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  1. I verified the cache and removed RealVision. Still crashed with Vanilla, so I started fresh (about a week ago). I'm probably going to have a couple of presets of "guaranteed to work" mod lists, my first being JUST STEP:Core. Kinda like having a backup. Question though: there are some settings I'd like to change that are not available to modify in BethINI. Where is the best place to make those changes? I don't want my game to save on wait, travel, etc. EDIT: Also, thanks so much for responding and helping; I'd be lying if I said I was actually expecting helpful responses.
  2. I'm probably just going to completely uninstall Skyrim and every program relating to it and start again... only took me 120 hours the last time... Not even Gopher or GamerPoets could fix my wreck of a game.
  3. I wouldn't call the enblocal.ini file straight from the original ENB website (by Boris, not preset) archive random. From the STEP wiki: CTD on game launch: After you've ruled that out, some users will experience a CTD after installing an ENB Preset due to having missing components of DirectX. The solution is to re-install DirectX 9 for games such as Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas. Windows users will have to update DirectX by downloading the DirectX End-User Runtimes. Not sure where to install this after it asks me. Everywhere I try it says "That folder is invalid. Please make sure the folder exists and is writable."
  4. I am now certain the issue is with RealVision, because if I open the ENB archive and paste the two ini files and overwrite, the game doesn't look great, but runs like usual. If I copy the two ini files from the RealVision archive (yes, selected the correct option), the game crashes.
  5. Used BethIni, reset SKSE.ini, and to my surprise, resetting the ENB inis seemed to fix it, which is odd because the ini settings I changed were within the in-game menu (Shift+Enter) and it ran fine then. Either way, ENB looks kinda messed up now, and I'd prefer just a fresh reinstall of ENB+RealVision. I'd feel more comfortable with a complete uninstall first, rather than replacing files from the archive. What's the best way to uninstall? I read I can just delete all the files with ENB in it, and the d3d9.dll file within the Skyrim folder, but I've also seen some people recommend the ENB FXAA SweetFX Manager and Remover. How should I go about this?
  6. I know what you're thinking: missing master. I guess it's possible, but I've followed the STEP guide using Mod Organizer, LOOT (including metadata tags, shows no errors or warnings), TES5Edit (cleaned master files and other ITMs when marked to do so), Wrye Bash, ENBoost... I'm at a loss right now. It should be mentioned that I played the game successfully with no issues for 7 hours yesterday with the same mod setup and everything. The CTD began after changing skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini files, as well as enb ini files. I changed ENB settings first (using Shift+Enter in-game), and the game was still running fine after that. I initially followed all of STEPs ini setting choices, but was still noticing flickering (I have a 144 Hz monitor, but FPS limit is on, so not because of that), so altered some LOD settings to settings suggested by Michael of GamerPoets (did not set anything higher than he suggested), and you can check my system specs -- they should be able to handle nearly anything. I double checked spelling and the letter in front (b, f, i, etc.). Logically, I reset both skyrim.ini and skyrimpref.ini files (yes, in Mod Organizer, not just data folder), thinking it should fix the problem. It did not. Mod list via Mod Organizer (this is unchanged from when the game WAS working, other than adding MemoryBlocksLog after the CTD issue started): The "nothing" of a log I get from Documents/Games/Skyrim/Logs/Script Papyrus Log: From SKSE.log: I deactivated all mods -- same CTD. I ran through Steam (avoiding SKSE, and I have no workshop mods) -- same issue. I'm guessing something was accidentally deleted. If there's anything else I need to post for more info, please let me know and I will do so ASAP. Thanks for your time.
  7. I didn't select any patch options in the installer, because it said not to if you're going to use the Extended Patch. I moved the EBQO esp to optional and it fixed the issue, but I reinstalled it anyway, which also fixed the issue. Having way worse CTD problems now though... (unrelated to this).
  8. I was cleaning up this post from the ugly copy paste I did, but apparently I can no longer edit it since it's over 15 minutes old... sorry it looks that way. Wish I could change it.
  9. I'm nearing completion of my mod list (still need ELFX and will look into an ENB preset), and I just successfully installed the STEP Compilation Installer - High Res - 2.10 into my mod list, choosing the Extended Patch. I ran LOOT (had been doing throughout installations) and came up with no dirty edits (already cleaned necessary files) and no warnings, but one error - Even Better Quest Objectives requires the aMidianborn_Skyforge_Weapons.esp to be installed, but on the AMidianBorn Book of Silence STEP wiki page, it says at the very bottom (Final step): Required: Depending on where you installed the mod, ie. the name of the mod that you used, right click the aMidianBorn Book of Silence or aMidianBorn Book of Silence WEAPONS mod and click [information...]. Click the Optional ESPs tab and move aMidianborn_Skyforge_Weapons.esp from the lower pane to the upper pane. I believe that infers I'm deactivating it, according to the description upon hovering over the esp when at that screen (Information, upon right-clicking a mod). I haven't tried running Skyrim, but I assume the error would cause a CTD. I did also notice that Even Better Quest Objectives has an available ESP (by default active) called BetterQuestObjectives-AMBSkyforgePatch.esp which could be related. Perhaps moving that plugin to the upper pane as well would fix the error/dependency? I assumed the aMidianBorn - Book of Silence Content Add-on covered this somehow, and on the official AMB Content Add-On page https://forums.nexus...owtopic=2678959, it mentions to disable the aMidianborn_Skyforge_Weapons.esp (as well as two other esps I don't seem to have) and that "a separate patch for this mod is not needed, but you must load the Content Addon file AFTER Better Quest Objectives." which I have done (set as a metadata rule in LOOT). It should be noted I have not used Wrye Bash yet, in case that is applicable. Thanks for any help!
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