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    I am a very old pointy hat nerd who likes RPG games
  1. In the nexus guide for Vitruvia in the special instructions are we suppsoed to delete that forsworn folder? cause since the updated boots nif was added were are delelting them, or have i read it wrong?
  2. I just wanted to ask a quick question, Can we use Frankly HD Imperial Armor for the heavy Armors and sheilds and just keep amidian for the light stuff? the reason i asking is does it conflict?
  3. I'll be totaly honest Tornleaf, thats the very same reason i asked Lexy, your not on your own there.
  4. what is it with lots of stuff being pulled off of nexus lately, loads of mods disappearing, anyway GDO has been pulled and he has a new one called "True Guard Dialog Overhaul" will we be switching to that or the other one?
  5. Hey all, back again. i am redoing the merge section and i am at the Claralux merge, i have added the claralux patches and i am adding in the masters for said patches, everything is fine untill i add in Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul which contains the add on "Patch for ELE_SSE.esp" and i have a red triangle (right pane) asking for "ELE_SSE.esp" Master, i obviously cant use it as it part of the "Enhanced Lighting ENB merge" i have checked phoenixsunstars guide and his is the same except when he did his merge they were not activated in the right pane, and i got a situation where it is asking for both "Immersive Citizens - ELE Patch.esp" and ELE_SSE.esp be added as masters,
  6. Yes its that old fart again, i need confirmation on the "Trees, flora and grass section, under the old SFO classic part the guide says :- Main FILES - SFO Billboards for 2.5b, MAIN FILES - Dyndolod 3D trees but both of these files are in the old section on the webpage, am i reading this right?
  7. Just wanted to ask a quick question, I am redoing the zEdit-modules and on the "Hishy npc enchant fix" it say main file v1.2, on the D/L page it say this is an old file and the new version is 1.3, is this is typo?
  8. Hi Lexy, Just wanted to Wish Lexy's: LOTD SSE a very Happy Birthday, seeing as this has been the First real true S.T.E.P. guide for SSE, its been a blast to install it and play it, and thank you for announcing to make the guide 12 months ago, you bought joy to my eyes/ears, just like to thank all the team involved and thanks for the hard work and toil you put into this to make it a pleasure to mod and enjoy. P.S. when is EZU arriving to the party cause I have been waiting for this since being accepted? Thank you all on a great job, here's to the next twelve months and what that brings.
  9. No Worries Lexy, you have a great weekend with your family, real life comes first. I could have found out myself but I was just lazy to load up SSEEdit and look for myself.
  10. Hey Lexy, Lightning during storms updated to v2.0 and Desmera update the compatibility patch for it, do we need a new obsidian consistency patch from you or de we need to update the previous two? not being impatient just throwin it out there.
  11. I don't blame you Lady Lexy, sometimes you just need to step outside and take a breathe, it's been a bit manic with all the stuff coming and going recently. good on you Lexy Lady.
  12. I dropped by the Lightning During Storms Page and in the comments someone has picked up that papyrus has errors in it from not being renamed or does it not matter? and thank you for adding that mod you will love it, tail bashing and wing smashing and all.
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