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  1. I think this update is about creator club... So the base ESMs aren't changed. Just the main .exe . In short: no.
  2. My BethINI simple open and quicks close in my face. I tried to reinstall it, deleted the .ini and the problem persists. Overlook the process tree and find nothing that pops in my eyes... I'm cracking up with this at this time!
  3. Lexy I have the same mods (plus JContainers64 4.1.3 for Violens work I guess) updated and have not CDT. Just a quick checklist? SKSE v2.08SSE Engine Fixes v2. 2.0.6MoreHUD v3.5.3MoreHUB Inventory Edition v1.0.6FISSES v1.3.4Papyrus Util v3.5After Engine Fixes the Intro Music has muted :(, besides it runs as normal...
  4. @DarkladyLexy in terms of quality and optimization who is better Veydosebrom or Verdant?
  5. I had this issue too. In my case one of my mods in the merge has broken/corrupt. So I simple reinstalled all mods those compose the merge and rebuild it. And the problem has been fixed.
  6. Yeah, both. If u are doing de guide from scratch. If u are updating, check if are both or one of. Just DyndoLOD.
  7. @DarkladyLexy I'm rebuilding the KYE Patches Merged, noticed has two files very similars: KYE Armours Patch - MLU.esp (from Lexy's Patch's) and kye_armors_mlu_patch.esp (from KYE). My doubt is: I have to include both files on the merge? If KYE Armours Patch - MLU.esp is not in, Merge Plugins spill a contiguous error, if I ignore it, I can redo the merge... So, what should I proceed?
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