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  1. I don't know what you mean by "after about 5-6 hours of gamplay (not continuous)", but I'm glad you were able to solve your problem.
  2. Thanks so much for the clarifications. It helped quite a bit. I'll review the BSA extraction section to see if there are any errors or typos in the instructions. I'm also downloading MessageLogger to try out, and I will review the source code (when I have time) to figure out what situations might lead it to generate that last error message. Regarding ENB, my experience is a little bit like yours with increased crashes and very glitchy effects when it does work (but that's probably related to my AMD card). I only use the ENBoost v0.259 now and rely on Oblivion Reloaded for additional shader effects like ambient occlusion, bloom + HDR, depth of field, etc. I know that the author of the post you linked to (TheDestroyer001) is no longer using ENB with his Morroblivion twitch streams. He is actually the person that figured out the "Rest/Wait 24+ hour before visiting areas that crash" solution, and that solution works very consistently for him during his streams.
  3. I apologize but your post was a little confusing. I'm not a native English speaker. It would help me tremendously if you could use more precise language and give more context regarding your issues when posting. The "Clutter\morro\m\NBsilverwarecup01.nif" is contained within the "Morrowind_ob - Meshes.bsa". It would only exist as a loose file if it were extracted from the BSA. If you intended to extract your BSAs, then you probably forgot to extract the "Morrowind_ob - Meshes.bsa". You say those messages "popped up, after following STEP...", did you mean they appeared in a dialog box or in a log file or both? To what log file are your referring? You mentioned that you "installed morroblivion exactly as stated". I'm assuming you mean the Morroblivion Overhaul STEP guide and not the Installation Instructions found on the Morroblivion download page. However, there are numerous Optional sections of the Morroblivion Overhaul STEP guide. Did you skip those, do some, or install everything? To what "resource pack" are you referring? I searched the Morroblivion Overhaul STEP Guide, Morroblivion Overhaul Patch Central, and TESRenewal's Morroblivion download page and the closest thing I could find was the "Morroblivion_v064_Complete.7z" file which is found under a "Resources" section on the Morroblivion download page. However, this 7zip file does not contain any "morro" or "meshes>meshes" folders. All the mesh files are stored in BSAs in that 7zip file. So maybe you are referring to a different "resource pack"? You also included a "MessageLog.txt" file, but did not say what program or mod produced this file. Oblivion/OBSE + mods produce several different log files. I tried searching through different logs to find a matching format but have not yet been successful. Please be considerate and respectful of everyone else's time: "Help me help you."
  4. Restarting every 2 hours is better stability than I have. Usually, my game crashes to desktop at the 1 hour mark (at best). 99% of major stutter problems are related to loading of mesh/texture assets from a hard-drive. If you do not have an SSD, then you should upgrade. The reason why there is a huge amount of stuttering when transitioning from cell to cell or exterior to interior is due to the massive amount of initial loading to take place (all the terrain textures, buildings, landscapes, clutter, NPCs, monsters need to be loaded from harddrive). You can experiment with this Oblivion.ini setting: uGridDistantCount=25 Try decreasing this value to 15. If you install OblivionReloaded and use it's framerate manager, then it will dynamically vary this value based on your framerate goal. In which case, setting it back to the default 25 is recommended for most users.
  5. Regarding FCOM, your description of crashes is already on par with my most stable attempt at FCOM + Morroblivion. I have not tried installing the latest version of FCOM to test with Morroblivion, so maybe that will help. I think the issue is related to a combination of mesh/texture overload and heavy use of scripting from both FCOM and Morroblivion. Try to verify that FCOM without Morroblivion is stable. If it is only unstable when you add Morroblivion, then try disabling Distant Lands and/or regenerating the Oblivion.ini. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that I can test FCOM + Morroblivion and work on any needed compatibility patches until mid-2019.
  6. What version of the STEP guide are you using? Please link to it as I am confused to which guide you are using by your load order. Also, I do not see MorroMap4K in your load order, but I would assume that the mapmarkers are not aligned because it was not the absolute last mod in the load order.
  7. Make two new Mod Organizer profiles: 1. Configure the first to run Vanilla Oblivion without any mods and verify that it works without any crashes. 2. Configure the second profile to run Oblivion with only the core Morroblivion ESM/ESP files (morrowind_ob.esm, morrowind_ob.esp, morowind_ob - **.esp, and Morrobblivion_Unofficial_Patch.esp. Verify if it will work without the crashes you describe. Do you have Tamriel Rebuilt / TR_Fixes.esp installed? Please post your full load order.
