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  1. Hi Lexy, Wanted to let you know of an odd issue during the finishing line. (I've completed the guide several times, and just finished going back through it since the last update.) After completing Bashed Patch, I went to do the Smash. However, Lexy's LOTD Consistency Patches Merged.esp, Lexy's LoTD SE OMEGA - Conflict Resolution.esp, & LOTD Patches Merged.esp were not showing up within smash - so I couldn't do the "force all". It turns out, they were being deactivated by WryeBash - but were not part of the merge. They all had dependencies on Better Skill and Quest Books Names and WryeBash was merging that - which I guess made WryeBash disable those three mods. I've never seen that happen during my previous runs through the finishing line. The way I fixed it - marked Better Skill and Quest Books as "no merge" and deselected during the Bash Patch. No more issues. Don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I sure did. Thanks again!
  2. Thank you for confirming. That's what I did. There is now a perfectly empty custom.ini file. No issues with respawning, etc.
  3. To get the changes in both, though, we would have to check each line item for a change, or copy and paste the whole thing. Or - we could just delete the custom.ini so it doesn't overwrite anything. Your guide is amazing. There are 2-3 places where we make additional tweaks to the .ini's - so lot of room for missing something.
  4. No - I don't think so. This is standard new addition to the MO2 update. If you don't have the skyrimcustom.ini file, it will create it based on the "best settings" - which are not Lexy's. Making it blank is the only permanent option at this time.
  5. Lexy, Found a solution. When asked is there a way to turn off the custom.ini: "You can just leave it empty and it won't do anything." So - in order to keep your recommended .ini tweaks, we have to empty the custom.ini. Maybe add this to the instructions somewhere? That's what I'm going to do. Thanks again
  6. I just asked MO2 on discord. This was their response: "yes, that file overrides all other settings" My concern is that although we are updating the skyrim.ini - the changes are being overridden with the new MO2 skyrimcustom.ini - which means that we aren't changing anything. Please advise. Thanks again!
  7. Lexy, #1: Under [Reshade], step 5 states: "Download the Suggested Reshade preset found on the main guide..." So I went to the main guide, downloaded, and followed the set up instructions there, including .ini tweaks. Recommend: Move the [bTS - Beautifully Textured Skyrim ReShade Preset] to the prerequisites section, as it seems to make more sense there. #2: Under Post Beth.ini Tweaks, it states [Display]… bSAOEnable=0 Then under the BTS - it states to [Display]… bSAOEnable=1 Recommend: Remove the extra instruction, as it seems to not be relevant (unless you are keeping in case someone uses ENB) Hope this helps - love the guide! Thank you again!
  8. Hi Lexy, In MO2 v2.2, there is now a 3rd option under inieditor: "skyrimcustom.ini" It appears to match the skyrim.ini exactly. If I update skyrim.ini per the guide, do I ignore the skyrimcustom.ini tab? It appears that this would overwrite skyrim.ini, but I can't seem to find anything on it. Thank You for the guide.
  9. Hi Lexy, I played for about 4 hours+ with no crashes. However - now, I'm at Faldar's Tooth, in the Rift, and it started crashing anywhere near there. I was able to get inside, no problems. Now when I go outside, it's crashing repeatedly. Not sure where I need to look to fix. I actually redid the home stretch, from Bashed patch all the way through, but zero change. Would you have a recommendation as to where to look? Thank you
  10. Hi Lexy Instructions for update say to remove gray cowl footprints patch. However - it is still listed in the merge page for world encounters. I'm deleted, as instructed. Figured you would want to update the merge page. Thx Again!
  11. Hi Lexy Going through the recent update. You removed Wet and Cold. However - Wet and Cold Fixes is still there. Are we supposed to remove that as well? Thank you!
  12. Hi Lexy Going through the recent update. You removed Wet and Cold. However - Wet and Cold Fixes is still there. Are we supposed to remove that as well? Thank you!
  13. Hi Lexy "Hey Guys done an Emergency updated to the STEP Version of the guide so check the changelog" Why the emergency update? What was wrong with KS Dragon vs. Deadly Dragons. thanks - just curious.
  14. Hi Lexy! Thanks again for the guides and updates - that takes a lot of work. Recommendation for consistency with the Merge Section of the guide. After the last update - Feb 25 - YOT added YOT - True Scholar.esp which is included in the Miscellaneous Merge. Recommend under the YOT - Your Own Thoughts Merged section, under Idiot Check: Change the note to: YOT - Lock Overhaul.esp is included in the Heads Up Display Merge and YOT - TrueScholar.esp is included in the Miscellaneous Merge - make sure you aren't merging them here. I've followed your guide so many times now, I've almost memorized it. Hopefully this helps - let me know if you want me to shut up.
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