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  1. putting my foot in my mouth again, Icecreamassassin posted yesterday that there is an issue with dyndolod lmao. so yea, im going to go ahead and post over there to let them know ive been able to getting it working by removing this record, though at this time i have no clue what in game consequences will occur from removing the record.
  2. i finally narrowed it down and found the record that was causing it. not sure what information is relevant to be able to figure out what happened with this or how to fix it, the record is formID xx005f44 name DynDOLODesp_00157E_DynDOLOD_LOD name DBM_MuseumBuilding_DynDOLOD_LOD [sTAT:xx00157F]. So clearly something to do with legacy of the dragonborn, and since this doesnt seem to have been an issue for anyone else that ive seen after following not only the SRLE LOTD Reqtified setp at one point, but also reading through other step guides that include legacy, it must be something ive done wrong with the install in either legacy or dyndolod since my understanding is legacy is compatible out of the box?
  3. nvm, im a scrub and apparently didnt look closely scrolling all the way down....sorry ><. im really new at this.
  4. I just want to try and clarify this as best as possible. I was going to try and add a picture of what im seeing in xedit but im a forum noob and yea, so im just going to type it out. this is obviously not the entire entry, just the point where conflict records meet dyndolod unique records. Form ID Editor ID NAME 1E095C15 KA_NorTempleExteriorRibFree07Snow [sTAT: 1E0A584D] 2100171E Tamriel_ShesonObject DynDOLOD_MasterActivator "ThouShaltBowToSheson" [ACTI:21000901] 21001720 Tamriel_Minion_44_%32 DynDOLOD_MinionActivator "ThouShaltBowToSheson" [ACTI:21000903] 21001721 Tamriel_Fristborn_44_%32 Tamriel_FirstbornActivator "ThouShaltBowToSheson" [ACTI:2100171F] If im understanding correctly, do not remove any record from Tamriel_ShesonObject down, only removing the objects from the first entry i listed and all above it? sorry just made an edit if youre already lokoing at this, originally listed the third entry wrong, its Tamriel_firstbornActivator - so i think i answered my own question, i should be leaving the first born activators and removing the dyndolod_minionactivators?
  5. ok, i think i get it, ill start trying to narrow down that way.
  6. So, im stumped now. I have followed your instructions on troubleshooting this, so i removed everything under worldspace other than tamriel. then removed the entire persitent tree, upon testing the crash went away. so i backed up and did the 50% removal, i started by removing everything that was highlighted after loading into xedit, so the only records left in the persistent tree were the firstborn and minion % records. tested and still crashed. this is where things have me confused now. i removed roughly half of the remaining records loaded into game, no crash. Just to be as thorough as possible, i went back to the last backup, and removed the other half (ensuring that the first half was now all that would be active), and ive double and tripple checked now, with either half removed the crashing stops. i made to sure to mark which record was the last removed for the first set, and the first removed for the second set so that i didnt mess up with a roughly half guess. So from here, im not exactly sure how to continue, since having either half removed stops the crash.
  7. ok, thats what ive been looking for since this issue started, i troubleshooted and tried to figure it out the best i could, but im entirely inexperienced with fixing issues (though very experienced with creating them haha) i was never really sure exactly what steps to take particularly since i have no idea why its happening lol. ill work on doing this today and see if i can narrow down at the very least the specific cell, and hopefully maybe even the specific record. and luckily the error is very easy to reproduce since it happens 100% of the time lol. thanks for the help, if or when i narrow down whats happening i may post back here to see what i can do about it going forward and hopefully its something that doesnt require manual editing in xedit every time i generate dyndolod lol. but if it does at least ill know what and how at that point lol. thanks again for the help Sheson.
  8. i guess im back to the drawing board on figuring out what cell it was, i dont know why it didnt crash from there before, other than improper testing on my end apparently. if i can narrow down the cell with absolute certainty and then still cannot solve the issue, ill come back at that point and also, thank you very much for the help Sheson, sorry for my lack of proper testing before posting, and if i were to ever have a firstborn, they would definitely be yours lol
  9. I have removed both of those items and am still crashing, though now ive tested twice and crash after leaving dragons bridge as well. so my certainty that it was solitudeexterior03 is now completely out the window.