  8. Quitting to Main Menu and trying to load a new saved game is always a bad idea. The Oblivion Engine does not reset/re-initialize scripts when you exit to main menu and/or reload a saved game while you are in the middle of prior game. Actively running scripts must be hardcoded to detect this situation and manually re-initialize themselves. Unfortunately, this is a very complicated scenario and many scripts introduce bugs during this re-initialization procedure and most scripts completely ignore the scenario and continue running without re-initializing. Do a complete game exit and relaunch the game. This is the only way to ensure that all scripts are reset. Any crashes that only happen after a mid-game reload are probably not worth bug-reporting because there are just way too many moving parts to figure out what went wrong.
  9. A random CTD without any runtime error C++ dialog window popping up could be the common memory leak problems related to Oblivion engine. Try disabling Distant Lands to see if this kind of crash decreases in frequency. If the random crash includes the runtime error C++ dialog box popping up, this might be related to an OBSE plugin. Try disabling all OBSE plugins but keep OBSE enabled and continue using the OBSE loader/steam loader. Regarding the MorroMap4K_Improved map marker misalignment: you are probably not using v2. Please confirm whether or not you are using v1 or v2 of this mod so I can try to debug/fix it if necessary. Thanks.
  10. I have not been able to reproduce your problems. Please do these steps to help me track down the issue: 1. Start Morroblivion. 2. Load the affected save game. 3. Try to quit successfully before the game crashes. 4. Post your full load-order, obse.log obse_steam_loader.log, sr_Oblivion_Stutter_Remover.log, MoreHeap.log. 5. Post your saved game file too. You can try one or more of the following to try to increase stability: 1. Regenerate and test with a fresh Oblivion.ini: Remove all UI/Font replacer mods. Then delete the Oblivion.ini, reselect your desired options from the Oblivion Launcher and allow the Oblivion.ini to be rebuilt. Do NOT use any INI tweaks or modifiers. 2. Do not apply 4GB patch to anything other than the Oblivion.exe. Remove the patch from all other executables and DLLs. 3. Disablle Oblivion Stutter Remover. 4. Disable MoreHeap. 5. Disable ENB. 6. Disable Distant Lands. 7. Rebuild Bashed Patch. 8. Do not use saved games which were started with another mod load-order. 9. Wait 48 hours in-game before travelling to an area which causes crashes.
  11. I recently experimented with a modification on the Crime/Bounty scripts to make it behave like Morrowind when playing Morroblivion but decided to stick with the Oblivion behavior. It's possible that some modification leaked through in the released code. However, I have not been able to find any changes on my end. To help me track down the origin of the bug, please give detailed information as to how the crash occurs: 1. Were you in Morrowind or Cyrodiil when it crashed? 2. What city/settlement were you in? What kind of guard was it (Imperial, Ordinator, House faction)? 3. Are you certain that the text was "Pay Bounty" and not "Pay Gold"? 4. Are you able to reproduce the crash? If so, how? 5. What version of the patches do you have (filename and date on original archive)? Thanks.
  12. 1. Tribunal and Bloodmoon can be loaded before or after the patch. If you place before the bashed patch, then you will need to rebuild the bashed patch, otherwise some fixes will be over-rided by values from the Bashed Patch. If you place after the Bashed Patch, then the records in Tribunal and Bloodmoon will over-ride our Bashed Patch and invalidate any benefit that the Bashed Patch may have given you for the affected records such as new faces, new hairs, new icons, etc. The best case scenario, in my opinion, is to place them after all normal mods but before the Bashed Patch and then rebuild your bashed patch. However, rebuilding your bashed patch (or just modifying your existing load order) runs the risk of ruining your existing saved games -- causing scripts to crash the game, custom spells and enchantments to disappear, etc. Always back up your bashed patch and your saved games when testing new mods. The exception to the above rule is when an ESP explicitly states that it is incompatible with the Bashed Patch such as OBME based mods like the Morroblivion Unofficial Patch Magic_Addon. That needs to always be loaded after the Bashed Patch in order for it to work. 2. I've heard that BOSS recommended TAGS are automatically added to to the active Bash Tags by Wrye Bash, but can not confirm this becuase all the mods I use already have the BOSS recommended tags inserted into the mod's Description header. If you right-click on the "Bash Tags" sub-pane of Wrye Bash and select "Automatic", Wrye Bash will automatically activate Bash Tags which are inside the Description Header. If no Tags are listed in the "Bash Tags" sub-pane, then I suggest you manually add the ones that you want. To verify if a Tag Rule was used for a specific mod during the Bashed Patch build process, right-click the Bashed Patch ESP and select "Readme...". 3. ESPs tagged with NoMerge should not be activated after building the bashed patch. The NoMerge tag is designed for mods where certain sub-records should be imported but the remainder of the record should be ignored. An example of this is the morroblivion-OCO2facelift.esp mod: It contains new FaceGen data for the NPC records but the sub-records for character stats, script, AI, spells, inventory, factions, etc. are incorrect or empty. Activating this ESP will break bugfixes, introduce bugs and sometimes cause CTDs. It has an additional Deactivate tag which will make Wrye Bash highlight it with a red background if someone tries to activate it. However, if you have your Bashed Patch activated then hopefully it will over-ride all the invalid sub-records... except for the cases where it skips a record during the bashed patch building and does not have information to over-ride the invalid data. In that case, you will probably not be happy. ** So you may wonder why the other subrecords of the facelift mod are filled with invalid or empty data: it is built with a script which processed thousands of records automatically rather than being handmade one record at a time. In the future, I will merge the information directly into the Unofficial Patch to avoid the dangers listed above.
