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  1. Does vampire disease also takes 3 days to progress like in vanilla? Also if I'm using Frostfall and want to become a vampire will I need this fix? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21215
  2. Has anyone been playing with zMerge feature of zEdit? https://z-edit.github.io/#/docs?t=Views%2FMerge_View Doesn't need to reload the program to make another merge, has inbuilt relinker and doesn't crash on exit :D
  3. No pressure. Just finished merge section yesterday and wanted to start finishing line after work today but new update forced me to redo merges and for that I needed LOOT which started throwing cyclic interactions. I was pissed myself, didn't know what was causing it. Anyway appreciated your work. Many thanks :)
  4. Can't edit previous comment. Seems default groups got added today and cannot be removed per this https://loot.readthedocs.io/en/latest/app/usage/groups_editor.html.
  5. I'm having some weird **** with LOOT. I went to %AppData%Local\LOOT and deleted everything. Opened up LOOT through MO2 and checked group editor - had only default group. Pressed sort button, masterlist updated got this in group editor Now I can't sort **** because with Lexy metadata I'm getting cyclic interactions. -.- Kill me.
  6. I added Skyrim Immersive Creatures to merge, which I'm not even supposed to do according to guide. That just beyond retarded ._. Sorry I wasted your time.
  7. Sorry, realised I was retarded ._. I was looking at SkyTest Immersive Creatures not Skyrim Immersive Creatures. Atteched ss from tesedit
  8. When I press check errors in tesedit nothing is shown. Thats why I asked here. Fix errors in MergePlugins doesnt help also.
  9. Hello! I need some help regarding plugin NPC Retextures - Conflict Resolution (it's version 2). It requires master Mature Skin Complexion. I don't use it. How can I remove it? How would I know which entries needs to be removed?
  10. I had that error yesterday. When I unticked bashed patch it went through fine. I also found this https://forum.step-project.com/topic/10924-srle-extended-legacy-of-the-dragonborn/?p=201949
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