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  1. Is anyone experiencing CTD when loading the main menu from the pause menu (pausing in-game, and quitting to the main menu)? Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this problem? I believe I've done the mod list installation correctly. Thanks!
  2. I've restarted MO, but haven't restarted windows. may try that!
  3. I've checked and there's no filter on. Also the mod list was sorted by mod index. This usually happens when after merging plugins.
  4. Does anyone have a modlist.txt for the Mod Organizer of this mod list? For some reason, my mod organizer arranges my mod list randomly, and now it's out of order. and I honestly do not want to rearrange the order.
  5. Considering you have to make the bashed patch before creating the zPatch, I assume not.
  6. Hello. Currently using this modlist, and so far it's great. However, I'm currently encountering a CTD issue where when I cast dual Flame spells at a target, the game will crash to desktop. I cannot really isolate the problem. I would assume it's some magic issue, but cannot narrow it down. I thought it would be a fire effect issue (Flames HD or Ultimate Fire), but disabling those did nothing. The next thing I believe is that I don't have enough VRAM. I'm currently using GTX 770 2GB and have 16 GB of RAM. I know the VRAM is below system requirements, but I chose lower graphic options and chose lower texture sizes for some of the texture mods. This may be the issue, but I was wondering if people had this problem. Thank you, and thank you Darklady Lexy and the contributors for this fantastic modlist.
  7. I can't do this but I opted out of the Windows Insider program. Sorry :(
  8. Okay, this might sound weird.... but I found the solution.... So when I had this issue, I was on the Windows 10 Insider program, and was using the Insider build. I decided to go back to the latest public build, and now my mods are loaded. So yeah.... I don't know.
  9. I have read some of the threads related to my issue in the STEP forum, and none seems to be the solution to my problem. Before the issue happened, I was having another issue with my game crashing to desktop after the bethesda logo. One of the thread I have read suggested I should revert the Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPref.ini in my MO profile to the original (located in the Documents folder). When I did so, the game did not crashed.... ... which leads us to the current issue... ... now when I launch SKSE via Mod Organizer, the game did not load the mods. I know this because I noticed that the Mod Configuration menu was blank, and all the meshes and textures were vanilla (looking at the barrels and ropes). SKSE and ENBoost was active though. I don't know what the problem is. Some of the threads suggested looking at my ModOrganizer.ini file, and see if the location for the mod folder was correct, which it is. If you need more information, I am happy to provide them. I'm so close to running this game.
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