  10. I would say that I am 99% positive it is that specific cell. If i coc solitudedocks01 and wander around the docks without heading up i wont crash, ever. i can swim across to the otherside of the warehouse and go up the solitude skyway and head into solitude from there with now crash, then walk out the main gate and once im down the end of the path almost to the fast travel cart i will crash. if i coc solitudeexterior03 i crash within a few seconds after the loading screen is done. if i use cart travel to solitude, again i crash a few seconds after the loading screen is done. and if i walk up the stairs from the docks, i crash either by roughly the time i get to katlas farm if i dont have solitude expansion installed, or if i do have solitude expansion i crash slightly before katlas farm. and im not sure what wilderness cell is coming into solitude along the path from dragons bridge, but i also started from there (from dragonsbridge) and walked the entire road, upon getting roughly to the fast travel cart, i crash. i think i have been pretty vigilant in my ingame testing to be confident it is that cell, though i cant say with absolute certainty as im not inside the game code (as cool as that would be). i will try these steps and let you know what happens. update: ill put my foot in my mouth really quick, for the first time ever i crashed along the road from dragonsbridge to solitude, decided to do the test after removing the first item from there, and i crashed within seconds after leaving the dragon bridge cell. tried again from the docks, and crashed within second of leaving the docks01 cell. so i guess im not positive that it is solitudeexterior03, but that its some cell between there and dragons bridge (though that was the only time that i have ever crashed nearing solitude from that direction prior to getting to exterior03
  11. i have crash fixes in stalled, on 2 occasions, neither related to this cell, i recieved a pop up with an error about a missing or incorrect nif, i dont remember exactly what it said as it was a while ago, but i resolved those issues and havent had them since. with this issue, i recieve no pop up from crash logs, though i do get a log in the crashlog folder, but i dont understand what any of the data means, and what research ive done trying to figure it out has yielded nothing. ive seen similar, though not identical outputs posted on the crash fixes forums, but could not find any that were given an answer, should i try posting the crashlog data there for help?
  12. I've followed the instruction in the readme and have tested removing 3 nifs thus far and am still recieving the ctd, all 3 nifs that have been last in the log are out of dyndolod resources. as best as i can tell, i screwed something up durring installation but i dont know what or how. edit: im not sure this is relevant but i assume it could be, when i installed the resources mod i only selected high hrothgar window glow, desync birds of prey, dlc2 vvardenfell 3d plume, leaving the whiterun and solitude exteriors unchecked because of how many other mods i have that edit those areas. was this wrong? should i reinstall with those checked?
  13. I havent found anything through googling so im hoping someone here might be able to help me figure this out. Everytime i enter solitudeexterior03 cell id 0000929D my game freezes and then ctd's. I know its being caused by dyndolod.esp because it doesnt happen if i uncheck the esp and just leave all the textures from texgen and dnydolod active on the left pane of mo. my most recent test had only Lanterns of Skyrim, ELFX and Dyndolod affecting that cell, and i still crash. I have tried removing the cell from the dyndolod.esp with xedit and i still crash. the only way that i dont crash in that cell is to not have the esp active. I have absolutely no idea what else i can do. As far as i know that is the only cell that does this as ive tested every live another life alternate start and run around the immediate surrounding areas of each starting location to test for crashes or abnormalities. it doesnt matter how i enter the cell, if i coc to it, travel to solitude via carriage, or walk up from the docks, i crash as soon as i enter that cell but only if the dyndolod.esp is active. any help would be greatly appreciated. and as a side note, i dont think its an issue with anything else in my load order as i just recently got to around 100 hours on my last character with no other issues at all the entire playthrough.
  14. yea, its an easy fix, tho i may be doing it wrong, should i be disabling them (setting z to -30,000) or deleting them? or does it not matter? and yea, once i find all of them ill either try and learn how to post them without it being a mile long body or ill pm the list to you. also, does anyone know an easy way to make all grass in tafm play nice with ectv? i kills me to see grass growing up over and in a lit forge lol. im trying to learn how to change landscape with the ck to just go in and manually edit all the little nit picky things about the grass that in areas i dont like, but i dont know if theres a simpler way than that.
  15. so, im a complete forum newb and cant figure out how to edit my own posts, even though i figured it out the first time i posted...but oh well. i just doubled checked the arthville towns and i have movable lanterns in etac locations in those towns (i didnt have mfg on when i checked before and i guess it wasnt windy) and movable plus static in all the other places. im not taking screenshots because there are i think over 100, but i am compiling a list of refids for all statics in the static moveable pairs and all movable floating lanterns i can find in these towns. if its just some mistake i made installing i suppose i can just take care of it myself with tes5edit, but as i mentioned in my first post im using the ectv merged replacement esp, so as far as i can tell these are active because of that esp. im not sure what else it could be, but if everyone is having this problem, ill have an list of refids to be able to manually delete in tes5edit.
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