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  1. I had the same problem even with bUseCombinedObjects=0 and bUsePreCulledObjects=0 when using your patch. I ended up just removing all the mods that added things to the world space because with it, I had things disappearing (the wall in hangman's alley and the screen at starlight leap to mind) but without it I had a lot of CTDs. I haven't tested any new patches, though, so it may have been fixed by now.
  2. Thank you. Do the textures need to be extracted or only if there are issues with pink/purple raiders?
  3. I would love a preliminary patch if it's no extra effort for you. The character models are fantastic of UNPC are amazing and I was enjoying it and I still have RO in my load order. It was the RO excluded content patches that were causing about a third of the raiders to spawn in their underwear so I stopped using them.
  4. Since at least one of the mod authors works on both, it will probably be coming at some point soon. There also is a slight incompatibility with Scrap Everything since various bodies are on the scrap list. I'm not sure UNPC is ready for prime time, though. It's gorgeous, I love the unique bodies, but I'm noticing some in-game wonkiness. I think I'm going to take it out of my load order for now, put better settlers and immersive settlers back in, and wait for a few updates.
  5. Okay, I believe found the conflict and this may come up for other people trying the mod. It's all the Raider Overhaul extra files, which makes more sense than Start Me Up.
  6. I'm having a problem with Unique NPCs and raiders spawning in their underwear. I'm trying to track down the conflict, which may be the "Shaun is not my son" alternate start. I hesitate to post anything on their page until I figure it out, though.
  7. That's NAC. You can turn it off in the holotapes.
  8. I'm starting a new game with this. I removed Better Settlers and Immersive Settlers for it. Texture pack corruption during download is an issue for them, unfortunately -- they may end up having to break them up. So it will take some patience and probably many GB of downloads to get a working texture pack. However, I think it will be worth it. I'll have a better idea tomorrow what I think of it.
  9. Huh, some PC users do get capped at 30FPS -- . I don't know how good this information is as I don't have the problem, but here's an article about it with some possible fixes. https://www.gamepur.com/guide/21111-fallout-4-pc-error-how-unlock-fps-add-add-219-support-change-fov-mouse.html
  10. Oh, yeah, it should be -- I play with it on hard (I like being able to choose the mods rather than deal with the RNG). Are you having problems detaching the mods? If so, it's another field that needs to be overwritten. It shouldn't be too hard to track down.
  11. Looking at legendary modifications fields, the only ones you have to concern yourself with should be colored -- they're all under Object Modifications. It's safe to ignore the yellow background records and just look at the red background ones in this case (the ones with the yellow background are just overriding Fallout4.esm) provided you have legendarymodifications.esp expanded. Anyway, you want to find the field under Property that has in both Fallout4.esm and ModWiki - Core - Patch.esp that says UnscrappableObject then some keyword stuff. LegendaryModification.esp field will say something like HASLegendary_Weapon_blahblahblah. Just drag that over onto your new file's field. It will overwrite. All the other conflicts you should leave alone, assuming your new file is overridden from the Modwiki Core patch. It's better to make this a patch than to overwrite the Core patch. That way when the patch is updated, you can just drag your patch and the new core patch into xedit and check for changes/incompatibilities/unnecessary records.
  12. Oooooh, that reminds me of the other thing I meant to report. ELFx has issues for me. Periodically there will be ghosts of objects instead of the objects, my framerates drop to crazy low rates in other areas -- especially if there are a lot of fires. Disabling ELFx fixes both of those issues for me. I'm not using any of the mods that add areas. TotCW gives me too many CTDs, so I removed it from the Core patch. Is there a fix that I'm missing because of that? Or is it just my computer being cranky? It's not the most up-to-date, but I have a 970gtx and an i5 4690k cpu so it should be running things fine without an enb.
  13. I loaded the MODWiki Core patch and Legendary Modifications into xEdit. For the conflicting records (it's easier if you look at LM instead of the Core), I copied the Core patch's record as an override into a new file, then changed the unscrapable field to the field in LM.
  14. ^^Replying to myself, the core patch is probably working as intended -- I wasn't thinking. I don't use the weapons patch, and that probably fixes it. I wrote a small patch for myself so they can work together nicely.
  15. I noticed that the new core patch makes a few weapons unscrappable. Two Shot for sure, and most likely Freefall, Automatic, VATS Enhanced, Powerful, Rapid, and Violent. Also, armor with VATS Enhanced is probably unscrappable as well. This is fantastic, btw. Thank you so much for this.
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