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  1. that doesnt remove the stutter, but I still get to have fast exit, so its ok.
  2. did you ever find a way to negate or reduce crashes, or do you run without FSR. Game has crazy stutter without it
  3. I've set lightcriticalsections to 0, and that reduced the crashes, but it still freezes sometimes on a transition or save load. If I go without it, it works well excepts its a stuttery mess
  4. SO I picked up an S&W 5906 10mm and the ironsight is lower than where the bullet goes, and I've noticed this for a couple of the pistols added in mods. Do the ironsights compatibility patches not cover all weapons?
  5. I'm going to try to edit the interior and exterior buffer settings and the preload size limit, see if that does anything
  6. Damn. tried seting HWthreads to 1, crashed after an hour, instant freeze
  7. Well, I wasn't aware of the auto purge placebo at first, I was just trying the fix the crashes I was getting while loading and walking. It actually just greatly increased the frequency of crashes. Unfortunaly, after removing it, I still get a crash once every ~45 minutes, wheither it be loading a transition, a save, or just walking around. Music keeps playing in the background, but it either freezes, or , if in a loading screen, has the possibility to just load forever
  8. I still get rare freezes in the open, just more rarely that before I removed the auto purge mod
  9. removing Zam auto purger seemd to fix alot of the crashes, but I still get some problems with save loads failing or transition crashes what does your left ahnd load order look like?
  10. I'll try later to apply your load order. I let LOOT sort it just now, but it still crashed, freeze with sound in the background. I'm just tired, I've been working on this for the past couple of days
  11. Crashes dont happen on base game with same INI's as modded profile
  12. Nah, making a new character didnt work either its not specifically there, its just somewhere in-between rivet city and the second bridge, by game is guaranteed to freeze I'm running enboost to make sure that ram isn't ever the problem
  13. None of that fixed it for the save I had. Should I start a new character to try is out? I was walking from rivet city to the second bridge and froze next to the bandit camp past the first bridge
  14. The bashed patch actually includes a ton of the wasteland patches. Also, I have 6 GB of vram and 12 of Ram, and I've increased it to 4gb ram restrictions and I'm using enboost. I'll try not using UHQ or CASMand maybe not merging the TWPC plugins into the bashed patch
  15. Fose is installed and I'm getting an NVAC log. This is so annoying, New Vegas never had this problem
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