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  1. My thoughts, exactly. For the mean time, I've tried to rebuild the ReLinker and other dynamic patches. Pretty much the only thing I can think to do, since the mods listed haven't been reported to be problematic the same way. Maybe something was placed incorrectly, or something else was in 6C when the patches were built. We'll see how it goes. All of this just to kill some time until the guide gets updated.. Haha.
  2. Finally booted xEdit up. The FormIDs don't seem to exist, so I'm thinking something's calling for something in Vigilant that isn't there. Now, the questions are what and why? Especially considering the versions of everything except LOTD I have installed are consistent with the guide. I'm pretty stumped, as I don't know how to dig deeper. These particular crashes occur with, and without the Vigilant patch provided by LOTD Patch Central, though having the patch seems to prolong it.
  3. Gotcha. You've already helped a ton, Nozzer. Thank you. I'll report back either way, once I've fiddled with it. And congrats on the move (I think)!
  4. Thanks Nozzer. Good to know I'm on the right track. I'm not sure if missing meshes would be the issue, as the crashes have happened inside the Sleeping Giant Inn (Riverwood), bathing room, and around Alvor's workshop/patio. If there's still a possibility, how would I go about figuring it out?
  5. Gotcha. The double "s" were placed correctly, so this shouldn't be the case. Pretty sure I crossed all my tees and dotted all my eyes, but there's always that small chance. The Relinker version problem would only cause CTD's at start, and not at random points, minutes into a new game outside of the LAL cell, right?
  6. How do you mean? Would Statues actually cause the game to crash, even though they're nowhere in sight? I'll play around with them a bit and see. If the Crash Fixes logs do address Mod Index the way I thought, the errors were pointing at Vigilant.
  7. So, finally finished installing the entire list, merging, cleaning up, and whatnot. Fired Skyrim up, and it went okay until I tried to leave the LAL cell. I've been using the Riverwood Inn start, and seem to keep crashing at random within the first fifteen minutes. The only differences between my install and the guide's is that I'm running V19.0.6 of LotD, the merged patch, and the standalone Vigilant patch (since it hasn't been included in the merged one, yet). I do have Crash Fix's logs enabled, but can't seem to figure out how to read the error codes. If I'm guessing correctly, the first two numbers after "0x" point to your Mod Index, right? If so, Vigilant seems to be the culprit, even with the patch. These are the error codes, in order. 0x6C469C50, 0x6C462951, 0x6C469522, 0x6C469C50, 0x6C462951 Anyone else running into such problems?
  8. Yeah, that's exactly what hit me when I realized I needed sleep, actually. But, here I am, still up. lol.. It looks like the model filenames for those three items pointed to entries that existed in V18, but not V19. I've bandage fixed it for the meantime by just copying the location from the adjacent LOTD esp over. Seem to be shy on the "Necromancer's Glance" thing, but it appears to be exclusive to "ICH - Legacy of the Dragonborn Patch.esp," and isn't referenced, so should be safe to delete. Pretty amazing how much you can learn to do by just poking and prodding for an hour.
  9. Found some FormID errors that the still-current version of the guide didn't cover, while attempting to follow the ICH merge. Should I just go ahead and edit the page, when I come across things like this, or should I just report them here, and let you guys do it? Spent a bit over half an hour figuring out how TES5Edit works just to fix this, because I'm stubborn and refused to let Merge Plugins attempt to fix it with no explanations. Erroneous entries:
  10. Hey everyone. How do you determine whether a worldspace edit is "wild?" I was following the setup guide, but when I got to the ELFX - Exterior.esp TES5edits, I found Riften was not problematic, Solitude still needed the edit, and Whiterun actually has a mismatching 22 (instead of 17) at NAM9 X. I also seem to be short object 0403D42F for the CWIELnFXPatch.esp edit. Should I be good to just proceed as if nothing happened, or should I still be scratching my head? It's been so long since I've modded Skyrim. Forgot how much effort it took. lol... Last I played was when Frostfall and Hunterborn were starting to blow up. Surprised how much things have changed.
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