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  1. Hi everyone, Is it possible for anyone to share the MLU patches merged.esp with me. I want to remove it as a master from the conflict resolution patch but didn't download any of the patches to make the merge since i have not installed OMEGA and MLU. I respect if thats not allowed and will go back through and get the necessary patches in that case. Thanks
  2. Thanks for pointing that out, although i'm gonna stick with MO2 since it's only Oblivion that it has any issues with now and every other game works as they always did. I was on the M02 discord and it would be too much work to implement a workaround with M02 and the original M01 author Tannin said that the hook.dll was a dirty workaround to ensure that all OBSE plugins got loaded. Something to do with OBSE trying to hook into the game too quickly for the VFS and only doing so once.
  3. Hey, Another MO2 issue. Morroblivion wasn't loading into the game and i found a fix basically accidently. Anyway, i decided to run the game with MO1 to check that it was installed correctly and it ran fine so problem solved. But MO1 can no longer download from nexus so i decided to try again with MO2. When launched i got a warning about hook.dll being in the OBSE/plugins folder. Turned out that having that there allows the Morroblivion to launch with MO2. It's a strange issue because other OBSE plugins work fine.
  4. Hi everyone, For anyone using Mod Organizer 2, to get TES4LL to run i had to archive the Oblivion.esm and add it as mod since it only gets added in the plugins tab and not as a non-MO mod. All of the BSA's and the DLC's are detected as normal.
  5. Hey guys, For anyone running JK's and/or Dawn of Skyrim if you set bDrawShadows, in skyrimprefs.ini under Display, to 0, you should see an appreciable fps gain. STEP's ini guide believes this setting to be unused in the game however, it does give a large performance boost for me in the cities, especially Markarth where i was regularly see 10 fps upto between 20 and 30 in the most taxing areas. I'm using JK's lite with Dawn of Skyrim rather than the full version.
  6. Not sure if this is useful too you, but it was mentioned somewhere in the Skyrim revisited forum, last week sometime i think, that the author of ETAC has made already or is making a version that is compatible with ICAIO by basically stripping out incompatible assets. I haven't looked at it myself as it's not included in SRLE LOTD, so i'm not sure if that includes Legendary or if it is just for Special Edition at this point.
  7. For number 2 it is something else as i use Skyrim enhanced camera and carriages work fine. I'm guessing they have made a mistake somewhere else along the line. For 1 i believe an ini setting in the camera mod should solve that. I have the same thing for enhanced camera that when killcams happen you don't go into third person which ends up the the player just looking at their arm. I forget which setting made it do this and i haven't bothered to revert it. I dislike kill cams anyway and will get round to disabling them at some point.
  8. GPU prices are insane still. So glad I bought in 2015. Mainly the mining crowd sucking up all the decent mid range GPUs started it and now memory prices are keeping them high. 1440p will definitely use more Vram. Even at 1080p you'll be close to 4 GB. Only problem is jaggies at 1080 but they can be mitigated somewhat with SMAA. It won't be perfect though.
  9. 7790 only has 1GB Vram. I imagine you fill that within seconds as soon as you add even light textures. Best just to stick to minimal textures or even vanilla with that GPU.
  10. Not sure if adding SKSE as an exe is going to work since it doesn't appear in the list of running executables when you alt tab out. I assume the exe is only there to load the dll's into the game and then stops. Edit: I should add that i'm not sure if Vsync is working for me as i use a 144hz monitor and so have to use the frame rate limiter. i don't see any tearing though which would indicate vsync is on for me.
  11. STEP was using enhanced camera last time i went through that guide. I find it a necessary mod personally. Unfortunately it is not available for SE, although i can't believe that the Bethesda didn't put one in themselves to be honest. Even Fallout 4 doesn't have a body in first person.
  12. Skyrim Enhanced Camera. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57859 It is an SKSE script and works well.
  13. I wouldn't run RTSS when playing no, but it should be fine for testing and verifying memory usage. Afterburner should be ok to leave running for your overclock, although I don't use it since I did a bios mod for overclocking. Not sure about optimising with SMCO, but you could just get some the lower res versions of some of the texture mods.
  14. Yes and verify the memory patch is working. It should pop up.with something in the top left corner when you run the game.
  15. Well you don't have to, i just don't see what difference it makes apart from the driver can force a higher level. If you do keep the guide the same you just need add the instruction to enable fxaa in the driver and then the rest can stay the same. If you don't enable the FXAA setting in the driver specifically then AA just won't work because currently it is trying to force MSAA which is incompatible with the engine. Edit: You beat me too it.
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