  13. Thanks for posting your Game.log. I was really hoping there would be some more error messages in that file, but unfortunately there are no changes. I have not been able to reproduce your issues on my test setup with MO1, so I will have to create a new Installation with MO2 when I find time. For more info on my testing, you can check out my posts on the Morroblivion Help Desk Discord server. You may have been correct in your assumption regarding MO2 as the culprit: a Virtual File System related bug could cause issues with accessing the MenuQue_Dummy.xml file. Check your \Oblivion\Data\OBSE\Plugins folder to see if that file exists and try deleting it. My best guess is this is a temporary file which contains the new XML code to be inserted into the game data, but the MenuQue/OBSE can not access the information because the VFS is hiding it away as soon as it is written to disk.
  14. Tile::XMLInsert >> Couldn't delete 'MenuQue_Dummy.xml' Tile::XMLInsert >> Couldn't delete 'MenuQue_Dummy.xml' Tile::XMLInsert >> Couldn't delete 'MenuQue_Dummy.xml' Tile::XMLInsert >> Couldn't delete 'MenuQue_Dummy.xml' Tile::XMLInsert >> Couldn't delete 'MenuQue_Dummy.xml' Tile::XMLInsert >> Couldn't delete 'MenuQue_Dummy.xml'These lines in your Game.log file suggest that MenuQue is having trouble inserting new XML code. This would explain why existing UI elements such as the compass can have their position and size modified, but new elements can not be added to the UI. To help clarify the issue, try these commands: set tnoHSB.hide_compass to 0 set tnoHSB.hide_status_bars to 0 setstage tnoHSB 20 That should make the compass and the health/magicka/fatigue bars disappear. If they do not disappear then XMLInsert may not be working, in which case please repost your Game.log file after quitting Oblivion. If it does disappear, then that doesn't necessarily mean that XMLInsert is working, but it does help narrow down the cause of the problem.
  15. If you are able to manipulate the position and size of the Skyrim textured compass through the "\Oblivion\Data\INI\Hud Status Bars - base.ini" file, then at least HSB's HUDinit script partially is running. This also means that OBSE and MenuQue are hooking the Oblivion executable and allowing HSB's scripts to insert XML code into the UI game data. If no other HSB added bar is showing up, then perhaps the script crashed at some point and did not complete successfully. The most likely place for the script to crash is in processing the "HUD Status Bars - base.ini" and the "Hud Status Bars.ini" files. Please note that these are not traditional INI files, but are in fact OBSE scripts which are executed by the OBSE script interpreter. If you have any sort of syntax/semantic error in this type of INI file, you will cause the active script's thread to crash and most likely break your game. The OBSE script interpreter executes each statement in the INI files line by line. Since the compass manipulation lines are at the top, it makes sense that some malformed statement downstream might cause the HUDinit script to crash and thus stop the initialization process prematurely. To proceed with diagnosing and hopefully fixing this issue, please post the following: 1) The version of HUD Status Bars you have installed, the filename of the zip file you downloaded to install it, the package options you selected during installation. 2) A screenshot of what you are describing in the segment I quoted above, just so I can verify that we are all on the same page regarding what is actually working/not working. 3) Your "\Oblivion\Data\INI\HUD Status Bars - base.ini" and "\Oblivion\Data\INI\HUD Status Bars.ini" files. 4) Your "\Oblivion\OBSE.log" and "Oblivion\Data\OBSE\Plugins\MenuQue\Game.log". 5) The results from these console commands: getquestrunning tnoHSB getstage tnoHSB EDIT: after spending some more time reading through the scripts, I think that "HUD Status Bars.ini" is the most likely place for a syntax error. The "HUD Status Bars - base.ini" is completely processed before the HUDinit script makes a function call to insert/modify XML code. So if a syntax error was present in that file, you would not see changes to the compass.
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