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  1. Yes, you are right. It was a stupid mistake to upgrade from Mo 1 to 2 without uninstalling first. I installed it into SSE where MO never were installed before. All's fine now. Thank you for your time and patience in these two matters, even if one was not possible to solve. Edit: I can't find a way to mark your answer.
  2. That does not matter anymore. As you know I mentioned that it behaves very strangely with Nehrim and still have the glitch from the other thread once the game finally loads, It's much more important how it works with SSE and FO4 with the missing plugins. They will contain many more mods than Nehrim But that's quite a while in the future.
  3. Yes, it looks to be running as it should. But this is from the problem window: The following plugins could not be loaded. The reason may be missing dependencies (i.e. python) or an outdated version: D:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/bsaExtractor.dllD:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/checkFNIS.dllD:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/diagnoseBasic.dllD:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/gameFallout3.dllD:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/gameFalloutNV.dllD:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/gameOblivion.dllD:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/gameSkyrim.dllD:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/installerBAIN.dllD:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/installerBundle.dllD:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/installerFomod.dllD:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/installerManual.dllD:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/installerNCC.dllD:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/installerQuick.dllD:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/NMMImport.dllD:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/previewBase.dllD:/Spill/GOG Galaxy/Games/Nehrim/ModOrganizer/plugins/proxyPython.dllRemember it downloaded whatever it wanted to during installation I tried to move it . That did not go well. Got the same error. I am beginning to think if this newer version is too bugged. Will check the exe you pointed to earlier. No, same thing. Should I upload the MO folder somewhere so that you can take a look at it?
  4. In the interface log the part in norwegian is "Not a valid 32bit program". Removed info about my connection mo_interface.zip
  5. You forgot the other bigger point (at least for me): Keeping the game's INI and data-folder in vanilla condition, Anyway, it baffles me why only the saves are affected and not the original gameplay after char. creation.
  6. I use Enboost for memory management. It is so strange that when I launch the launcher in MO 2 and click play then right away Enbhost is warning about it has been launched too early, and the Oblivion.exe crashes. The very first time I used the launcher in MO 2 I was able to get into the game. After that I have had the above problem every time. The time I was able to load the game I found out that launching the launcher in MO 2 still had the glitch. It really seems like I have to give up on using MO with Nehrim. Perhaps I should install everything manually instead since I don't have many mods.
  7. It basically said that a bunch of dll-files were not loaded. The ones it downloaded from github. I used the latest exe on Nexus (2083b) It installed fine. Complaining at startup.
  8. Do you know why? Mo2 loads the launcher just fine, but insists on starting Enbhost to early when selecting Play.. That causes imediate crash. Is that because Enbhost is the only real 64bi exe? So, the launcher is 32bit but MO thinks it is 64bit and refuses to load it. And MO2 can't launch the game?
  9. Today I tried to install MO2. Upon installation it downloaded a lot of plugins from Github. Still it complains about a lot of plugins not loaded. That is MOs own plugins. I wish there was a portable archive download available
  10. It looks like the launcher actually is 64bit. That`s why MO1 fails. Strange for such an old game to have a 64bit exe. I have to try MO 2
  11. Yes, if it was possible to launch the launcher from within MO the problem would likely be solved. As it is MO simply can't do that. The only other way to launch Nehrim, from MO is to use Oblivion.exe from MO, but that's without OBSE and the mods that require it Can you think of any other way to start OBSE from MO?.
  12. I meant MOs general rule. You have to start the game from inside MO for the game to see your mods. Because of MOs virtual data folder. I`ve checked with the disc version. Still have the bug. Then it`s really strange that you can`t reproduce my problem. I am attaching an older screenshot in 3rd person to let you see how it looks in my game. Today I wanted to provide one in 1st person as well, but the Print Screen button is not doing anything now.
  13. Thanks for the update. The reason for launching OBSE with MO is mods. The game can`t see my MO mods if not lauched from MO. I actually thought this myself, so I tried to see if I could launch the NehrimLauncher with MO. MO failed. Got an error stating that it failed to hook the game then. So you could not reproduce my problem? Maybe it is a problem with the GOG version. I do have the TES disc set as well. I think I should install that version to check if the issue is gone.
  14. Any news regarding my issue? Edit I noticed an error in point 2 of my OP. It should be: 2. Running the game with OBSE IN MO and no mods gives this glitch.
  15. Yes I could, but 270 kb is a very small filesize. I still think that not allowing attachment of 2 files with a combined size of 550 kb because that is more than 500 kb is strange. And what is the reason for not allowing .log files. Isn`t logs a very important part of getting support? Anyway since you posted I can attach the final log you asked for. Hm, still can not. Then I`ll make a zip of it. That should make it small enough. ModOrganizer_17_06_30_23_24.log.zip
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