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  1. Thanks sheson. Think i understand now. i have run TexGen on a mostly vanilla profile, compared the output to the vanilla lod files, deleted the conflicts from the vanilla lod files. The vanilla lod files that remain are the files that Dyndolod cannot produce lod for.
  2. Hi all, Assuming you have retextured all of Skyrim, I understand that there are several objects that DynDOLOD cannot produce LODs for. Currently I am aware of the following: Towns/Cities Glaciers Mountain tops In order for these to have matching LOD they must have LOD files included by the mod author. My question is whether the list above is complete or whether there are other objects that DynDOLOD cannot cover? Perhaps watchtowers like Riverwood Folly? Imperial towers like Western Watchtower? Apologies if this has been answered a million times before and thanks for any replies. QW
  3. I suspect the answer to this is a big fat 'no' but Men of Winter has patches for both LOTD and Immersive College of Winterhold. Neither patch is mentioned in the guide so presumably they are not needed? Thanks,
  4. Thank for the response. I guess I'm just surprised that an installation guide geared towards Legacy doesn't include all the Legacy mods, particularly those that have a display in the museum when installed. Having said that I couldn't begin to imagine the amount of work that must have gone into creating a guide like this. I would think just changing one little thing could have repercussions on the rest of the load order and patches etc. Thanks to the guide creator and those that support it - it's helped me out a lot
  5. Are you saying that your achievements aren't unlocking on a modded Oldrim? Because they should be
  6. Hi Everyone, Firstly I'm sorry if this has been answered already but I was wondering why certain mods (that work with LOTD) had been left out of the pack? Mods such as Artifacts: Tournament of the 10 Bloods, Amulets of Skyrim, Oblivion Artifacts Pack, Immersive Jewelry, Dev Aveza, Mad Masker and Wyrmstooth. I'm guessing the last two are absent because they are no longer available on the Nexus but what about the others? I have copies of all these mods and would add them to my load order (once I have followed the guide) but I'm not sure where they should go in my load order and whether they will cause problems or conflicts with the finely tuned guide. Can anyone help me?
  7. Hi sheson, I re-downloaded EVT and Fantasy Forest Overhaul as well as their billboards. Re-ran TexGen and Dyn and it worked! Including Dreamborne Isles Not using ultra trees though. Maybe I'll try the Ultra trees in a bit. I have a suspicion that EVT and FFO and their billboards may have been run through Ordenador. Perhaps this was causing problems when producing the LODs in Dyn EDIT: Something else I did on that last run was reactivate all the mods that had been deactivated by my Bashed patch. I deleted my bashed patch, reactivated the ESPs in the right panel of MO and then ran TexGen and Dyn. Process completed successfully.
  8. Just tried running without Ultra Trees. My understanding is that all i had to do was change the TreeLOD=0 back to =1 in the ini Tried running Dyn and got the following error: https://pastebin.com/4Y1qZJKh I think I may have to start with a fresh install of Dyn
  9. OK tried adjusting my load order by placing EVT right at the bottom along with its Billboards. Had no real reason why that might work...and it didn't. Got even more errors. https://pastebin.com/TXcu41Ne I think I might try running Dyn without the Ultra Trees options and seeing what happens
  10. Ok so I tried it without Dreamborne Isles but I still got the error - this time Japhets Folly seemed to be the problem. https://pastebin.com/kLec9U46 The only thing I did notice is that my Memory usage gradually increased as the process went on. It went up steadily and didn't suddenly spike. When the error message came up Dyn was using 3,100mb - is this normal?
  11. Hi sheson, Wanted to thank you for all your help with this. And also thank you for (co)creating it in the first place - it really does improve my skyrim experience. I am running Dyn now but with the Dreamborne Isles' Worldspaces deactivated. Will let you know if the process finishes.
  12. Will run some tests. Running Windows 8.1 64bit. 16gb RAM, 1070 8gb, i5-4690k I am running these settings as recommended on EVT page (Medium Dyn settings) https://i.imgur.com/6KQHXJb.jpg Ok just finished running Dyn on each Dreamborne Isles worldspace. There are 4 worldspaces: Crater City, Riverhead Manor, World Axis and Dreamborne Isles. All 4 completed successfully when running them individually. Memory usage never went above 1200mb
  13. OK. Have re-run TexGen using LOD Texture size 256. All other settings at default. Have added and activated it in MO When running Dyn I am using Max Tile Size 512. Should I be using 256 instead to match the TexGen size or does it not matter? In the EVT guide it says to use 2048 max tile size when generating ultra trees but I assume this is just for people who want crazy quality and is not a necessity? (I appreciate EVT isn't your mod) EDIT: If It's just Dreamborne Isles that's causing the problem I guess I could just deactivate them from the worlds box when running Dyn and that should get the process finished? Just means I won't have Dyn in those world spaces?
  14. I ran TexGen. Sure I left everything at default. Tile size 512 I think. Should I try re-running it? Hold on - when I ran TexGen I left everything at default including LOD Texture Size at 256. Is that what you meant when you said Tile size or were you referring to Tile size when I run Dyn?
  15. Part 1 https://pastebin.com/KhTnkNNt Part 2 https://pastebin.com/DLYTMye8 Weird if it's Dreamborne. That mod was in my load order last week when I ran Dyn successfully. I'm now using Fantasy Forest Overhaul and EVT (with RAT). The only change I've made to the ini was to amend TreeLOD=0
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