even had the game CTD last night during one of these stuttering episodes. My GPU is a 1080ti, and I'm using 32 gigs of ram with an SSD. However, my CPU is an i7 4700 (not the k version). Could my CPU be bottlenecking my performance? Trying to narrow down if this is a hardware issue or if with the size of the guide that I am just overloading the Skyrim software and need to turn down my ENB/INI settings.
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