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  1. What can I say? I'm old-fashioned. Confirmed. This was the fix I needed. Overlay programs interrupt the ENBHost process and cause crashes on launch ("Not responding", etc.). I thought I'd been incredibly careful with my installation but the truth was a completely unrelated "helper" program sabotaged me. Thank you so much for your help! Mention it to others so they don't get lost like me!
  2. OMG... I think I've found it! We've been chasing our tails over nothing here. It was an overlay program called "Overwolf" that came with a TeamSpeak client. I installed it so I could see who was talking during team chat for games... and apparently this and other programs like it crash ENBHost as they initialize with the game. I was testing out the injector version when I read this page Still doing some testing as I weave intricate quilts of profanity.
  3. I've done all that, but I did it again to be sure. No change. I think I'll fully uninstall SKSE then reinstall it, and possibly Mod Organizer. I really don't want to have to rebuild everything a third time but at this point it may be the only option I have.
  4. OK, work is a LOT busier than I thought it would be this week so it took a bit longer than I thought. Here are my enblocal.ini settings. The crash occurs before Skyrim launches. If I delete the d3d9.dll file, everything works (well, not everything... I am still having an issue with exterior cell crashing but I'm still investigating that). I also have SSME, and the d3dx9.dll and ssme.ini files in my installation directory. Deleting these files does not change the timing of the crash whatsoever. Here are the settings: [spoiler=enblocal.ini][PROXY] EnableProxyLibrary=false InitProxyFunctions=false ProxyLibrary=other_d3d9.dll [GLOBAL] UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=true UseDefferedRendering=false ForceFakeVideocard=false IgnoreCreationKit=true [PERFORMANCE] SpeedHack=true EnableOcclusionCulling=true [MULTIHEAD] ForceVideoAdapterIndex=false VideoAdapterIndex=0 [MEMORY] ExpandSystemMemoryX64=false ReduceSystemMemoryUsage=true DisableDriverMemoryManager=false DisablePreloadToVRAM=false EnableUnsafeMemoryHacks=false ReservedMemorySizeMb=128 VideoMemorySizeMb=13750 EnableCompression=false AutodetectVideoMemorySize=false [WINDOW] ForceBorderless=true ForceBorderlessFullscreen=true [ENGINE] ForceAnisotropicFiltering=true MaxAnisotropy=8 EnableVSync=true AddDisplaySuperSamplingResolutions=false ForceLodBias=false LodBias=0.0 VSyncSkipNumFrames=0 [LIMITER] WaitBusyRenderer=false EnableFPSLimit=false FPSLimit=60.0 [iNPUT] //shift KeyCombination=16 //f12 KeyUseEffect=123 //home KeyFPSLimit=36 //num / 106 KeyShowFPS=106 //print screen KeyScreenshot=44 //enter KeyEditor=13 //f4 KeyFreeVRAM=115 KeyBruteForce=66 KeyDepthOfField=118 [ADAPTIVEQUALITY] Enable=false Quality=1 DesiredFPS=20.0 [ANTIALIASING] EnableEdgeAA=false EnableTemporalAA=false EnableSubPixelAA=false EnableTransparencyAA=false [FIX] FixGameBugs=true FixParallaxBugs=false FixAliasedTextures=true IgnoreLoadingScreen=true IgnoreInventory=true FixSsaoWaterTransparency=true FixSsaoHairTransparency=true FixTintGamma=true RemoveBlur=true FixSubSurfaceScattering=true FixParallaxTerrain=true FixSkyReflection=true FixCursorVisibility=true FixLag=true [THREADS] DataSyncMode=0 PriorityMode=0 EnableUnsafeFixes=false [LONGEXPOSURE] EnableLongExposureMode=false Time=1.0 BlendMax=0.0 EDIT: I have installed the DX9 runtimes twice, and recently I removed, re-downloaded and re-installed them.
  5. I have deleted the ENBoost files from my installation directory, but would be glad to create them again when I am able. It may not be until Tuesday as I have a lot to do this week. Thank you both for your help. It means a lot that you folks are out there making everybody's experience better.
  6. Yes, my ENBlocal.ini was adjusted to meet the specifications outline in this guide. One possible problem with that is that I have 32GBs of RAM with only 2GBs of VRAM. I'm not sure if that throws off the "balance" for the "VideoMemorySizeMb=" parameter. It seems like as soon as I activate enough mods with this file active (it's currently deleted) that the game refuses to load. It'll work fine with only a few mods active (around fifty). It will work fine with the file deleted and ALL mods active. Not both. Very odd stuff. Excited to figure it out, honestly.
  7. I have disabled all graphical mods and the game is stable. It seems that d3dx9.dll that launches ENBoost is what is causing the application launch hanging. This HAS to be related to the amount of VRAM I have available for the game to utilize. I have adjusted the settings up and down to no avail. Hardware wise, I have a Geforce GTX 950, but I have a 1080Ti on the way and will continue testing once it arrives. It's still a couple weeks out... because bitcoin miners. Once I get things working I'll have some more concrete information to share with you guys. I just hope it helps someone out in the future.
  8. The issue appears to have been the ENBoost plugin. I'm not sure why it's causing crashes-on-load, but for now, it makes the game entirely unplayable. Does anyone have any additional information on why this sort of error occurs? I'd like to know more about what causes it so that I can plan around it.
  9. Bashed patch created according to STEP instructions and the results are negative. This is not the issue.
  10. Could this be occurring because I have not yet made a bashed patch? I wonder if this is what one would expect to see if they didn't properly merge files. I'm not yet to that point of the build and was merely testing for compatibility. I'll give that a shot and see if things begin working for me. If that is the case I will post the results here.
  11. UPDATE: As I've continued working on the build (with Lucidity disabled) I have encountered several more mods that cause the same issue, all on the STEP list. There seems to be some variability to the issue as sometimes it occurs with mods that have worked previously. I'm starting to think this is some kind of issue with memory allocation or the like. I have followed the guides here for ENBoost and editing INI files to the letter, but to get more mods working I had to delete the ENB files entirely. The only variation I have made to the entire STEP guide is in downloading higher-than-recommended textures. There MUST be some fundamental thing I'm missing, but after reading through the guide again I for the life of me cannot locate it.
  12. Hello, I am a new STEP user and I have been attempting to build my STEP according to the guide for a few days now. I seem to have run into an issue I don't know how to fix. I've been testing the STEP: Extended build as I move down the page and get more mods, keeping an eye out for potential issues. As soon as I download and install Lucidity Sound FX into my modlist (I'm using Mod Organizer), the game refuses to launch. I've done the entire STEP build once already and encountered this exact issue then as well. I traced it back to the Lucidity mod, and started from scratch fearing that I'd done something wrong. Does anyone know what could be causing this issue? (My apologies if this post was created in the wrong location.)
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