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  1. I miss the days of living among the kiwis and have barbecue on the beach at Christmas with case of L&P. Wasn’t shoveling snow like I am now in Canada lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I will note that I did change veybromose to 75 and grass became very patchy so I switched it back to 50 and somehow regained performance. I’ll test tonight the new changes though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. we could use the Merged plugin that Farmhouse Chimneys provides for Arths villages? would save us a few ESPs to merge I would think
  4. So I updated my trees and flora stuff, anyone else taken a fps hit? I'm in the Whiterun Tundra currently and I've gone from 50fps down to 30. Could be due to the Veydrombose INI since I notice Beth INI sets us to Grass Density 75 but the merge INI is set to 50.
  5. I can't say I use the the safe storage part of Dynamic Things (I only use the mining and chopping trees part as well as the nice convenient woodpiles I can access :P) I used to use general stores for the longest time but always wanted something like the storage system from Techs Jaggarsfeld
  6. If I may answer this. I've been using Assigned Storage with this guide and its really made crafting so much easier! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/84771/? stuff is added to the cloud each time you craft therefore lowering the amount of stuff on your person
  7. Yeah, I’ll contact Manga Club, I mean Id love the new effects in an ENB. Rudy isn’t updated for it yet for NLVA, and vividian not updates either :( Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Crazy thought: I don't suppose we have a way of adapting Vividian ENB to use all the new shiny things included with ENB 0.319 like the new AO stuff and Rain Occlusion?
  9. Not drama Lexy, we realize the guide is how you and Darth like to play the game (much like I didn’t like vivid weathers and vividian so I switched to Rudy and Nlva) , I was purely looking for a way to keep the numbers I like to refer to.
  10. Ah okay, have you got a link to the drop box? Not sure if I have it
  11. Okay, I do actually pay attention to it for my playthrough so is there any harm in not removing it gameplay wise? Or is it one of those you might break something if you don't affair?
  12. Question: I see you've removed the Frostfall Addon for SKYUI. Does this mean we lose the ability to display the warmth and coverage of our gear in our inventory descriptions? Or does something else solve that problem?
  13. Yeah something tells me I didn't update my merge when I updated RS Children lol! Idiot Rogue is an idiot! Thanks guys
  14. So I have a problem, All my children have either no face or purple faces. I followed the guide to the letter literally. I suspect i has something to do with RS Children
  15. I just check back once a week to do all the updates for the guide. Sometimes worth it, sometimes I notice nothing. If it keeps the glitches rare, its worth it to me
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