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  1. The changelog for build 16288 (currently fast ring only) includes the following: We fixed an issue resulting in Mod Organizer no longer load mods into Skyrim in recent flights. I don't love their grammar, but there ya go.
  2. The changelog for build 16288 includes the following: We fixed an issue resulting in Mod Organizer no longer load mods into Skyrim in recent flights. Now, I don't love their grammar, but it seems like they heard us. Note that 16288 is currently fast ring only though.
  3. Well I guess I'm glad it wasn't my fault? I didn't know Microsoft was trying to fix the DX9 thing. If I had, I probably would have tried a rollback before I nuked MO. Sorry for wasting all that time and forum space, everyone.
  4. Well admittedly, I'm not on a completely standard build of Windows 10, but being on the Slow Ring has never broken MO before, and I don't suspect it was responsible this time either. I probably should have mentioned this earlier though. The actual build number is 16251.
  5. I had the Steam overlay disabled for Skyrim since the beginning, Windows Game Bar disabled as much as I could. My antivirus setup is just Windows Defender/Smartscreen/whatever else Windows comes with (which would have loudly notified me if it interfered with something) and safe browsing habits, so that wouldn't have been it. This is clearly beyond my ability, so I give up. I uninstalled MO and classic Skyrim, and I don't plan on coming back. This software has been incredible for me in the past, but I'm just done. Onward and upward to Vortex and Special Edition I guess. Thank you for trying, and sorry for wasting your time.
  6. Reinstalling Skyrim didn't help either. I'm at a complete loss.
  7. So saving only the stylesheets and mods folders, deleting the entire MO installation, then installing a new copy... somehow didn't help. Now I'm thinking this is something to do with an obscure registry key that Steam somehow borked when I was installing the game, so I moved my mod organizer folder to my desktop, and now I'm redownloading Skyrim. We'll see.
  8. "Try copying that profile to a new one." Why do you think it's called Normal instead of Default? At any rate, downloads is empty, and the profile will be very easy to recreate (It's just everything, minus whatever Wrye Bash disables when I make a bashed patch), so I'll just move the mods folder somewhere else and go from there. Thanks for your help. I'll be sure to update you when I get it going. I imagine something went wrong during game selection, since my MO installation was done in steps while I was also installing the game, so going through that process again is probably exactly the thing. I wonder how that period got in there though. Like... Windows doesn't even allow folders called ".", so what could have caused it is a mystery to me. On the plus side, I had time to figure out how to modify this (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73817/?) to have a slightly brighter background, which is something I've never been confident enough with qss files to do. Surprisingly easy. Should have done it a long time ago.
  9. I don't see anything in the profiles folder that I don't normally see there. Just my profile folder (titled "Normal") and 8 txt/ini files and an empty saves folder in that (initweaks.ini, skyrim.ini, skyrimprefs.ini, archives.txt, loadorder.txt, lockedorder.txt, modlist.txt and plugins.txt). There is a vanilla Plugins.txt in the correct Users\Username\Appdata\local\skyrim path, but it seems like MO is looking in ...local\.\skyrim? Is it just that period, and if so, how can I point MO to the right place?
  10. So, delete the logs folder, then post the ModOrganizer.log and mo_interface.log that I get after running SKSE and exiting MO. Correct? Also, I haven't used Pastebin in the past, so I'm not sure if those are shareable links down there, but let me know. https://pastebin.com/kWsUr34h https://pastebin.com/v5d2K9RG And thank you for offering to take a look. Really cool of you.
  11. I just spent several hours setting up a relatively large MO profile, and when I go to start the game (through MO, of course), none of my mods are doing anything. The main menu replacer I picked out is absent and I get the vanilla carriage start despite having Live Another Life checked in the left pane. TES5Edit has no problems bringing up my load order, and the same goes for Wrye Bash, LOOT, and even Skyrim Launcher.exe (which is not how I normally launch the game, I did so merely to check the data files menu). My mods path is set correctly, though if it wasn't, those other programs wouldn't have access to the mods either. This is not a permission problem, as I have all of my games installed in C:\Games, away from Windows' permission jurisdiction. I am launching the game via MO's SKSE shortcut, and MO's exe file is set to run as an administrator. I feel like I've tried everything but restarting the pc.
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