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  1. I've finally decided to moderate HLE, modifying its Hardcore optional. Seems pretty easy, only needs in-game testing to fine tune and find a good balance. It needs time
  2. Definitely, with the Truth ENB it's better. But difference with my modded Skyrim I hardly notice, tbh . No, there's one ok, but come on, it's really slim. Forests are a bit more detailed. Maybe I don't use SFO's best option. I'll give a try to the Truth ENB though. And thanks again!
  3. Link doesn't seem to work, yet Some of my pics in classic Skyrim: ​no ENB: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mwre9m2rvnxjcuh/Skyrim%20no%20ENB.PNG?dl=0 Vivid ENB: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ry0vo3fn8syloxt/Skyrim%20ENB.PNG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1qqntb4mi5hv54/Skyrim%20ENB%203.PNG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/44wlb7g3p8j1utz/Skyrim%20ENB%202.PNG?dl=0 Quality is already very high, don't think I can't expect much more in SSE, except fogs, smoke, ...
  4. We're talking here about a modded classic Skyrim difference with a modded SSE... Without ENB, to be honest, I don't see any difference with modded classic Skyrim. With an ENB, the main difference I can notice is about shadows, fogs, smokes, ... this kind of things, since we can't really add too many of them because of 3.2Gb limit (or only with 'screenshooting' purpose in mind). I use Vivid ENB in classic Skyrim, so maybe I'll change for the Truth ENB, to see if those effects are better with this one while not hindering fps vs. Vivid, which I don't know. If the Truth ENB exist for classic, which I've to check. If I change to SSE, it'll only be because of 3.2Gb limit reasons. It would then offer me an absolutely enhanced gameplay (if I can mod it correctly while avoiding conflicts) and some negligeable, if any, graphic enhancement as well. I definitely won't change because of better graphics, really. There's no real difference, in my opinion.
  5. Yeah, I've seen them already. They're great, but you're cheating... he's telling he's not using any ENB
  6. Really? When I installed SSE when it came out last year, I noticed awful shadows and red/yellow effects like if an ENB was already included. Not mentioning the innumerable clipping objects here and there. I played only for one hour and had more than enough Even 2011 Skyrim gave me the impression to be better! From then, I uninstalled it and decided to wait for the modders community to bring us our good modded Skyrim back to SSE but I'm really not sure it has made up yet. Any nice screenshot somewhere to look at, so as to convince me?
  7. Inigo won't help much when you'll face more than 3 enemies at higher levels, trust me. That's why I tried to find a followers mod like AFT or EFF. I currently play SMF, which is the simplest I found (I only want to have 1-4 non dog followers with me, no other any feature). But I'm not sure it's bug free. When playing HLE and Duel Combat and when outnumbered it becomes quickly quite hard when you're only 2 plus eventually a dog. Vampires are by far the hardest to cope with, definitely. In my current play (level 23), they sometimes attack in a party of 6: 2 masters, 2 slaves and 2 dogs. Expert difficulty. Don't know if it's matter of one of the other mods I use or HLE only (I use the scaling version and no vampire mod). Even if this seems to happen only in towns/villages where guards can help it's almost impossible to face when you're alone or with a single huscarl. Except if you have tons of health potions. In comparison, dragons are easy: a shelter, some arrows and you're fine! Not enough against vampires. Ok, once again, I've mainly played expert or master difficulty in a modded Skyrim. But I'm afraid adept difficulty will only postpone HLE utter challenge a bit. By the way, if you can advise me a very good simple mod which enables the player to have 1-4 followers at the same time on classic Skyrim or SSE, please don't hesitate!
  8. Will you add a follower's mod like AFT or something? It definitely helps with HLE. Enemies change of target and face stronger opposition quicker (I don't think dogs are good opponents to say the least - merely sparring partners). And about my experience, I've been playing HLE since very very long with Duel Combat, up to level 50/60. I know that around level 40 it starts becoming tough, no matter what perks you have. Yeah, ok I admit I usually play expert, not adept. At other levels, you feel the extra difficulty from the very beginning so, except if you're masochistic and like having to spend half an hour to kill a mere bandit after having died five times, you usually lower the difficulty. And quickly My best experience was with SkyRe which kept me hooked up to level 85, point where it became a bit too easy. But I know it's out of the scope and I personally prefer to stick to vanilla today, so that's fine with me.
  9. Will you add a follower's mod like AFT or something? It definitely helps with HLE.
  10. As far as I'm concerned I really don't know what mod to use for after level 30/35. I'm actively looking for a solution and haven't really found yet. For now, I may stick to HLE but cap (with the uncapper) my max level to around 60 - theorically - not to face too many OP enemies. This means modifying perk rewards also. And would deny some features such as the 80 EW (to avoid a potential spoiler). Or maybe use Wildcat with HLE since you can dynamically modify damage taken/done modifiers. This may help about one-shot hits. But this means no Smilodon. Edit: Mortal Enemies seems to exist for SSE and there's a patch for Smilodon: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/4881/?
  11. I think you should add Ultimate Combat if it doesn't overlap, since it adds an option to be immune to killmove which are extremely common in HLE at whatever level and can be very frustrating (I definitely can't bear being killed like that when I still have 20 health potions!). An alternative is TK Dodge which really helps in close combat at higher levels as well as seems Mortal ennemies (I didn't try that one). Still needs a "fix" or counterpart about storm mages which seem absolutely deadly in HLE on higher levels (read this on the forum). I've no idea on this yet and I haven't neither about deadly stealth arrows, very common too . I remember a 3 vs 3 fight that lasted more than half an hour and ended with a one-shot arrow I hadn't see coming. I was around level 50 or so. Please note that I haven't checked if these mods are available for SSE
  12. Really great, man! Thanks for this! Q: Is your game really balanced using High Level Enemies? I never finished Skyrim because of increasing easiness of vanilla game. Then I tried to balance it with this mod but finally experienced the reverse: far too hard on higher levels, especially so frequent one-hit shots. I read many comments on this confirming that fact. I also play with Duel Combat Realism which is really awesome. But I doubt on HLE real balance on high levels. What's your opinion? I'm actually planning to replace it with mods like Combat Evolved and Ultimate Combat or counter-balance it with Mortal Enemies since I'm tired of 'stealth' arrows between other.
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