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  1. Cool, so at the moment STEP 3.0 is for Old Skyrim. I hope your guide for STEP SE comes up soon Techangel, it is in serious need of an update.
  2. You didn't make it easy to find. Cannot find it on your user or by searching for STEP there. I filter in mod lists, still just brought to STEP texture pack. Which has no link to the list. Cannot find it in the 21 mod lists that are shown. Went to "show all mod lists", checked there. Is not there. I wish I was overexaggerating, but this is genuinely infuriating.
  3. From the creator of HD ores and HD baskets used in STEP. Textures are remastered by the author. Though it would be worth a discussion. I think the HD basket is an instant improvement, but when it comes to the ores, I think it changes it a bit too much in pursuit of realism. At least with ENBs the normal HD ores look great. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22242
  4. Seems like an overall good mod. I haven't seen this one (or any alternatives) added to the game and was curious as to why. Also, I have been gone for a while, when is the next update coming? Has STEP been added to Mod Picker? Will you add a guide for merge plugins or at some point include it in STEP? Is any modlist being made for SSE as of yet?
  5. Using Enhanced Vanilla trees and Veydosebrom instead of SFO. I don't really like SFO that much since the one STEP recommends is very very saturated with ENBs and the updated version takes a toll on FPS. I want to make a switch that looks good and is performance friendly. What FOMOD and INI settings would you recommend for Veydosebrom? as for EVT, should I allow it to improve all the textures on the trunks and disable texture mods that alter trees from STEP?
  6. The way I understand it these mods try to do the same thing in different ways. The former adds a noise texture that artificially makes the terrain LOD look more detailed and the latter alters the LOD to higher quality. I just want to know if the latter mod is any good and/or perhaps worth adding to STEP.
  7. I want to use a couple of mods together that is out of the scope of STEP. But I thought this might be the best place to look for support. Namely, I want to: Use Skyrim Flora overhaul original version (The one provided by STEP is too saturated to use along with Vivid Weathers). Preferably I want to make no changes to the trees at all and just have normal LOD. However, if unavoidable I would prefer to generate LOD for trees provided by it. I am not sure if I should hide the tree LOD file in STEP Extended Patch mod. I already managed to change STEP extended patch so it is dependant on Vivid Weathers instead of Vivid clouds and fogs. I also want to use Dual Sheath Redux along with Belt-fastened quivers, capes and cloaks, Archery Gameplay Overhaul, Illustrious HDT cloaks and HDT equipment. There seems to be some compatibility hell here, XP32 has some AGO files I may or may not need if I got AGO (does not tell me if I need it with AGO, just tells me it provides AGO animation, annoyingly vague). STEP seems to want me to use back hip daggers last I checked, which is incompatible with Belt-fastened Quivers if I am not mistaken. Belt fastened quivers need its own settings both with HDT equipment and XP32. On top of this, I need to select an option in FNIS to make this all work.
  8. I want to know exactly why. I read somewhere that it uses a lot of 4k textures, which can lead to some instability on when playing Oldrim. https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/75u9ag/sro_vs_skyrim_hd_and_instability_in_sro/
  9. When I do this it all crashes. This happened last time, which is why I made this post in the first place. Also, SI DLC is a dummy file and does not need to be activated. I think I did something in archives or data folder which still makes it active. I can run without it and not crash atm.
  10. Ok. I ended up backing up the esp. files I wanted to clean. I follow the instructions here: https://wiki.step-project.com/TES5Edit/TES5Edit_Cleaning_Instructions Except I added the esp. back into the data folder as well. The cleaned version I created from MO I added and renamed as Output folders. The esp. had the same name. I added the Output folders right behind the DLC to let them overwrite changes. I made sure all was well and launched the game and got CTD. Removing the Original DLC esp. from the data folder or Output folders removed this issue. Right now im running it with the Output folders as seen here: https://imgur.com/a/fruXj I will do some more testing and then I will create a bashed patch and get around to playing this game:D
  11. So I have to change this every time I change the load order on Vivid Weathers?
  12. I just have no idea where to find the XX in "xx000D66" though. Tried to google plugin ID and stuff. I think that is most of the changes I want to make.
  13. NVM. I ended up dragging the LOTX and null reference in visual effects section and it seems to be working as it should now. https://imgur.com/a/YRpM3 Once I have done some more testing I will vierify if it works here.
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