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  1. Noted ! Thanks to both of you guys! I will try and solve this out next week when I have a few hours to mod my skyrim. I wish both of you a nice day and the patience to help me in such a small matter due to my poor understanding of the language! Regards.
  2. Hi sorry again, my command of English isn't that great, so just wanted to confirm with you, all I need to do is first, back up my MO2 mods location which is in my appdata, then I copy the whole content into anywhere that is NOT appdata, and thats all I need to do? Please reply. Thanks!
  3. As mentioned, I just got back into skyrim modding, and have reached the 255 plugin limit, after installing merge plugins and tried to merge my plugins, it failed, after doing a google search I found out about a "portable mode" for MO2, how do i run it? Please help! Regards
  4. I am doing a modding session today and I test to start my skse64 from my MO2 every hour, but suddenly now SKSE64 and NORMAL SKYRIM SE doesn't seem to start at all from MO2, anyone else having this issue? And no I haven't reached my plugin limit. Thanks
  5. Sorry if I write it on the wrong forums, but I will look more into it. Thanks
  6. Yes. I even set an exe to MO, set paths and everything. BTW I am using FNIS on SE. Is that the source of the problem? I went back to oldrim and every animation and fnis seems to be working fine with I run it. Only SE having problems atm.
  7. I keep getting this "Error 2012 could not find: default_male.hkx default_female.hkx". Please help!
  8. Thanks for the headsup! I just manually add and switch the files within windows folders itself. Got it fixed. Still not sure what is the cause of this.
  9. Yeah I did that, the files are forever there, not moving at all. Its really really weird.
  10. It doesn't work for me! I set it to no groups but I still cannot drag the files from overwrite folder to mods. PLEASE HELP!!
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